This week starts off with high energy, things in motion and promising projections. As we get to the end of the week, however, things seem to slow down. Particularly after Friday, it feels like the week gives up on us. I love how it gets off to a start of satisfaction and high energy, though, because that’s exactly what I need for my first week back from Puerto Rico to California.

That Judgement card is giving me a little bit of anxiety. Every time something related to death comes up in my weekly spread, I experience a jolt of fear.

Monday. Ten of Cups. Emotional satisfaction. I pay rent today, so it makes me laugh to see all the houses in the card. I feel like it’s my room mate and I celebrating we’ve got another month of adventure and happiness without having to worry about next month’s rent. In a place where rent is so steep, our situation feels like a luxury. I love it! Yay Los Angeles!

Tuesday. Knight of Wands. What a handsome kitty on his horse! He’s showing off for his lady kitty, it seems. I see flowers in bloom, admiration in the lady’s eyes, and courage in those of the Knight of Wands. Passion! Drama! Romance! Sweep me away, I’m ready to experience it.

Wednesday. Ace of Wands. More passion! This is a really beautiful card. I read it as breathing life into something that has been pretty stale and structured. It’s a good day to rearrange our features from bored to happy. Accept the challenges of the day, and enjoy the gift of creativity and passion. Have I told you that I’m drawing again?

Thursday. Judgement. Hahahahaha! Look at those kitties as they are ascended. So funny!

From what I can interpret, you won’t always know what the right combination is before you level up. Sometimes that change comes from a happy mistake. This looks an awful lot like the kitties are going to heaven. Let’s see what this ends up standing for.

Friday. The World. A conclusion, a realization. She looks so lonely in her hall of magical life, but she also looks like she can take care of herself alone. This must be what full independence from friends and family looks like. Wow!

Saturday. Four of Cups. Boredom, thinking about things too much will lead to a lull. Otherwise seems like a very unproductive day. Don’t bank on this being the day your big project gets to the next level, because it’s not going to happen!

Sunday. Queen of Swords. Having the sternness to talk about things as they are, without any sugarcoating or going around it. Sometimes it’s best to take situations on head first, even if it is the less glamorous of your alternatives.

What to avoid. The Star. Don’t rely so much on dreams and inspiration when you have to be in the moment, chances are you will end up disappointed in yourself and in the way the circumstances have played out. From what I see here, there isn’t a need to beautify everything, even though it can be appreciated for that same quality.

What to strive for. Ten of Coins. Comfort is what you’ll want to strive for. Do away with your problems and remain concerned mostly with what affects you directly. More often than not, you shape your own future. It’s best not to focus on what others have going for themselves, because what matters here is what you build so that you can have for yourself.

Let's hope for a good week. Good luck!


The journey back to Puerto Rico was thought-provoking. It brought me to the realization of how far I’ve come since that one fateful day I embarked on a journey out West. Do you remember? Many of you went on that journey with me.

On the way to California I was shaking uncontrollably. I had just left my loved ones behind with nothing but a suitcase and wild, wild dreams. I didn’t have a job offer in California, much less was I going to count on my car or on the support of my Mom and J. It was just like The Fool card from the tarot, finding his way into The World. The World card had just manifested in my life, so it was appropriate to go through a radical beginning shortly thereafter. I was scared and I had no idea what I could expect of this journey. Every oracle I sought advice from warned me against going, but I did anyway. My soul needed it.I am so glad that I did, too. It changed my life, attitude, lifestyle, social tendencies, and expanded my perception beyond a point I knew it could go. I became my own person.

This week I made my way back to Puerto Rico. I was so excited on the plane from California to New York. Once I got to New York, I felt the difference between West side and East side. The sudden clash of reality put me in a heavily pensive mood.

The Atlantic Ocean has its tropical charm. It’s familiar but it isn’t comforting. I love Los Angeles, and have found the place I want to live in forever. It only took one try! I am no longer the girl I used to be, even though I don’t feel different.

Now I feel so much better about myself. The choices I make are compliant with my needs, and the people I meet and invest time in are people that resonate with me and that are helping me grow. I appreciate life much more in the environment I am in, which is why I have decided to stay in California. I decided I will not be moving back to Puerto Rico, and I also decided it’s time to let go of the familiar… I am getting my California driver’s license once I memorize the instruction manual. Attaining that form of ID will be the contract between myself and the state, and the promise that I won’t flake out on a place that has been so good to me. California really nurtured my soul.

For now let’s enjoy the blessings of the Caribbean, with its colorful cultures and its delightful selection of food. I can’t wait to experience this trip and all that it has to offer!

My favorite! Yay! I didn't get to see J as much as I would have liked to, but then it always feels like time is on fast forward. No matter what we've gone through, there is always unexplained magnetism keeping our lives parallel to one another. Gold nuggets like this deserve to be nurtured, definitely not put away in a drawer for safekeeping.

Aren't the people from back home beautiful? Nati, Elvin, J, Alejandra, Tina... Everyone gives me hearts for eyes because they're such quality people on the inside. It really comes out and makes them all glow. I can't wait to come back and spend more time with all of you!

My trip to the Caribbean was absolutely pleasant, and more! I loved being back home amongst the people that I love and that know me best. The past four weeks have been spent celebrating life, eating and drinking a little too much. The indulgence better last until my next visit in December!

Los melones de Elvin... LOL!

♡ Bubble tea with pretty people.
♡ Goth clubbing! My favorite!
♡ Margarita happy hour nights.
♡ Hosting a séance for my friends.
Dominican Republic resort getaway at The Royalton.
♡ Meeting Tina and Ale for tea, dinner and drinks.
♡ Selling tarot decks from my collection.
♡ Drinking sparkling wine and hosting dinner parties at my house.

During my stay in the Caribbean, I reached one year since I moved from PR to LA. My anniversary was on August 27th, 2014. I can't believe its been one full year since I boarded the plane with an abundance of nerves and set out into the world, unsure about how it would go or if I could even make it. I have thought about where I would be now if I had not taken that risk, and I know for sure that it nurtured my soul and helped me gain back my confidence. I'm a new girl!

Oh yes. A very memorable summer month indeed! Now back to reality at the Crow’s Nest 303… and to put Samhain Moon back in order. Credits to Nati Merari for the club night photos.


Hello Witches,
It’s time for my summer vacation! I will be gone to visit Puerto Rico for a month, during which time this space might be a little slow with updates. If you reside in the island, I’d love to meet up and catch up. I will also be taking appointments for 30 minutes or 01 hour readings in person.

I thought I’d give you a look into my life in California for the past couple of months. I’ve been to Las Vegas, clubbing with my friends, kissing my boyfriend and trying to sell a part of my tarot card collection to people who will appreciate it. Most of them are out of print or rare. So far, so good!




By the way... Have you met my boyfriend Roger yet? The way we met was kind of crazy. He came up to me at a club on January 26th, 2013, and said, "Hi, I'm Roger. I'm in a band!" Chuckle... Roll your eyes all you want, I've never been the kind of girl to be swooning after musicians. I think we clicked in a very transcendental way as far as intellect goes. The storms we talk up are pretty riveting, so much in fact I can look past the  D awn of A shes / U rilia band situation. We've been together since April 29th, 2014, and it has been a pretty surreal experience. I never thought it would get this far when we started talking, just because anyone who has been reading this blog long enough knows how happy I have been for the past four years of my life.

Meet Adam, Crystal and Justin! These are my Los Angeles besties. All four of us constitute the Bad Kids clique of the club. We have so much fun together!


Adam is the one I met most recently. He has wonderful taste in music and is considered to be the life of the party. Every time we go out, we have an awesome time. Sometimes he and I dance on stage together, each one on opposite sides of the dance floor. After every club night, he lists the five best songs of the night. He even joined me on Melancholic Monday on Facebook, in which I post a dark romantic song. It's awesome to be friends with people who like the same music as I do and enjoy going out to dance and drink just as much, if not more.

Justin is a saint. I met him late last year and found myself endeared with his lovely soul. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he is a perfect gentleman. Many would consider themselves lucky to be graced with the presence of one so pure hearted.

Crystal is a beauty. When we met, she declared she was a cat in her past life. I believe we are sisters from another mister. She is the Queen Bee, and she rules with as much poise and charm as you can find in a pretty lady. Life is always fun with her around. I love her!

Roger and I barely ever take photos together that we publish. Up until now it was been greatly rewarding to have a relationship that isn't in the spotlight.


Did you miss me yesterday? I had just made my trip back from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Whew, can I just tell you that I am spent? It is such an aggressive party place! I went there for a wedding. I saw so many lights and so much decadence! To tell you the truth, though, I'm glad to be back at my work space.

There is so much Wands energy present this week, it makes me feel the week will be fast paced and passionate.

Notice also the Page yelling something at Mom, with Dad also looking towards Mom. My cards don’t usually interact with one another like this in spreads, which is very interesting to see.

I get a general message when I look at this spread: Enjoy what you have when you have it, because when it is taken away all you have are the memories. The rest is gone and no longer there.

This is a bit of an eerie reading for me, so I look forward to seeing how it will play out in the end. I hope it’s not another death; I can’t take any more of those this year.

Monday. Five of Coins. Not a good way to start the week, obsessing over things you’re missing or otherwise wish that you had. It might be time to turn to others for help if you really need it, otherwise stay focused on what you want to produce.

Tuesday. Ten of Wands. This card outlines exhaustion, especially on the back. When you overwork yourself, you wear yourself out over time. Take precaution in trying to only handle the things you can control immediately. If none, then be patient and wait until your energy is restored.

Wednesday. Page of Wands. Look to spread your passion or to pass it on to people you know are listening. I feel like when you’re passionate about something, it’s okay to be vocal about it as well. Others will understand the pride with which you peddle those things that are important to you.

Thursday. The Empress. This is nurturing energy, the kind that makes you feel like things in your life are good or growing. Take caution to listen to your intuition, but make plans that are generous or even extravagant. Give support and look for support as needed.

Friday. King of Wands. We all know this charismatic King. He is one of the most common cards in my readings, and stands for someone I know and have been fond of for years. Here we have the most romantic guy I’ve ever known, J. He comes up in my readings time and time again, and this is his signifier. I miss him tons. I feel I might get a warning from him on this day.

Saturday. Three of Cups. Rejoice! It’s a time to come together and count your blessings. Share experiences and drink, be merry. It looks like a time to celebrate close to friends. Maybe a night to go goth clubbing with my friends before returning on a trip to PR? It seems it might be. Enjoy!

Sunday. Six of Coins. Count your progress, make plans with what you have. You probably have enough, but if you don’t, it seems that someone will step in and try to help you out as well. Remember to say thank you.

What to avoid. Six of Wands. Don’t feel too triumphant, and don’t rest on your laurels. Sometimes you need to stay aware and hungry for progress. Id you don’t, you’ll get lazy.

What to strive for. Three of Wands. Wait. Be patient! You have to let things happen naturally, especially when you are aware that you won’t have full control over the circumstances. Even if you do most of the time, this week you will not. Accept it and be comfortable with it.