This is going to be a review of the Heart of Stars Tarot deck by Thom Phan. I originally found this tarot deck a little over a year ago and the first edition had just gone out of print. After a couple of e-mails, I signed up for the waiting list on the second edition. It didn’t take much for me to be sold on this deck. I love everything about it!

It all worked out, though. The edits to the deck really enhanced it for me, which is rare in second publications. Not this time! They added a card with Jon Snow in it, and another with Darth Vader. To my delight, the beautiful card back was also left as it was in the first edition. No qualms!

I've been taking my time to get to know this deck because of all of the influences mixed in. It's very different from what I am used to and I appreciate it for the challenge. Any time I lay cards out on the table, the personalities of the characters jump out. I've found the best way to get readings from this deck is to spend more time reading through the cards and associating traditional meanings with implied symbols. It's a very expressive tarot deck, and I've come to find I really love having all of the Hollywood stars interacting with one another. It makes the deck fun to use for the reader and for the querent as well.

The watercolor space style is really very beautiful and it helps me understand why the deck was called what it was called. It photographs very well and I can honestly say I am very happy with having gotten myself two copies.

The card stock is sturdy, shuffles nicely and fans out perfectly. I feel like I am looking out into space when I lay them out. Envision the cosmos shuffling out your fate for you to read. The card backs are very special and beautiful also. I would love to meditate into them.

It's a very strong deck when it comes to pulling from past associations. I've been transported to several moments in motion pictures where these scenes are being carried out. I like the fact it makes me reminisce on actual moments in motion, as if I was looking through the newspaper in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, the photos in the newspaper move as if they were movies.

What is your most important characteristic?
Page of Wands. I am the one connecting different sources of wisdom and insight from media. In me you will find the deepest wisdom hiding among the most recognizable faces. This makes me easy to converse with when you establish your own personal meanings as they make sense to you. I am full of energy, and willing to share that energy with you.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Two of Wands. Take the time to get to know me and to think about the spreads. Don't rush into it, and eventually you'll see. Not much needs to be said, when you see the illustrations you'll simply know. Make a ritual out of your practice and you will come to find that it all comes to you. It all makes sense when secrets come out to light. But first you have to wait to see what comes of it.

What are your limits?
King of Coins. While there is a caring nature to this deck, you can view the advice given here as that of a tutor or a caring relative. The rest is the experience you will harness by taking initiative and finishing the tasks yourself. You learn by doing, and you empower yourself when you take control of your circumstances. You'll only go as far as you allow yourself to.

What are you here to teach me?
Nine of Swords. I am here to teach you to treat yourself and others with a compassionate heart. If you don't know what kind of struggles somebody else is going through, at least try to be empathetic. Somtimes wisdom is hard earned.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Five of Coins. Learn to accept that not everything works out the way we want it to. Life is not a box of chocolates, rather it i fraught with challenges and difficulties that shape us all into stronger people. Those who cannot cope with the pain end up masking it until it claims them later. Remember not to let your pain claim you. You are in charge of making things better.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Seven of Cups. Using this powerful tool you will put an end to incorrect perspectives. You will be putting an end to the hopes you had that would sprout new possibilities. If you have to do without it, it may mean it isn’t worth it. You have to look out for yourself always, and in having a friend by your side, you won’t ever come out on the losing side. Remember to seek clarity when you are confused. All of the options will be made available to you.

Which card do you want to show off?
Page of Cups. Don’t be afraid of all these seriousness in the deck. There is also beauty in the cards, and thus there is something good that comes out of the bad: life lessons and experience. You will learn when to hold back from acting because it is most beneficial. You will also know when to proceed with caution in situations that merit it.

How do you see me?
Two of Swords. You put so much on your plate that it wears you out. The way you multitask and how busy your lifestyle is, is thoroughly exhausting. You need to take a break from overworking yourself. You also need to express more on the outside about how you feel, rather than separating how you feel from how you think. You're not as awkward as you tell yourself that you are.

How do you see yourself?
Ace of Wands. I feed your dreams and make them reality. I motivate you to draw the magic from within. You will be encouraged to follow your dreams and see them manifested into being. Trust with your heart and allow your next step forward to be dictated by your sense of trust in the bigger picture.

I've just come to find that the second edition of this deck has sold out. Bummer! But well-earned merit. Now he is working on the Oracle of Poets and Tarot Anonymus.


I bought this deck a long time ago and haven’t been able to write about it yet. I missed the publication date and ended up going with other subjects. That’s life! This is so close to the tarot deck that I have been dreaming of making for years.

When I first received this package, I was confused. the book arrived in a plastic sleeve with a box attached to the back. The box was completely covered by the plastic on all sides, so I had to cut off the plastic sleeve to retrieve the cards, which were also sealed. At least this ensures that they arrive pristine!

As I looked through the deck for the first time, I felt excited. It was hard to tell which cards I liked better until I ran over my three signifiers of the tarot: High Priestess, The Moon and Queen of Swords. Perfect! My favorite cards of the deck are also my signifiers!

Since I can’t read Korean, I can’t tell you much about the history of this deck. Or who made it. I can tell you, though, that it is just the right size for my small hands to overhand shuffle without straining my fingers too much. The cards are glossy and slick. They fan out with ease and the stock of the paper bends ever so slightly. I don’t mind that too much because the cards will get enough use that they rectify. The sheen of the cardstock is almost semi-matte. It’s not at all like the plastic coating you would see on others. The card stock yields a bit of a bend. I find it very sturdy.

A strange I found is that instead of using a crayfish or lobster, the artist depicted a scorpion. It really threw me off at first, in my mind’s eye I try to change it into a crayfish or lobster.

The illustrations are gorgeous. They are dreamy and whimsical without being too fantastic, which I appreciate. There is a softness in the illustrations that only few can capture. It gives the deck a delicate sense of being, and reminds me of nostalgic elements in illustration that helped me bond with this deck. I find it so crazy-beautiful!

The artist uses color without fear, allowing for vibrant compositions. I enjoy the use of pattern and the employment of flowers in the deck. All of the flowers in the deck lend themselves for interpretation by type and grouping.


♡  What is your most important characteristic? The Moon.
Intuition without harness. What you get out of reading tarot is not likely through a textbook, but through practice and experience. As such, dream wildly and tread those dreams. The product is rewarding for an oneironaut.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck? Five of Swords.
Even in times of loss and struggle, there will be a lesson to be learned for the victor and the loser. No matter which side you are on, you must be open to learning the lessons that are being outlined for you. That’s life.

What are your limits as a tarot deck? Death.
There are some things you just can’t change; reading tarot won’t change your life. If you listen well enough. though, you will be able to accept the loss and learn from it. Once the mourning is done, it is time to pick up and move on with caution.

What are you here to teach me? The World.
Funny, as the end of the Major Arcana, the World is all about celebrating your accomplishments. This means to accept opportunities as they present themselves, to be positive and to surrender to the grand scale of things. There are positive forces at play everywhere, and the universe conspires in your favor. I don’t like to decorate my readings with brimming positivity all the time, but this is exactly what the card makes you feel.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you? Three of Wands.
Wait. Be patient in getting acquainted with these cards. I see a reflection of the life of flowers in this card. You have to wait for flowers to grow from the moment of germination, and I see a parallel between flower life spans and the time it takes to get to know a deck.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Four of Wands.
Building something takes time. If you take your time to build something worthwhile, it will be beneficial in the end. There is potential here for more.

What is your favorite card? Page of Swords.
The young page with a sword. Speak-easy, ready to dive into a situation. The roses here match those in the Three of Swords. They are the chosen flower of the suit.

How do you see me? Six of Wands.
Young at heart, but forward-going and backed up. When you have a band of support, you can do anything.

How do you yourself? Three of Swords.
Finding beauty even in times of pain. When people are most vulnerable, a touch of beauty can ease the senses and cushion that pain. What a strong sense of mourning this card has, with the pink roses as a noticeable contrast. They offer solace.

I really enjoy this tarot deck, and have opted to try it out for personal readings only. It has since then become very hard to find, and I am secretly kicking myself for not having attained a backup copy when they were still available.


My friend Tina Constantine aka Lady Nocturne is a Graphic Designer living in Puerto Rico. On her spare time she dreamed up a Zodiac editorial series which I want to share with you. I love how sexy some of these can be while still being classy. Great work! I have some amazingly talented friends!

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer   Leo  Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius


I have decided to complete one year of horoscopes devoted to each zodiac sign. I offer personalized Annual Review readings at my Samhain Moon Etsy shop. It is a very popular reading on this blog and in my work life, and now I am offering all 12 signs of the zodiac their own loose horoscope calendar to refer to.

January. Queen of Coins. From what I gather, the projection gets kicked off with abundance and self-assurance. Being your birthday month, it seems you will lack for nothing in his this time. Quite the contrary, you will feel in control of things and ready for whatever life has to offer.

This card seems to be chasing me around lately.

February. Ten of Swords.
Ouch! What happened to your sense of stability?

February poses to be a challenge. In this month you are likely to face bad news. Try not to allow yourself to be dragged into something that is going to slow you down. This is not the month to make big decisions. Rather, it is the month to take it easy and to allow life to sort things out for you. NOT a time to test fate!

March. Five of Cups.
I feel like this month is building upon the previous one. There may still be some leftover feelings of disappointment going on, and that’s natural. When something like this happens, the best thing to do is to acknowledge that the loss hurt before proceeding with your life.

April. Judgment.
This is a rough shake up, the kind of impulse that hits everything in sight and knocks anything in its way, out. The vibe this month gives is that it completely rearranges your life according to what you may have missed out before.

May. Knight of Coins.
Everything is reestablished and set now. You don’t need to worry about things going out of whack, or having to deal with last-minute problems. Take it easy and reorganize yourself.

June. Nine of Swords.
Try not to listen to what other people are saying this month, as it could be a major cause for concern. Try instead to allow anything that may be worrying you to exit your life. If you pay attention, you will only come to regret that you did. Be smart about it!

July. Ten of Cups.
You made it through! This month is a month of acceptance and receiving. Accept love, and give it back as well. I find that some of the bed things in life are those that are given with love and understanding. Above you lie all of the possibilities of where your life can go. Whether or not you are shaping yourself according to the past or building your own future, it is a good one.

August. Ace of Swords.
Cut away from doubt and seek only clarity. Stand firm. Be ready to defend your ideas or self should somebody else disagree. Nobody has the right to tell you what to do, and you will be reminding them of that. Clear communication without any rodeos.

September. King of Swords.
This month is echoing the one prior. We see here that if important decisions need to be made, you will have to be focused and you can’t allow yourself to be intimidated by anyone. Make sure you are expressing yourself exactly as you mean to, because others could misread you.

October. The Chariot.
Often times when we are town between two alternatives, we forget that we also have other options. If you are keeping this dynamic going, it may be a sign that you need a break from the automated routine. If you can’t keep your affairs in synchronized order, you may need to try a new approach.

November. Ace of Wands.
A hint! Or perhaps a refreshing burst of energy makes itself present to motivate you. Inspire yourself an gather your energies to go in pursuit of a new venture. When the creativity strikes, you have a newfound sense of purpose to keep on with.

December. Page of Wands.

Follow the light that your inspiration points out for you, seek an improvement and a sense of purpose for yourself. Once you know which direction you want to go in, you just need to dive in.

Clarifier. Strength.
A lot of what you seem to struggle with this year seems self discipline. Know when you need to buckle down and hold back from following impulses. They won’t do you any good.

This reading winds down with a punch of electricity and energy to motivate you to push to new lengths. Break all the boundaries and push for the next level. You’ll get there!
I hope you will enjoy!


Its been such a wonderful year! The term 'soul searching' doesn't even even to cover it. I've gone through some intense personal transformations, and came out the other side feeling like an entirely new person. This year definitely had some big deal events and experiences the likes of which I will never forget. There were also many hardships and obstacles, some of which have been very hard for me to digest and get used to. No one prepares us for loss.

I wish that some of the people left behind in 2015 will resurface at some point in the future, but for now the best thing to do is perhaps to let go and allow time to do its thing. I had so many fall outs this year that it felt unnatural.

Anyhow, I am really looking forward to getting 2016 started. My resolutions revolve around personal development and quality control in living habits. Less drinking, some home improvement and definitely nurturing my needs.

+ Wonderful New Year's celebration
+ Steampunk Symposium
- Anniversary of my cousin and Hugo's death
+ Lots of socializing

+ Lots of clubbing activities
+ Studying playing cards
- Niki and I had our fall out
+ Got some great additions to my tarot collection

+ Started my House of Zodiac series
+ Lustmord show
- Things went sour with my room mate
+ Pisces Ball
+ Started Witches Grimoire
+ Tito's Tacos with Rev John
+ Trip to Puerto Rico
+ J's birthday
+ De/Vision concert
+ Lots of new additions to my tarot collection
+Falling Skies concert

+ Ren Fair
+ Meeting Meagan for tea
+ Met Tozororion
+ Roger's birthday

+ New apartment. Moved in on my own!
+ Crystal's baby was born
+ Filofax
+ Got an amazing couch
- Went to a DNB club… Ew!
+ Hung out with Kaity and Sebastian

+ Anime Expo with Mike Cotopolis
+ Mystic Shadows Illuminated made its way into my life
+ Mortal Boy & Carved Souls show
+ Spirit Speaks meditation
+ Batcave
- Roger's car accident
+ Launched an Etsy store

+ Sebastian and Kaity's
+ Bought amazing corsets
+ Grandpa's birthday
+ Getting productive

+ Manufactured in LA
+ IAMX pre-listening dinner party
+ Trip to Puerto Rico
- Fall out with Charlo

+ So much good food!
- Hermes saw me and wrote to me
+ Crystal and Justin's wedding
+ Dave Gahan & Soulsavers concert
+ Opeth concert
+ Alessandra and JP's wedding
+ Halloween at Olvera street

+++ Tokyo trip
+ Decabar
++ Made friends with Rose Lunahour. She inspires me!
+ Got my Youtube channel on track

+ Mode:M dancing
+ Ritual of the Ankh
+ Bought nice crystals
+ Puerto Rico trip
+ Stellar meditations

Unwoman, Lee Presson and the Nails, Lustmord, De/Vision, Falling Skies x 3, Mortal Boy, Carved Souls, Dave Gahan + Soulsavers, Opeth, LA Morgue x 2,

Special Event: I went to a super secret pre-listening dinner party with IAMX, Gary Numan and members of Nine Inch Nails. You can read about it here.

(A) IAMX pre-listening dinner party. This night was really amazing. I had a fireworks going on inside when I realized Gary Numan was also there. To top it off there were many more musicians there that I admire, such as Nine Inch Nails members. Rennholdër, someone I used to mad fangirl over. I talked to everybody and ate some great food listening to some great music in an epic castle house. Candles, magic and Chris Corner all around. With two hugs to conclude the night!

(B) Goth clubbing in Japan. Enough said! Magic on legs.

(C) Seeing Dave Gahan in concert with Soulsavers.

Tough! I think it was November.


I am looking to go to France, Prague, Japan, Louisiana (New Orleans), or Spain.

I love that I actually do make it to these places, even if it takes an extra year!

Oracle Alchemy. Ana Cortez is my favorite author. She has mentored me all throughout the year. I love reading anecdotes of moments spent with her father, who was a visionary and an enlightened man. Reading this book was a delightful look into her upbringing as a talented diviner.

I am really fond of the Playing Card Oracles system and looking to gain more experience with it. Hopefully my relationship with Ana Cortez will also continue to blossom. I am currently going through final examinations to earn my certification as a Playing Card Oracles reader.

Most of my dreams have come true. Very few are left in my list. I definitely want to get back into creative work of Illustration and Graphic Design. I want to go back to working on my tarot deck and illustration projects, and perhaps most importantly to keeping a sketchbook like I used to. It's so important for creatives to express themselves, and yet I've only chosen to do that through writing in the past few years. In reality it's because I've been trying to establish a routine that works for me, so those things I used to prioritize fell to the side. I thought about drawing almost every day, and could not see my life without color pencils and eraser shavings on my desk.

I am looking forward to getting back into nurturing my figure and my external appearance. While I got a lot done this year, I spent a lot of days working out of my pajamas with no make-up on. Definitely zoomed through my responsibilities, but felt like a servant girl while doing them. Even if I won't be dressing up every day, I will at least commit to take care of my image and to add new steps to my self-care routines.

Lastly, I want to commit to learning a new form of divination. This is a practice I do every year, but this year I've got no clue what to start with. It will be interesting to document that on my Youtube channel.

This year was really important in my life. I decided to move in on my own and I amazed myself with how much money I could make to sustain myself and become completely financially independent. I learned the importance of budgeting and saving up. I also learned how strong I am in the face of sudden changes, since I moved from one apartment to another almost singularly. It is very rewarding to feel like I can provide for myself and my needs. It was like finally coming to accept and to see that I am a full grown adult.

I had a lot of fun also. It was great to have J visit me in Los Angeles. After listening to my stories for years, he got to experience it first hand and he got to meet my friends… and some celebrities. He finally understood what it is that makes me love LA so much.

I also decided that Los Angeles is my final resting place. I intend to grow roots here and to eventually buy myself a house. I am steadily making lasting relationships and learning the importance of treating yourself to new experiences.

A lot of things happened behind the curtain that I never wrote about publicly. Perhaps someday some of those things will come out to the public light as a positive experience.

A huge heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you that supported me this year and kept me company through this long, winding journey. I am here for you and hope you will reach out and keep in touch.

Thank you! Safe celebrations!


My friend Tina Constantine aka Lady Nocturne is a Graphic Designer living in Puerto Rico. On her spare time she dreamed up a Zodiac editorial series which I want to share with you. I love how sexy some of these can be while still being classy. Great work! I have some amazingly talented friends!

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer   Leo  Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius


I see some impressive sequencing in this spread. Close progressions and clutters from suits that point to progress and obstacles impressively. Pointers such as these strengthen my faith in my work.

I have decided to complete one year of horoscopes devoted to each zodiac sign. I offer personalized Annual Review readings at my Samhain Moon Etsy shop. It is a very popular reading on this blog and in my work life, and now I am offering all 12 signs of the zodiac their own loose horoscope calendar to refer to.


December. The Emperor.
Things look a little stiff with the start of this horoscope. I am drawing from it the need to pull from inner strength to fortify your actions. It is most important that you settle grounds of respect and authority depending on which area of your life it is in. Try not to be too unyielding or inflexible, as that could slow down your progress in the future.

♡ January. Judgment.
A call to action, to put an end to the inactivity that may be causing you lots of stress. Seek to fill your life with intent and with purpose, as it is important when you consider future plans. You don't like to be stuck; you prefer to grow alongside your loved ones. It is important for you to feel like you are shaping your future into a productive one. Because you will it so.

February. King of Coins.
Strength turns into abundance. Here we see the rewards of backing up our projections with commitment. When things are in bloom, we reap the rewards of our labor and bask in it. It is the promise of something good coming because we willed it so.

March. The Empress.
Your life is in bloom. Take advantage of this! Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Come to think of it, this may be a time to make your living space more cozy. Seek to make your environment into an inspiring space to work in. Look to share your visions with other that share them also.

♡ April. Two of Wands.
You may be switching priorities or giving yourself some time to weigh differences in two ventures you want to take. Consider how to divide your time between your personal projects and work. It is important that you do!

May. Temperance.
This month builds upon the one before it in smooth transition. I am picking up on this being a time to balance out your feelings and your psyche. Look to cut the wine with water, figuratively to discipline and moderate your life according to your needs and what you most benefit from. Seek to find a balance that works for you so that you may nurture yourself.

June. Ace of Swords.
Take up a newfound strength: Look to establish clarity of thoughts and interest in cultivating the psyche. Strengthen your thoughts and perspectives of the world around you. Proceed with honor towards those end products.

July. Queen of Swords. This month builds upon the last as well. There is beauty in embracing personal space and personal expression. A sharp mind is the best weapon, although, one you settle respect you barely have to resort to that. Sharp words can paralyze opponents; you should just know when to employ them.

♡ August. Ace of Cups.
A new gift comes into your life. Accept it with grace. Allow yourself to be happy with all the new opportunities coming into your life. This month bears promise.

♡ September. Five of Swords.
Almost a total shadow of the month prior, this month bears conflicts and misunderstandings. Sometimes people have agendas that contradict our own, and we need to know when to stand up for ourselves. We can't tolerate having anybody take advantage of us.

October. Nine of Wands.
With all the strength you have been putting out, you may be feeling a little worn out. Try to pull the strength back out, though, so you can give yourself time off to rest after your tasks are finished. At this point, all you have left to give is a little push.

November. The World.
You did it! This is a culmination of all of your efforts. Celebrate all of your achievements during the year. Know that what you have done has been a product of hard work and dedication. You deserve to be where you have worked yourself to be. Enjoy it!

Clarifier. Queen of Cups.
This year it is very important that you listen to your intuition and that you reflect on your limits. Try not to overexert yourself, it would not be fair to you. Instead, try to focus on doing the things that make you happy and that make you feel most wholesome. Nurture your spirit.
I hope you will enjoy!