Start of Thanksgiving + Yes or No Spread

We all have things to be thankful for.  Miracles, wishes coming true, luck, hard work, humility, and clear sight.

And whoa, do I have things to be thankful for. The projections I dreamed up in 2009 have almost entirely been accomplished, save for one or two details. This year I graduated, interned twice, got an amazing job, went to Japan, loved, lost, regained, appreciated, and spent time with my loved ones. Over all else I have learned and experienced many a new situation and matured. I'm thankful because I have everything I need, and I am surrounded by just enough people... the ones that matter the most to me. The start of this weekend makes it seem promising in more than one way, and as the end of the year approaches, I evaluate past experiences and set goals for the next set of 12 months. A new cycle begins...

Yesterday I celebrated Thanksgiving with some of the most important people in my life. It felt surreal when I woke up; immediately I thought about Thanksgiving last year at my sister's house. Good times!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day!

Let's get down to business! Sometimes you have a specific question and you don't feel like doing a thorough reading because you know all the factors that surround the situation. You want a YES or a NO, and maybe a couple of hints on how to make it happen. That's what the Yes or No spread is for. Shuffle the cards thoroughly and cut them in a stacks of three, then close it back into one. From the top, lay the cards down from left to right and flip them over. Flip the middle one last, since it is the card that weights the most on the reading. It's worth two cards in this reading. First, look over the Major Arcana to find any dominating feelings or instances, then read through the story.

I'm going to ask, "Am I going to be able to visit my sister Rebeca soon?"

(01) IX of Wands: Even if you feel tired, give it a final push. Your goal is right there.
(02) King of Swords: Tossing out a new idea, fixing a problem after required thinking time. There will be a quick solution coming.
(03) XIX. The Sun: Promise of your day in the sun.
(04) VIII of Swords: Fear to move.
(05) King of Pentacles: A man not willing to take a chance and jump. Older than me.
Interpretation: Pretty strong yes! More so with the sun in the middle, promising a happy vacation. From the looks of it, the only minor setback is that my father won't be able to make it. Perhaps I will be a little distracted with work, but it definitely looks to be a good time with The Sun at the core of my reading.

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Tarot Workshops + 21 Card Spread [ The Three Sevens ]

On Tuesday, Nov 16 I went to El Convento in Old San Juan for the Caras 20th anniversary party. The hotel was jam packed with glamorous attendants and a few local celebrities scattered here and there. They had high end catering and open bars distributed all along the interior spaces. It felt good to kick off the working attire and connect with others. I met a model that was working on getting his gig in the media of the Caribbean. For most of the event I connected with work mates of my mother’s.

Good times!

Last night I went out to a quiet dinner with a very special guy. 

"I love her to the moon and back."

November 07th, 2010:
What a wonderful experience! They begun on November 7th, 2010, with a general introduction of what tarot is. I found myself to be the youngest in the group of about twelve women. One man. I learned that the Major Arcana (0-XXII) mean human emotions overall, and are generally considered to be the cards that weigh the most in a tarot reading. Additionally, if a court card follows suit, it could be pointing out another person in your life. If it is in the present, it is likely to be a lover. 

From 09:00 A.M. until 01:00 P.M. we discussed the layers of the universe, the purpose of tarot, personal calling, meanings, spreads, and corresponding deities from antiquity. At 01:30 P.M., we had lunch and got to know each other a little better. From 02:00 P.M. until about 03:30 P.M. we broke off into pairs for individual readings. I paired up with Victor, whose presence radiated tranquility. He didn’t really need the cards all that much because he already knew a great deal about me intuitively. After the exercise, I tried meditation for the first time… and failed miserably to quiet my mind! Afterwards, I sat in for a sweet business meeting.

November 14th, 2010:
I helped my boss set up again. By now the students had warmed up to talk amongst themselves more comfortably. The lesson dealt with a detailed explanation of the chakras and how to read them, reading cards in sync, and the power of healing stones. We also covered proper care to one’s tarot cards and the utensils needed to prepare the proper ambience. During lunch, I found that all the other students had a gift or had figured out how to pry open their third eye. My boss shared an experience that Victor had during the week, in which he claims he got to see into his past life. Then he shared the details of a heart operation that left us all cold and shivering. I had a chance to talk to the ladies in the first row; one of them told me bone-chilling stories to do with her experience with specters. The other one shared that she believed it was her personal calling to learn tarot, or so she had been told in messages she received one way or another. They all had beliefs and experiences that tied them to the esoteric world, and I found myself to be one of them.

After lunch, we formed a circle to watch a reader and a client. I was the first to be read, my partner was a lovely Leo by the name of Amaryllis. When she flipped the cards I almost fell off my seat! I was expecting to see love dilemmas and emotional turmoil, but instead a very different matter was brought to my attention. I had before me a wide array of swords, coins, and Major Arcana denoting intense feelings. When it was my turn to do the readings, I put my beloved Vertigo Tarot to the test, and was pleased to find that it cuts like the sword of truth.
We all exchanged contact info and agreed to meet up for a progress review later on. Afterwards, Xavier and I sat on the big cushion by the botanicals and talked about metaphysics until the bosses were ready for our business meeting.

Eternally greatful for this wonderful experience! Thank you, Marilyn and Patricia for making it possible!

This is a very general spread used when you have a client that is kind of quiet or does not have a specific question to ask. The way I see it, this spread tells one general story with three cycles composed of past, present, future. It will shed more light on an issue you didn’t quite think you had or it will clarify things are going as you suspected them to. Excellent spread, my personal favorite. It is also called the three sevens.

(01) The Tower: Being shaken up, bringing down beliefs that have been so well constructed. Making room for something new to be built.
(02) Inverted King of Wands: In this case a person, dark skinned. Severe, jealous, but with a good heart. Taking life less seriously.
(03) The World: A successful conclusion. Feeling whole and satisfied.
(04) Inverted 3 of Swords: Feeling lost, isolation, severe consequences, withdrawing from that which harms.
(05) Inverted Six of Cups: Bringing new perspectives and opportunities, learning from the past.
(06) Inverted Four of Cups: Emotional break-up, disillusion, unhappiness.
(07) The Emperor: Being direct and guileless, and often all too irresistible. Sitting on the throne of representation, yet feeling bound to it as a trap.
Interpretation: From the looks of it, these things are finally coming to pass, but not without a warning of entrapment and lack of satisfaction. After spending a few months harvesting a new friendship and bond, that bond was severed and it led to  being forced to see things from a different perspective, even if sentiments dictated otherwise. Be as it may, one learns from the past and keeps these things in check as new situations surface.  The wounds will heal, change will come and it will be positive according to the World card.

(08) Queen of Cups: Developing a romance. Intuitive, problem solver, affectionate, can be moody.
(09) Ace of Swords: Awakening for new challenges. Feeling ready to talk, discuss, solve.
(10) Inverted Page of Cups: Overly sensitive, temporary stage of weakness.
(11) Three of Wands: Having invested passion into something, waiting for the product to come back. Progress, feeling proud and powerful.
(12) Knight of Wands: Planning a trip or a new career, being motivated to take charge.
(13) Inverted Star: Frustrated hopes, bad luck, incomprehension, waiting instead of acting. Temporary difficulty to express oneself.
(14) The Empress: Healing and abundance.
Interpretation: After the hard times comes the period of healing and nurturing. Things are once more straightening up, and we feel ready to talk about the things that concern us. Plans are made, directions change, and a temporary inability to express certain sentiments will soon come to pass. This seems to be a present period of contemplation and interaction in order to set things straight.

(15) Death: A radical transition or end.
(16) The Hermit: Turning inwards for solace and knowledge. Contemplating.
(17) Six of Swords: Leaving difficulties behind. Change of scenery may be a solution. There is an answer, so don’t stress it.
(18) Inverted Nine of Pentacles: Feeling disappointed temporarily.
(19) The Chariot: An internal war, opposing thoughts pulling in different directions. Control is required over opposing emotions, wants, needs, people, or circumstances.
(20) Eight of Wands: Things moving quickly. Revel in and handle everything. Move, change, do.
(21) Seven of Wands: Stand your ground, don’t give up in the face of adversity.
Final Interpretation: Things always seem to happen in a chain of events, so I’m not surprised to find that the situation will be moving quickly. More changes are coming, of a nature I can’t quite tell. I’m going to need to think thing over properly, and to clear my head of any doubt that may be floating around in my thoughts. I am going to have to keep a present mind and be ready for when the opposing sentiments come. On one hand, this reading suggests thinking things through, on the other I see a lot of changing environments and hasty decisions coming up that simply need to be made. All is fine, all is going as it should. 

This is fun.

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Projections + Myths

Things have been moving quickly lately. I gained a friend and lost another in return, work keeps me busy, and I'm living through experiences I have never had before. As the cycles continue to develop and change, I find out how little I knew versus how much I am learning. I learned just how overwhelming redemption can be, and I'm getting much better at living in the present instead of dwelling in the past. Things are going well; although I haven't felt this way in a while, I know that everything's going to be okay.

Last Sunday was spent at Encuentros Mágicos from 10:00 A.M. until 08:00 P.M. My boss did a marvelous job getting everybody prepped up to learn the art of tarot. The day concluded with my first attempt at meditation and a brief business meeting. Stay tuned for details from the workshops coming up next week!

Often I find that if I don't set goals, I'm not likely to get even half of the things that I want to done. My mind is always so busy generating different solutions to problems that get sidetracked very easily. In a world where situations become problems, we find ourselves on the run more often than we should. Those who repel drama find themselves immersed in it. I found out we wear those chains of drama willingly, and it's up to us to take the chains off and cut out those waves of negativity that come in our direction.

I intend to make my blog projections concrete in order to fuel that promise of change.

- Keep posts short and sweet
- Take more pictures
- Continuously generate new content
- Take on a new online persona
- Keep it positive or neutral
- Promote, promote, promote
- No skipping posts
- Don't make it about others
- No skipping posts

These are just some goals to keep me heading in the right direction. Often times I find that my schedule is so overloaded that I need to drop out certain things. That won't be the case with this blog.

Then there's the questions and the thoughts that circle in our heads. These are distractions we create for ourselves, excuses to be lazy. The myths we tell ourselves.

- "I'll get it done tomorrow," or "it can wait." This often leads to procrastination, putting it off for the day after the next.
- "I'm not ready yet." And when exactly am I going to be? If I'm not ready now, I never will be. Waiting until I am just ties to "getting it done tomorrow," and putting it off for a certain day.
- "Someone else can do it better." But they haven't done it, have they? This should never hinder one's compulsion to be creative and to express themselves. After all, our work is a reflection of who we are. We leave our essence on the work we produce.

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Who am I? + Best of Halloween '10

I am Samhain Moon; a woman of multiple identities that blossom and then transform over time. In essence I am a thinker and an artist. I spend a lot of time trying to calm my mind by busying myself with projects. This explains my compulsion to breathe life into my surroundings and finding change through experience. Emotionally I am passionate and pretty impulsive while I practice patience. Sometimes, however, my emotions must dictate and I find myself wandering through paths I would not venture through otherwise.

Socially I am known to be withdrawn and serious. I enjoy the art of conversation over a cup of wine, a plate of food, or some ambience music. Although I am most often without accompaniment, I am also known to enjoy get-togethers, concerts, industrial parties, Renaissance fairs, and artistic performances or exhibitions. My friends are my treasure, and the closest ones I could find, I’d never let go of. It takes a lot of effort to climb into my heart, but once contained I am the most devoted friend and partner you will meet.

I have a weakness for beauty, tarot and the esoteric world, pens and pencils, diaries, food, wine, champagne, romance, pretty boys, pretty girls, and intellectual conversation. I repulse cockiness to the extreme, intolerance, injustice, and lack of respect. When I am angered, it is best to withdraw to safer grounds even though it takes a good deal to get under my skin. Once I snap I will employ sharp words and most likely act on impulse.

I am a dreamer with a very organized lifestyle and a fixation for learning and traveling. Hopefully, someday I will find some peace of mind in the fulfillment of my calling.

For a few months I have been feeling weighed down by negative vibes and generally overwhelmed with situations. At times it feels as if I have been fighting with my own shadow. The time seemed right for a purification ritual, so I started one on October 31, 2010 that will drag on to November 16, 2010.

The ritual consists of:
- Bath salts for cleansing and purifying.
- Burning herbs for abundance and attracting positive vibes.
- Meditation and respiratory exercises.

Esoteric practices and rituals may not be the sole solution to a problem, but they bring inner peace and optimism. I’ll take that any day versus being bogged down by worries and problems!

I feel better already!

Samhain is when the harvesting ends and when two cycles meet between the light side and the dark side of the year. Gaelic people used to think this time of year marked a temporary vulnerability for the world of the dead and our world to collide, allowing the dead to walk amongst the living for a few nights. These traditional festivals in Gaelic culture trickled down over the generations and now form the foundation for modern-day Halloween. Although we do not all seek purification on this date, it is quite fun to dress up and interact under a mystic guise.

Here are the best looks for Halloween 2010:
Jennytron. Long-time blogger and electronic music junkie with a twist of funky gypsy glam. She enjoys drum circles and only the best music shows. Tumblr. Blog.

Nicole Gavrilles. Graphic designer and photographer soon to take the professional world by storm with her delicate and ethereal design skills. Site. Tumblr.

Ethan Mathiak. The Castle at Ybor's very own towering monster. This guy is as intimidating as it gets on the dancefloor, but he is also a super sweetheart when you get to know him. Facebook.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention... this blog will be updated every Friday. Stay tuned.
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