Start of Thanksgiving + Yes or No Spread

We all have things to be thankful for.  Miracles, wishes coming true, luck, hard work, humility, and clear sight.

And whoa, do I have things to be thankful for. The projections I dreamed up in 2009 have almost entirely been accomplished, save for one or two details. This year I graduated, interned twice, got an amazing job, went to Japan, loved, lost, regained, appreciated, and spent time with my loved ones. Over all else I have learned and experienced many a new situation and matured. I'm thankful because I have everything I need, and I am surrounded by just enough people... the ones that matter the most to me. The start of this weekend makes it seem promising in more than one way, and as the end of the year approaches, I evaluate past experiences and set goals for the next set of 12 months. A new cycle begins...

Yesterday I celebrated Thanksgiving with some of the most important people in my life. It felt surreal when I woke up; immediately I thought about Thanksgiving last year at my sister's house. Good times!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day!

Let's get down to business! Sometimes you have a specific question and you don't feel like doing a thorough reading because you know all the factors that surround the situation. You want a YES or a NO, and maybe a couple of hints on how to make it happen. That's what the Yes or No spread is for. Shuffle the cards thoroughly and cut them in a stacks of three, then close it back into one. From the top, lay the cards down from left to right and flip them over. Flip the middle one last, since it is the card that weights the most on the reading. It's worth two cards in this reading. First, look over the Major Arcana to find any dominating feelings or instances, then read through the story.

I'm going to ask, "Am I going to be able to visit my sister Rebeca soon?"

(01) IX of Wands: Even if you feel tired, give it a final push. Your goal is right there.
(02) King of Swords: Tossing out a new idea, fixing a problem after required thinking time. There will be a quick solution coming.
(03) XIX. The Sun: Promise of your day in the sun.
(04) VIII of Swords: Fear to move.
(05) King of Pentacles: A man not willing to take a chance and jump. Older than me.
Interpretation: Pretty strong yes! More so with the sun in the middle, promising a happy vacation. From the looks of it, the only minor setback is that my father won't be able to make it. Perhaps I will be a little distracted with work, but it definitely looks to be a good time with The Sun at the core of my reading.

Coming up:
01. Thanksgiving with the Zúñiga Luna folks
02. Work in progress
03. To-do list
04. The modern-day dreamer

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