Projections + Myths

Things have been moving quickly lately. I gained a friend and lost another in return, work keeps me busy, and I'm living through experiences I have never had before. As the cycles continue to develop and change, I find out how little I knew versus how much I am learning. I learned just how overwhelming redemption can be, and I'm getting much better at living in the present instead of dwelling in the past. Things are going well; although I haven't felt this way in a while, I know that everything's going to be okay.

Last Sunday was spent at Encuentros Mágicos from 10:00 A.M. until 08:00 P.M. My boss did a marvelous job getting everybody prepped up to learn the art of tarot. The day concluded with my first attempt at meditation and a brief business meeting. Stay tuned for details from the workshops coming up next week!

Often I find that if I don't set goals, I'm not likely to get even half of the things that I want to done. My mind is always so busy generating different solutions to problems that get sidetracked very easily. In a world where situations become problems, we find ourselves on the run more often than we should. Those who repel drama find themselves immersed in it. I found out we wear those chains of drama willingly, and it's up to us to take the chains off and cut out those waves of negativity that come in our direction.

I intend to make my blog projections concrete in order to fuel that promise of change.

- Keep posts short and sweet
- Take more pictures
- Continuously generate new content
- Take on a new online persona
- Keep it positive or neutral
- Promote, promote, promote
- No skipping posts
- Don't make it about others
- No skipping posts

These are just some goals to keep me heading in the right direction. Often times I find that my schedule is so overloaded that I need to drop out certain things. That won't be the case with this blog.

Then there's the questions and the thoughts that circle in our heads. These are distractions we create for ourselves, excuses to be lazy. The myths we tell ourselves.

- "I'll get it done tomorrow," or "it can wait." This often leads to procrastination, putting it off for the day after the next.
- "I'm not ready yet." And when exactly am I going to be? If I'm not ready now, I never will be. Waiting until I am just ties to "getting it done tomorrow," and putting it off for a certain day.
- "Someone else can do it better." But they haven't done it, have they? This should never hinder one's compulsion to be creative and to express themselves. After all, our work is a reflection of who we are. We leave our essence on the work we produce.

Coming up:
01. Tarot Workshops
02. 21 Card Spread
03. Thanksgiving post
04. Design works in progress

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