Who am I? + Best of Halloween '10

I am Samhain Moon; a woman of multiple identities that blossom and then transform over time. In essence I am a thinker and an artist. I spend a lot of time trying to calm my mind by busying myself with projects. This explains my compulsion to breathe life into my surroundings and finding change through experience. Emotionally I am passionate and pretty impulsive while I practice patience. Sometimes, however, my emotions must dictate and I find myself wandering through paths I would not venture through otherwise.

Socially I am known to be withdrawn and serious. I enjoy the art of conversation over a cup of wine, a plate of food, or some ambience music. Although I am most often without accompaniment, I am also known to enjoy get-togethers, concerts, industrial parties, Renaissance fairs, and artistic performances or exhibitions. My friends are my treasure, and the closest ones I could find, I’d never let go of. It takes a lot of effort to climb into my heart, but once contained I am the most devoted friend and partner you will meet.

I have a weakness for beauty, tarot and the esoteric world, pens and pencils, diaries, food, wine, champagne, romance, pretty boys, pretty girls, and intellectual conversation. I repulse cockiness to the extreme, intolerance, injustice, and lack of respect. When I am angered, it is best to withdraw to safer grounds even though it takes a good deal to get under my skin. Once I snap I will employ sharp words and most likely act on impulse.

I am a dreamer with a very organized lifestyle and a fixation for learning and traveling. Hopefully, someday I will find some peace of mind in the fulfillment of my calling.

For a few months I have been feeling weighed down by negative vibes and generally overwhelmed with situations. At times it feels as if I have been fighting with my own shadow. The time seemed right for a purification ritual, so I started one on October 31, 2010 that will drag on to November 16, 2010.

The ritual consists of:
- Bath salts for cleansing and purifying.
- Burning herbs for abundance and attracting positive vibes.
- Meditation and respiratory exercises.

Esoteric practices and rituals may not be the sole solution to a problem, but they bring inner peace and optimism. I’ll take that any day versus being bogged down by worries and problems!

I feel better already!

Samhain is when the harvesting ends and when two cycles meet between the light side and the dark side of the year. Gaelic people used to think this time of year marked a temporary vulnerability for the world of the dead and our world to collide, allowing the dead to walk amongst the living for a few nights. These traditional festivals in Gaelic culture trickled down over the generations and now form the foundation for modern-day Halloween. Although we do not all seek purification on this date, it is quite fun to dress up and interact under a mystic guise.

Here are the best looks for Halloween 2010:
Jennytron. Long-time blogger and electronic music junkie with a twist of funky gypsy glam. She enjoys drum circles and only the best music shows. Tumblr. Blog.

Nicole Gavrilles. Graphic designer and photographer soon to take the professional world by storm with her delicate and ethereal design skills. Site. Tumblr.

Ethan Mathiak. The Castle at Ybor's very own towering monster. This guy is as intimidating as it gets on the dancefloor, but he is also a super sweetheart when you get to know him. Facebook.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention... this blog will be updated every Friday. Stay tuned.
Coming up:
01. Blog projections.
02. Myths I tell myself
03. Tarot Workshops
04. 21 Card Spread

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