End of Thanksgiving + The Three Sevens

Whoa, it's surreal to realize a full week has gone by already! My little roadtrip to Juana Díaz was quite sweet. We made a couple of brief stops before the Zúñiga Luna residence.. I had the chance to meet one of Jean's best friends and his sweet mother, which I've been looking forward to meet since we dated in the summer. Whoa! Surreal moments ensued, full of laughter and soft teasing. The food was great, so was the company... I had a great time.

01. Send final files out to the press.
02. Illustrate the Archangel candles.
03. Finish the set of horoscope icons.
04. Brand InMarket + business cards.
05. Get crafting.

I need a progress spread to shed some light on how things are going, everything is moving at a quick pace and it is time to recollect some thoughts. Again, this spread shares insight on the recent past, the things happening in the next couple of days, and the near future. I made no question in specific; pretty much decided to keep it general although I did keep two aspects in mind that interest me. The three cycles read as stories depicted from left to right.

(01) IV of Swords: Taking a break, finding peace after conflict.
(02) V of Wands: Rivalry, conflict. Stay strong before adversity.
(03) VIII of Swords: Damned if I move, damned if I don't. A posing threat, an obstacle to overcome.
(04) VIII of Cups: Shedding old relationships. A leap of faith into the unknown or uncertain.
(05) Queen of Cups: To develop a romance or solve a problem of love.
(06) III - Empress: Abundance, growth, love, prosperity.
(07) Ace of Wands: New spark of energy for a new passion.
Interpretation: After recent conflicts within the past two months, I had my rest and I restored my energy, only to face more problems coming my way. I was afraid to make a decision because I didn't want to get hurt until recently, when I decided to cut one of the ties out of my life. In effect, I sought further nourishment of a past relationship and took a chance with it. I healed, I loved, and I found a new spark of energy to propel that relationship forward.

(08) II - High Priestess: Giving the idea form. Revealed truth.
(09) Knight of Wands: A charismatic guy of darker skin, active in the situation.
(10) X of Wands: Used up all the energy from the ace. Being boss, having control over everything, but being drained by the effort.
(11) Knight of Cups: Dreamy, sensitive, moody, isolated guy.
(12) VIII of Pentacles: Being the apprentice, starting over. Making mistakes, learning from them, working hard.
(13) XVII - The Star: Positive change for the future.
(14) King of Cups: New but mature love. Dedication.
Interpretation: As the rubble starts to settle, things currently seem to be cooling down. One finds the time to recollect himself and stay at peace, while the rival looks for solace and a new beginning. Overall, everyone is busy doing what they need to in order to move on with their lives, including me. The outcome looks to be not only positive, but also promising. Here's to not messing that up!

(15) Page of Wands: Charismatic, acting young for his age. May antagonize.
(16) VI of Cups: Frozen moment of perfection. A solution may be found in the past for the present situation.
(17) IV - The Emperor: Aries, sun sign. Being direct and guileless, and often all too irresistible. Sitting on the throne of representation, yet feeling bound to it as a trap.
(18) XII The Hanged Man: Making a sacrifice, seeing things from a different point of view.
(19) King of Pentacles: Taking a business approach, making negotiations.
(20) Page of Pentacles: A message of luck.
(21) VI of Swords: Leaving difficulties behind. Finding the solution to the problem.
Interpretation: It looks as if the rivalry may start up again, but after seeing things differently in the next few days, things should settle. I'll know to take it for what it is, and I'll try my best not to spark anything. I find it funny, how when one seeks isolation and peace, everything seems to speed up and start a chain reaction of wild events before things settle fully.

There's a solution, and I think I've found it! 

I ask readers that know me personally not to judge me. Everyone has hidden dilemmas and mixed feelings. I choose to externalize mine on this blog as a tool for learning the art of tarot and seeing my personal situations from an outside point of view.

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