Makeover + The Modern-Day Dreamer

Guess who got a massive haircut... This one just lost three inches of hair!
This has been a crazy-explosive week!! I've gone from running with creative endeavors to a very bright social life, to an uncomfortable situation with matters of the heart. Regardless, I find life after college graduation very fulfilling. Thank God! 

Been practicing my tarot skills at social outings instead of burning up my own fortune with spread after spread. Sometimes I'd just like to let my facts be. There will be some guest speakers recruited for spreads, so if you're interested in having your cards read, shoot me an e-mail at I'd be very happy to offer some free online tarot readings for the time being. [Keep in mind I'm busy and on the run, so I'm only taking one guest per week.]

Zara has my favorite fashion displays.
 Cheering on some karaoke singers.

You see us at coffee shops with an open sketch, scoping out the art section on magazine stands, watching passersby at the mall, checking out Ren fairs, and getting lost in the music at clubs. Almost united enough to become a diverse subculture, we are dreamers.

- Die-hard romantic
- Hyperanalytical
- Pensive

Ranging from the brightest optimist to the most brooding hermit, dreamers spend much of their waking time with trains of thought occupying their minds. At times, these minds are so active that they prove difficult to silence into slumber. People who find even the simplest daily functions instill curiosity over mechanics or links by experiences harbored in the mind.

Metaphysicists live in the present.
Business men live in the future.
Dreamers live in moments suspended in time, transcending past, present, and future.

Memories and sensory experiences intertwine. This is how I can best describe what creativity feels like to me, an active day dreamer.

01. St. Andrew's Cross
02. People I Admire
03. Work in Progress
04. Playlisting 
05. Goals for 2011

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