This week has been quite eventful for me! It started with an unexpected visit from my boyfriend followed by a  job interview, my Mother's birthday, preparations to get my very first car, meeting a long-lost aunt of mine along with her family, crafty present wrapping, margaritas, and now a roadtrip with my boyfriend to spend some time with his family. How's that for a 180 degree spin on Christmas?

Merry Christmas, 'errbody!

I've never received something quite like this, much less overseas... but it is invaluable to me when I think about the care invested in the craft and the time spent mulling the details over. I took my time to open this unexpected present, running my fingers over the paper and contemplating the way it was packaged... as I always will, that's just my passion as a graphic designer. Thank you, Sarita!

For each layer I peeled back, I took a picture of the ritual of opening the present. I found a teal blue [my favorite color is terrestrial teal] scroll with meticulous handwriting. The sentiments contained within made me cry more than once, by luck I didn't spill any tears on it.

 Oh, neat! Now this part killed me. Inside the journal that Sarita made herself, [with flawless attention to detail, if I may add,] she posted little random thoughts and drawings that reminded her of me in one way or another. By now I was a heavy mixture of laughs, smiles, and cries. 

I'm such a sap, aren't I? Regardless, sentiments are the quickest way into my heart. I life through other people's experiences as if they were my own sometimes. Something to watch out for...

Here are close-ups on some presents I wrapped for my special outing to the Zúñiga-Luna residence. I really invested a lot of care and affection into these, I hope they are well received!

I'm missing a shot I took of my Mother's present, which is my favorite after Jean Carlo's. : ]

My life has been so active lately and so well documented visually that I think I may be able to cross out two goals for 2011 faster than I expected to.

01. St. Andrew's Cross
02. People I Admire
03. Guest Reading
04. Playlisting 
05. Goals for 2011

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