I thought I'd talk to you today about something that's really a very important habit in my life—borderline obsessive—and that's diarykeeping.

Here are some dayplanners that double as diaries.  I find them quite inspiring!
Nothing Spaces
Keeping a journal is not about talking about every single thought that crosses your mind daily, or aspects of your life that fall into routines. It is more so about keeping track of your progress with set goals/aspirations as well as certain highlights that make your days a little bit sweeter. This does not apply to everyone and I am certainly aware of that; but I find that if I don't document my experiences, those moments are lost forever. I can't bear the thought of not remembering special events, such as my days in Japan! (...of which I also kept a small diary.)

If you are interested in keeping a diary but rarely have the time to sit down and devote time to it, here are my suggestions:

(1) Save ephemera from meaningful experiences. I always keep movie tickets, paper bracelets from events, gifted flower petals, letters, notes, post-its, pictures, and sketches given to me by my friends.
(2) Save quotes from your friends. Text messages, instant messages, e-mails, memes, and excerpts of special conversations. Whenever I have really strange conversations with my friends and acquaintances, I find that at least once phrase is memorable enough to find its way into my diary.
(3) Write down daily highlights. This includes daily goals that you accomplish, feel-good moments, sights that are anything but ordinary, or even simple events such as lunch with a friend you haven't seen in a while.
(4) Keep it small. Don't use a journal bigger than 5x7, or else you will feel committed to fill up a lot of space, as well as lugging around extra weight. This could put you off writing if you feel that you need to invest a lot of time into making it pretty or extracting fleeting details. We are on the run, writing things down just as they happen tends to be a more effective method. Otherwise, write during idle times, such as subway rides, during lunch, or on a 15 minute break from a hectic work day. It may even help to wind the night down this way, with a quick recap of what you did all day.

Life tends to be crazy-hectic most of the time, and it is likely to leave us feeling as if we don't have time to sit down and just breathe. It is too easy to get involved with daily tasks and to forget about those special moments because of the fleeting nature of memory; but if we don't keep track of those moments, we might end up feeling as if we have not lived our lives as intensely as we would have liked to.

Come next January, I aim to have a written record of special moments and accomplishments kept in my day planner on top of my feverish journals. I want to remind myself of the many joys and obstacles in my quirky yet beautiful life... I tend to measure my goals within a year. Certain days in a month mark a meaningful event for me in a year prior, and I always ask myself if I have topped it or if that memory has been replaced with something better.

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