Three Kings Day + Guest Reading + St. Andrew's Cross

Hey! The first week of 2O11 is nearly spent; thus far I like what it brings. Although it is almost a year ahead, I am really looking forward to November 11, 2O11... I want to make a hyper wish on 11:11 A.M. and P.M.. Mark your calendars!

Yesterday, January 6, 2011 was Three Kings Day. To be honest, I have never really celebrated it before, but it was still a great excuse for Jean's Mother and my Mother to meet. A little eggnog, an exchange of slightly embarrassing experiences, and good times ensued.


Aquarius. Received a BFA in Fine Arts from Ringling College of Art and Design in May 2010, currently resides in St. Augustine, Florida.

Sarah works with anything from 3-D paper graphics to larger-than-life sculptures, but my favorites will always be her inks.

Right off the bat, meeting Sarah is like running into a unicorn with a sparkling rainbow mane of hair. Conversations with her are fun and explosive, and you are more likely than not to find yourself chuckling at a clever remark that she leaves lingering in the mind. When it comes down to night life, she is always on the go and scoping out some new ways to further her creative career.

 You can check Sarah's work on her web site. She also has a Deviant Art page with some of her older works.

This month's guest reading features Sarah. Good luck!

St. Andrew's Cross + Guest Reading
This spread is devised for general questions. You read from 1 +, ranging from the furthest in the past towards the future. The 5th card, or the one in the middle, indicates the conclusion of the spread. 

(01) Inverted 3 of Wands: Fear of shifting careers or making a big move to another city; feeling stuck or unprepared. 
(02) 5 of Cups: Wallowing in sorrow, sadness. Obsessing over what is missing other than being glad for what is still here.
(03 Inverted King of Wands: Unexpected changes or rude awakenings with a co-worker.
(04) XXI. The World: The cycle is completed with a successful conclusion. It brings with it success and even a few trips.
Interpretation: You had big expectations, whether to move out of your house, town, or to switch to a different job a little while ago. When it didn't happen, you got frustrated and you may have felt as if someone you were collaborating with dealt you a bad hand, but everything worked out in your favor in the end. Your long wait was rewarded, and now you're finally getting back on top of things.

(06) Inverted Page of Swords: As a result of past difficulty, you are generally more guarded around people. 
(07) VII. The Chariot: Success, may come after facing obstacles. Things moving rapidly.
(08) 9 of Cups: Good times ahead. Your wishes are coming through, and you are evolving both spiritually and mentally.
(09) 7 of Coins: Risky decisions accompanied by gain of monetary wealth. Good luck and good health.
Interpretation: After all that worrying, you work is finally paying off. Be straightforward and risky, and take advantage of the momentum you have gained. This is a chance to make a major breakthrough with your goals... and win some pretty sweet income.

(10) Ace of Swords: Feeling ready to talk and take on challenges. Having a sharp tongue.
(11) Inverted King of Cups: A mature and generous man, possibly your boss.
(12) Inverted 9 of Pentacles: Feelings of superiority, temporary losses.
(13) I. The Magician: Having the tools needed for the trade. The creative process of springing work from your mind.
Interpretation: There may be a brief disagreement with your boss coming up. Be strategic; find out how to emerge victorious without exchanges of sharp words. Whatever the disagreement is about has a good-natured root. Trust a little.

(14) II. High Priestess: Learning through trial-and-error, advantage in learning.
(15) Inverted 7 of Swords: Unwanted advice and/or discipline. Obtuse ideas.
(16) Inverted 7 of Wands: Being successful if in need and good-natured. Simplicity.
(17) 2 of Swords: Indecision, conflict.
Interpretation: It seems you're being tested for something bigger that could do you well. Have an open mind to whatever message is coming your way and you will be rewarded. Work hard, forget drama and looming jealousy, and focus on what you're doing... in the end you emerge victorious if you make a good decision.

(05) Inverted Nine of Wands: Rivalry, retirement.
Interpretation: Keep firm in times of rivalry, stand your ground and don't let anyone take from you what you already have working for you.

This sounds a little tough, but just as exciting! Good luck, Sarah!

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  1. Hee that was pretty cool...but I'm still a little nervous to ask for my own reading...had we ever even done one?

    Also to Sarah, I still have your crazy drunken/other voicemail on my phone :P

  2. You don't need to rush it until you're sure you want it. I don't think I have read your cards before, but I distinctly remember a time in freshman year in which I read cards for a little group. I was just starting out!

    Sarah's crazy, you gotta love her.


  3. Ah I remember, JP did a reading once, but I think he was trying to refresh himself or something...and I remember the night Bonnie tried to read our auras, that was interesting :P

    And yes, Sarah is completely crazy, surely one of our most memorable graduates at commencement...hee!

  4. I had no idea JP reads tarot, that's really cool! I'm going to ask him if he would like to do a reading for someone and be featured here... or something.

    I remember that! Bonnie was a great girl!

    <3 Aless, thanks for posting.