That same day I spent in Venice I met a wonderful clairvoyant tarot reader by the name of Marcella. Truth be told, I walked into the shop by chance and walked back out rattled to my core! While I am very hesitant in who I trust my readings to—because let's face it, you can't believe everything you're told—the place felt familiar to me in terms of the similarity it holds to Encuentros Mágicos in Puerto Rico. It had a good feeling about it, so why not?

I took a leap of faith and before I knew it, we sat face to face with the Golden Tarot deck illustrated by Kat Black between us, amongst other items. Time stretched as the discovery of a few shadowed paths took place, but I felt empowered by it as well. All the messages exchanged were inspiring and encouraging me to take the next big step. As much as I'd like to share many of these messages on my blog, they are very personal and I would rather keep them to myself... How greedy of me! In time they might come to surface anyway!

Marcella Kroll is an Intuitive Medium and Visual Artist. She has been reading Tarot Cards for 15 years, is an Adept initiate of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, and student of Shamanic Studies in the Lakota traditions under Medicine Woman Irene Skau.

While Marcella can answer your general questions regarding love, money, and career, it is her
special ability to illuminate karmic life patterns (past lives & present), while providing you with clear guidance, and the tools to motivate you for living in your truth. As a champion of self-empowerment, she believes that everyone has a gift to share with the world, and the ability to manifest it.

By connecting to your Guides, Angels, and Animal spirits she can get to the heart of your concerns, and help move you forward on your path. Should you want to contact Marcella for a phone reading, call Mystic Journey (310)399-7070.
"The right people cross your path when you need them."
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