I have returned from a very fruitful experience in Los Angeles, California! Bear with me, I have too much to write about and too many experiences to share, so I have broken them down into three categories: Art, Divination, Social. They will show up in that same order, so stay tuned! Now for the good stuff…
Niki and I zoomed down to Venice for the next brewing adventure. We looked around for a little while, then she dropped me off and went to work. I lulled around the streets in the chilly mornings, dancing under the sun to keep myself warm. At 9:30 AM I was having coffee at the brick house café in Venice, mentally prepping myself for a relaxed day even though I had an interview looming over my shoulder. I chugged my coffee like a champ and off I went into the next coming adventure.

My first impression upon walking into The Branding Farm was, and I quote: “Oh, wow! All this natural lightno wonder! I am a firm believer that an ‘open’ space will make the experience much more enjoyable. I am not talking about open ceilings and plants all over the place, that could serve as a distraction… but an appealing environment that projects the personality of the brand of the firm in itself, space to move around in that doesn’t feel like an incubator, and a library of books and magazines to further cultivate the intellect and inspire visually. Now we’re talking!

The Branding Farm team is all about collaboration and getting their own spark of personality out there to blend with the needs of their clients. I had the chance to take a look at some of their newly finished projects. One of the highlights from my conversations was that of how being active in one’s community makes for the opportunity to meet with other creative individuals. The best way to seek inspiration is to leave one’s cubicle and get out there to experience the world.

Good times!


2009 Fae Horowitz - Spirit Rising

Walking down the street, I ran into this dual shop that had metal jewelry in the front as well as assorted gallery full of all sorts of artwork. What immediately caught my eye here was not of the largest scale, it was actually the smallest there. Artist Phyllis Kalionzes blows glass beads using pieces that have emotional meaning for her as well as vintage beads dating back to the 1920’s.

Ten Women has merchandise that appeals to all ages and translates through various mediums. I am really inspired by the fact that these many artists have come together to make something beautiful. They are not only connected by their interests and passions, but also by the experiences they live together as they try to share their gift with others who appreciate it. I’m sure that they feed off each other in terms of keeping their eyes open for fresh things as well as learning from their differences.
Everything has been thought out carefully, from display to packaging their products. I really did appreciate their personal touch! Ten Women is based in Santa Monica / Venice, California.


Last but not least, I had a chance to go behind the scenes at the Nickelodeon Penthouse, where I experienced some really magical things... Kung Fu Panda, anyone? The most notable highlight was to meet Joel Fajnor, a fashion illustrator working the magic at the studio by day, and working on his own things on his spare time. He shared some really good insight on the importance of keeping a sketchbook even when you’re busy, as well as some of his experiences in the field. I was amazed to find he had a piece show in the motion picture Inception, which I am very fond of. The story of how that came to pass was truly inspiring.
I got a first hand look into the making of the Kung Fu Panda series to air in the next few years, and it is looking BOMB! They invest so much energy and time into their craft that it becomes easily contagious. I got that electric feeling of inspiration crackling over my head, and once the day wound down I just wanted to work on my own creative endeavors.

I feel very fortunate to have been a part of the selective few Design Center interns at Rinling College. Go check some of the Design Center work out! That's my project in the front page. -Wink-

Glad to be back! I have so many things to do now!

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