I'm not sure how many of you have noticed that I have been away, but the counter is still rolling on. I'm glad you're being patient with me!

Last weekend I felt really overwhelmed with how fast things had been moving, so I withdrew to the Zúñiga Luna residence and emerged fully charged. During the week, however, some of that energy was sapped back out again. Life has felt like a roller coaster for the past two months!

coming down to a more manageable state, which allows me to direct my thoughts towards blogging and other matter that require a clear mind. Lately, most of my waking hours were spent at work, at home working, or out with loved ones. In the past couple of weeks I have not been practicing or studying Tarot because I barely even have time to keep myself centered. In part, I have not wanted to read my own Tarot because I just don't want to know what some of the messages in queue might be. For once, I am holding out to see how things will play out instead of seeking the possible routes to take, even though I am well aware of them... or so I think. You know what that means... Time to get organized again!

 I'll leave this post open to any suggestions you guys want to make.

Is there anything you don't see enough of in this blog?

Thanks are in order to all of you that keep coming back to check out what I have been up to as of late. Your support is thoroughly encouraging, even though many of you do so through other social media voices! ALL of your feedback is thoroughly appreciated... and welcomed.

Silly joke, but I couldn't quite help myself... I have been riding a rather quirky wave lately.


  1. I just wanted to say I loved your posts on Organizers (LJ) and I'm totally inspired by you. Thanks for posting and I would love to see more. Definitely going to read your blog regularly.


  2. @Silent-Redux

    Thanks so much! It is really encouraging when I get feedback from my readers, and I look forward to your participation in the future.

    Organizers are fun, I hope to see some posts from you over at the community soon.