The weekend was a lovely one. I forget how much I love working with paper until I actually do it. There is something about putting scissors to paper that feels oddly empowering. It must be the versatility of the medium. While it is actually designed to communicate messages, when I see paper, I feel it is made to be physically transformed into something else. Perhaps that is why I chose to be a Graphic Designer... A great deal of us enjoy either working with paper (print), things in series (motion), or information (info graphics).

Is there a medium in particular that you love?

Lately I have been fixed upon artists and their lifestyle. What is a sketchbook to an illustrator? The extension of the mind. What is a tablet to a designer? A more precise digital hand... or brush in the case of the illustrator!

Here is the work of some crafty artists that I turn to when I am stuck with my collage journals. This is super therapeutic, I strongly recommend it for nights when you feel compelled to get some heavy feelings out of your system. They are the Red Velvet Kit Club.

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