Hello Friends,
These past couple of weeks have served to pull me out of a crazy funk I was sinking into. Have you ever gone through a stage in your life in which you say good-bye to people because you feel as if you're moving on to something else? A bit scary, but this is something similar to the situation I had. As some cycles finalize, the transitional points of my life thus far have proven to be something above confusing. I'd say the issue disorients as much as it perplexes, leaving someone lost and without a clue about how to find their way. After all the questions and doubt, I always seem to find some sort of clarity in adjacent aspects of my life that make me think that going in circles was well worth the while. As a result, I am feeling fulfilled and happy, even though not much else has changed. Feels good to just accept conditions as they are.

Last weekend I had the good fortune of celebrating the boyfriend's birthday weekend thoroughly. Life at the Zúñiga Manor was vivid and homey, as per usual. Thanks much to J's family for extending the invitation and being so complaisant.

I'm very proud of my J.  Once more, Happy birthday!!

My spiritual faculties have been sought after with lots of care for the past couple of weeks. I have done a series of fun exercises that include a bit of individual rituals and chants for protection, censorial intuition, practice with the Aura, and examinations on tarot aptitude. I am quite pleased with the results, and abundant in gratitude to my patient mentors and friends. It feels good to discover things you have sought for years.

On Thursday night I went to a Pagan celebration of Mother Earth after a brief stop by a charming Buddhist group practice and dialogue. Good times indeed, but sadly I forgot to take pictures! I need to get back on track, seeing as the half year review is coming up!

I am also thinking of giving tarot a little more exposure on this blog. Bit by bit.

Been thinking a lot about what it means to be a Libra. It is no coincidence that I feel so proud of being an October child, a lover of Autumn, and a walking set of scales. This week I had the fortune of meeting Daniel, who shed a bit of light on my Ascendant and Moon signs.

To me, these pictures encompass what it is like for me as a Libra. The balance, the security and lack thereof, and all the other levels in between. So many people are doubting whether or not their Zodiac speaks to them, but in confidence I claim that my sign is adequate for me, even though I am on the very cusp of sporting a poisonous stinger.

I feel I have reached a new level, but it is so very difficult for me to share what that means to me with you. When I digest this new information and experience, I might just have a more understandable way to go about explaining this.


  1. Also remember Honey, that Saturn has been in your sign for sometime. Alot of the changes you have been experiencing, the stripping away of that which no longer suites you, is leaving you open to only the best of experiences, and bringing forth your truth, love, & gifts. It's incredible wouldn't you say? Thank you for sharing, and being such a beautiful spirit!

  2. Hey Marcella!
    I'm telling you, every time the stars push and pull, I feel it thoroughly. It is happening to the T! With every day that passes, my experiences push me to believe more and more.

    ♡ Thanks so much for the insight and reading.

    Enjoy Providence!