Life's mission? Is it the same for everyone? Does such a thing even exist?

If you can remember far back enough to what happens to be humanity's most common stage of purity, or childhood, you might find pools of kids dreaming of being cops, fire fighters, teachers, and celebrities when they grow up. I remember that in September of 1995, a girl stood up confidently before her class and stated, "I want to be a Mother when I grow up." There was a brief moment of silence and admiration, maybe even of awkwardness, and then the conversation continued with a much lighter tone. That girl was NOT me, but this is one of my oldest memories. I think I was six years old and in Kinder.


I was too young to know the true meaning of an aura, destiny, work, and a tarot card much less! I know I understood it to be something special though when I saw how moved my teacher felt. Silent admiration is more palpable than you would think it to be at that age.

I am NOT claiming we have our lives pre-determined because I know it isn't true, but I will go ahead and tell you or remind you of a possibly forgotten purpose:

You may call it an obsession, a hobby, an undisclosed desire, work, or even an extra curricular activity, but there must be at least one skill that you all recognize as special enough to devote the rest of your life to. I say at least one, but the quantity does vary from person to person. I get the feeling I may have around three.

The subject is difficult to talk about briefly when there are so many areas to explore and shed light on, but I at least want to remind you of something that is there and you might not necessarily be focused on because of daily responsibilities or engagements. This is also a really personal matter.

I haven't figured out the most important part yet, but I am certain of getting close to it. I hope this encourages you to consider something that has been in the back of my mind for some time now!

I found these pictures through different blogs on Tumblr. I don't know who the girl is, but she's awful pretty, although irrelevant to discussion!♡♡


  1. Just wondering, do you still post there? The community seems to be slow and sluggish. I kinda just stumbled upon it.

  2. @Silent-Redux
    Hello! I do still post here, my posts are published every Friday. The start is slow until I figure out exactly what my readers prefer to see, rather than what I *think* my readers want to see.

    <3 Thanks for stopping by!