Its been a while and I have definitely missed coming around to keep my readers informed about my weekly happenings. It is hard to keep you posted on the highlights and discoveries when events seem to fluctuate; sometimes I have nothing to talk about, and other times there is too much content to share with you. In an attempt to redeem myself, I think I will stick to random posts without a schedule for a while. Without the stress of actually having to sit down and compose a post, I will just update when I actually have something I want to say to you. Simple enough, let’s start!

I just got back from a trip to Orlando, Florida, in which I met up with two of my favorite people — Because you know, there aren’t that many. I am very picky with the people I choose to devote myself to. — I had a great time thanks to them. However brief, it just takes one encounter to make me realize that I have been asleep all this time. Not asleep in the literal sense, but asleep in the sense of unaware of my condition. It isn’t healthy to be cooped up in a house all day, churning out work and waiting on the next paycheck. People need to connect with others face to face, to share and relate experiences and build connections based on that. Being stuck at home, my grasp on reality was being warped to what I saw only. I was voluntarily giving up my rights to explore and to learn.

All it took to shake me back into motion was a night out with some familiar faces. Now I feel refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the changes that are coming.

I can feel the changes as they happen, and thanks to my studies, my intuition has doubled over the past few weeks. It feels like an awakening, the lifting of the veil, and a promise of life. New life.
I am currently undergoing a stage of intellectual stimulation as well. This week I tapped into a new world of metaphysics that I can’t wait to get involved with, and it deals a lot with perception of the mind. I will be testing myself in accuracy of intuition as well as practicing new ways of dealing with energetic ambiences.

As far as tarot cards are concerned, I may be offering tarot services through Skype and e-mail soon. A better idea of when exactly it will happen will surface when I figure out how often a week I can book appointments, or if I will be all right with spontaneous appointments. More and more, there seems to be a need to plan days ahead, and sometimes even weeks.

Additionally, my client is holding a workshop in case any of you are interested:

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!


  1. Not sure if you meant it or noticed, but you totally made a reference to your Visual Persuasion project: Connecting Face to Face :P Sorry I missed you in Florida...

    How did your other appointments go?

  2. Hey Aless, I'm glad that didn't slip by you because it was indeed an indirect reference to my F2F project!

    It went very well, and I'll hear back within the week. Fingers crossed!

    Should I be back in Florida soon, I'll make a roadtrip to Miami to go see you and Keyla. : >