Even though tarot is a subject I deal with and talk about on a daily basis, I find that it currently takes up less than 25% of the content on this blog. Maybe it is the fear of perpetual redundancy or of overwhelming my readers with too much information manifesting. Going against so many more sources already appearing on the internet...

Here I am! Ready to talk to you about the Daily Spread.

01 - 03; Morning.
04; Mid day.
05 - 07; Afternoon.
08 - 10; Night.
11 - 13; Summary.

Shuffle your cards thoroughly.
Do you reverse some cards, or do you leave them all right side up? Is there something specific that you want to know about? This spread is best used in general terms of the day, or when you have an important project happening that you want to know about.

Lay the cards down.Turn them over and get a good look at the whole picture. Is there a majority of Cups? Swords? Wands? Pentacles? How many Major Arcana present?

Begin reading from the very left.Card one—also known as recent past and upcoming present—and start adding up to the story the cards are telling you. You will find as you go that one card can spill into the next, and by reading them in order, you are weaving together your very own story for the querent. Don't be too theatrical! They just want the truth, not to be scared.

Ask for feedback.
Once the conversation is finished and all the messages have been delivered, give the querent a chance to share his or her feelings during and after the reading.

It has come to my attention that a great deal of you get lost whenever I talk about tarot. It could be the demo readings I offered directly after explaining each spread, so I'll leave a little leeway between each reading and a demo reading. If you're feeling confused, please comment on my entries and let me know what's up!

Remember that on the right hand side you can access older tarot spreads under the Divination keyword in my Labels category. Save the templates for when you need them and use the spreads on your tarot adventures!


  1. Tarot is pretty fascinating to me. I listened to one episode of This American Life about a girl who read tarot for random passengers on a cruise ship, and somehow the fate outlined in the cards caused so many emotional breakdowns that she had to stop.

  2. I'll try this spread from time to time, I'll let you know how it works. There are so many spreads for different things that it's easy to get overwhealmed with. Its fascinating though. The walkthrough was simple enough to understand at first glance.

    Sweet entry, keep it up!

  3. Zeolite,

    It's really difficult when you sense somebody needs help and you WANT to help them, but they back away. Can't just approach ANYONE and say... HEY, I want to help you! They'll get scared.

    Sometimes things go amazingly, other times.... wear a helmet. Tarot is honest, there's no sugarcoating there!

    I love reading tarot, though. I'll read it every day.

  4. Marzs,

    Thank you. ♡♡ Let me know how it goes, I'd be happy to help!

  5. Reading this entry reminds me that I need to invest some time and love with tarot again. BTW, I love your blog layout!

  6. Blush Bloom,
    Pleasantly surprised to have you here!
    Thank you for reading.

    If I may, which deck of tarot do you use?
    Good luck!