Something that I’ve noticed throughout time is that even though people in general demand that someone tolerate their views—however liberal or conservative—but they don’t show the same leniency. How does that work? Well, this happens to me especially when I am asked about my background in metaphysics. I gladly share a general synopsis of my voice within the world of metaphysics. Sometimes, however, I do find that I need to cut back on some of the details for the sake of not alienating others from myself. We’ve all been through this. Some secrets are a little hard to let surface, even though the opportunity presents itself time and time again.

When I am presented with the opportunity to dispel the myth of magic for an audience, I always take it up.

Whenever I am sharing my esoteric experiences with people whom I don’t normally see, I try my best to make it seem as natural as possible. For example, I don’t want to perpetuate the Hollywood-inspired cliché of tarot foretelling death and grim circumstances. I want people to see that the tarot is a tool for empowerment and clear sight, but to do so I need to go against years of erroneous sinformation. I battle not only the notion that tarot is witchcraft and that witchcraft is evil, but also the notion that something bad will happen to you if you explore high magic. That’s not true.

The only reason people get in trouble when they practice high magic or occult arts is because they don’t do what they’re doing with respect, or they don’t know how to handle the people and the entities they interact with. For example, if you are looking into carrying out a voodoo ritual, you make it clear to the entity that your sacrificial offering is already set, and that they cannot take a higher price. Know what you're getting into before you actually start messing with it! Do some research.

Handle with care. Not everyone is as receptive as you think they are. You don’t want to shock them into discomfort!

Explain over the surface. No details. This will guarantee a less painful time for you in disclosing your secret, and assure you that the other person won’t feel threatened by your revelation.

Don’t overwhelm people with your secrets. If you find yourself in the situation in which you’re telling the whole story, don’t make things seem at all dramatic. My suggestion is to relate the things you do to things that are common every day. This connection allows for a peaceful understanding to be reached, instead of instilling fear. Remember that as metaphysics, we are representatives of our practices, and it is up to us to keep a clean reputation for the world we live in. As dark as our parallel world might be, the wisest option would be to get people to see that magic is to be respected rather than feared.

Show them what you do. If they experience a ritual or a tarot reading first hand, their curiosity will be sparked. In some cases, people might want to know more about the world we dwell in. They might go as far as to adopt some of the practices into their own lifestyle once they see that it is safe.

Don’t tell anyone that they can’t grow. You know that’s a lie. I am a strong believer that if we were blessed with such a quick understanding of our gifts, we should also encourage others to develop their own gifts. Wanting to keep others in the dark will make them feel like we don’t want them to be a part of our world. The greed constantly alienates students in metaphysics from others, just for the sake of control.

I’m always open to any stories that my readers might want to share on this subject. If anyone has had a similar experience or would like to share their opinion, by all means feel free!

The last of what I have left to share is the reminder that not everyone we come across will be ready to hear what we want to share with them. If this is the case, it will be best to politely change the subject to something extremely different. Talk about the weather, share creative ideas, have a beer… but don’t force anyone to hear something they can’t cope with.

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