Autumn is a magical time of year for a Libra child + student in the world of metaphysics. By the same token, it is also the busiest time of year with all the things coming. This season promises to be eventful in 2011!


Fall equinox. This year the fall equinox came on September 24, the day the sun rises in Libra! The equinox stands for the time of year in which the days and nights level out to about 12 hours each.

Full moon in Aries. Often I find that October is the month of aggressive confrontations + finding the solutions to problems that are floating around without a final resolution. Falling over the 1st sign on the zodiac, Aries represents the God of War. These will be times of headstrong contact and full ambition. Wear a helmet around the Libra children, because those will be the ones most affected! The full moon will be on October 12.

My 23rd Birthday. That's right! On October 22nd, I am kissing ☆22 good-bye! I can't say that I'm particularly excited for the date, but it's something nice to go with the rest of the festivities! With the time of celebration comes a reality check that I need to keep working on my aspirations. I can't give up now when I'm slowing down to a stop. I'm hoping for a quiet night with my closest family members and my boyfriend.

Halloween: The holiday that makes October such a popular month. It is said that on Old Hallow's Eve, the barrier between our world and the great beyond is so thin that the dead may walk the Earth for a night! Spooky! There's so much magic in seeing what the great creatives come up with year after year! You can view last year's best Halloween costume picks here!

Samhain Moon Anniversary: At long last! My beloved Samhain Moon gains one year of age! I worked hard to get to this point! I will post a brand new Year in Review spread, as well as a reflection based on the projections from last year... Hopefully that'll be interesting. I think I am going to add the Year in Review spread to a special package of readings for my tarot service. It really helps!

Day of the Dead: The popular Mexican tradition that takes place from November 1-3. Let's honor the dead in a festive way with sugar skull face paint and elaborate altars for our dearest fallen ones! This colorful celebration honors those who have passed on in a very cheery way.

JNM Anniversary: If Samhain Moon revolves around creativity, this date revolves around love! It has been such a long time since I had last been so deeply immersed in the world of committed romance. My relationship with J has been a blessing, and this date is an even better excuse to keep shunning Valentine's day every year. I celebrate love all year instead.

Thanksgiving: A time in which crowds gather to celebrate the joys of having a family and the continuum of the energy that the universe provides us with. Let's enjoy our time on Earth giving thanks to all the abundance that we are blessed with!

Pictures courtesy of House Bloodthorn.


  1. Kudos for this entry! It was lively and refreshing. Fall is both mysterious, enthralling, magical and entertaining for those who try to make the best of it. There's lots of things planning up ahead. Fasten your seat belt, its going to be a fun ride ; )

    Great post!

  2. It's going to be craaaazy! But luckilly, I have you around to live it with!

  3. You are one year older than me! You are posting much more frequently and that makes me happy ~ :3
    And this is completely random, pointing it out fact. Haha ~
    My best wishes!

  4. Thank you Nati!

    Age doesn't mean much next to experience, but you know.

    Thank you!