This is so hard to believe! I have been blogging on this platform for a full year, although I have kept more private logs for approximately 10 years. Dedication pays off, this community has turned into a weekly publication of inspiration, social critique, and tarot study. I have learned many things about the world of marketing, media and blogging through direct action! Today I am as happy as a bird with a french fry. Tonight is the night of the Samhain Moon, the time in which the barrier between their world an ours is thinnest. The streets will be filled with magic nationwide, so keep your eyes peeled!
☆ There's no telling who — or what — you'll run into next... Have a wonderful, safe celebration! ☆
Here, some spooktacular Halloween Glam for you! Presenting Ien Grave and Debauch Bunny's Screamathon! They are joined by the terrifying Tsukuyi Ochida, a real enigmatic master-mind! Together, the three make up the most terrifying of villainous groups, so watch out! We're gonna' get'cha!

Psique/Mercedes Ocaña +1
el_p3dr0/Pedro Marchand +1
Lisa West/Bunnygirl1980+1
☆ Thank you for applying! We'll be in touch this week to schedule appointments for you and your friends! ☆

♡ The reading may be through Skype, e-mail, or on the phone.
♡ The reading will last anywhere from 15-25 minutes, depending on how immersed we get in the reading.
♡ May pick one other person to receive a free tarot reading with me at their own convenient date. (Appointment required previous to reading.)
♡ Will have any special talents or artwork featured on my Samhain Moon.
♡ Will have the chance to have their feedback/testimonial displayed on Samhain Moon.



    Espero que tu blog cumpla muchísimos aniversarios más. ¡Te ves guapísima con tu disfraz! :)

    Y... ¡¡Oh, Dios mío, me he puesto súper contenta cuando he visto mi nombre entre los ganadores!! Será la primera vez que alguien me eche las cartas, y lo cierto es que me alegro mucho que seas tú quien lo haga, ya que gracias a tu blog empecé a interesarme por el esoterismo y el paganismo (actualmente me estoy documentando al respecto).

    Tengo que contárselo a otra persona a la que quiero que le leas el tarot (se pondrá contentísima, ¡es una sorpresa!). Esta semana contacto contigo para aclarar la cita. En mi caso sería por el Skype :)

    ¡Un beso fuerte, enhorabuena y muchísimas gracias de nuevo!

  2. First of all, congratulations on your first Samhain Moon anniversary! This year you're wrote about countless wonderful things. I'm joyful and proud of you.

    Hosting the Halloween Party with you was an amazing experience. There were so many things to do that I couldn't have been able to pull it as well alone. Thank you for your support and creative ideas, as well as Jake's creative skills!

    The party was a big hit, I was very happy with the result thanks to both of you.Spending the weekend with you was an explosively amazing experience as well.

    These pictures look amazing by the way, and you look absolutely stunning!

    Happy celebrations on your blog dear, you've done great.

    Your Bone King loves you.

  3. @psique
    Gracias! No sabes cuanto aprecio tus palabras... he invertido mucha energia y mucho empeño en este blog.

    Ge alegra que sere la primera en leerte el tarot, y espero que aprendas lo suficiente. Me gustaria saber por cual deck de cartas de tarot te decides.

    No hay problema, luego hablamos por Skype encontes... Espero que hayas pasado una linda noche de Halloween.

    I couldn't keep going without your support. You breathe inspiration into me, and thus I breathe life to my own concepts. Where would this Debauch Bunny be without her Bone Kind??

    The party was great! Hopefully next time we will be hosting your blog launch as well as a duo 2nd anniversary party for Samhain Moon. We're a rokkin' power couple, J!

    You look edible...
    I love you too!