Where has the time gone? A week before the anniversary of my blog, I am turning 23! I remember my 22nd birthday so well. Everything I was thinking, feeling and wishing for! — By the way, I got the wish I asked for when I turned 22! This past year presented itself as a catalyst of change. As I reeled from the effects of ending life at college, the new environment I was in proved to have a difficult adjustment period. I was fresh out of college and trying to find a vocation, however brief it might seem to be.

In one year I learned the importance of a signed contract in freelance graphic design, I stumbled through attempts of stifling romances into friendships, and I connected with a like-minded individual to the point of being unable to sleep while he is up all night studying. The challenges as presented by my 2010 Annual Review presented themselves as testy situations, but my willpower helped me through them. I conquered! I have so much to learn still, but so much that I want to share with the world as well! The second Annual Review comes soon!

My Mom. She has been beside me every step of the way, and is twice as affected by my decisions. I have to thank her for her willing sacrifice to sit beside me every day and lend me her support, and the devotion she has committed to me ever since the very first day. She pushes me to progress and alerts me whenever ideas that aren't beneficial become objectives of mine. I admire her strong work ethic and the compulsive urge to look as if she came out of a fashion magazine every day. Mom rocks!

J. My beautiful boyfriend, glowing with inspiration and inciting the strongest of passions. This flaming Aries is made of gold. As a lover, he has undergone many changes beside me, and he has done so with care and attention. He showers me with burning passion and delicate care; he also puts up with my many challenges and sharp mood swings. During our volatile arguments, he is the strongest of the two even if he is temporarily on a road shaped like a figure 8. I feel honored to be able to share my life with a man of such pure sentiments and creative gifts. Fortune gave me more than I ever asked for.

My friends. They may not all be close by, but their presence is notable in my life. Whether we met for two hours, 4 years, or online, they are always present. I am privileged to have an inside look into their lives, and to be able to count on them in mine. These people don't care what I look like, if I read tarot, what they can get out of me; they just want me around. I appreciate them for it. Did I mention that they are all super talented and amazing? My friends are my treasure!

Sun & Moon. My two endearing little love birds! We still cant get them to like us after six months of having them in the house, but watching their romance developing is inspiring — and a little deserving of jealousy. These two little cuties greet me every day when I wake up. They sing along to my music in an off-key, but they really brighten up my days. I wish I could take proper pictures of them cuddling together, they look like a fluffy mango! I love them so much!

Tonight I am looking forward to a bottle of Moët &Chandon Rosé Impérial that I have been hoarding for a special occasion. (You know how much I love this stuff!) Toasting to another year of challenges, passionate love, friends I can't live without, and chasing aspirations it is! I wish that I could see my friends scattered all over the world, but I need a teleporting machine for that! At least I have the support and presence of my boyfriend, which is going to be a highlight to the night in itself. I'm not really sure about how I am going to celebrate yet.

Finding yourself in love is great, but having an understanding of yourself before getting entangled in a relationship is ideal. Although — knocking on wood — if I can get entangled with my boyfriend, I wouldn't mind that in the very least!


  1. Hola me encanto tu post. Me siento bien orgullosa de Ti!!!! Se que algun dia vas a ser escritora. Mis mejores deseos en tu cumpleaños. Siempre seras mi ilusión de vida. MAMA