My 1st anniversary with Jean. Its been years since I have been committed to somebody for this long. This is an unforeseen and heavily welcomed welcomed accomplishment in my romantic life. Through numerous obstacles, we have managed to preserve our love for each other. It's wonderful! I can very honestly say that I have never before felt this cared for!

My professional advances. In the past year, I branded 8 lines of product. 76 unique packages total, and they are actively distributed and advertised in the media. I have been my polytechnic logo on huge billboards, on bus stops, in the newspaper, and even on t.v.! This experience has been very humbling for me.

A mention in Perspectives magazine. Although I work like an ant, my identity has usually been withdrawn from the public eye. The Ringling College Design Center magazine for alumni mentioned me! What an honor! It feels so good to see it down on paper!

My career in the world of metaphysics. In the past year I have worked ardently on a new online persona for myself as a psychic tarot consultant. The satisfaction that this journey has brought me is significant because of the impact that it has on others as well as on me.

An amazing year. What an amazing period! All it took was some adjustment, then things started to go smoothly and securely. I have met and collaborated/worked alongside amazing people. Somewhere along the way, I found my voice as an artist and as a designer. Now I'm ready to create a body of work that best represents it.

Friends. Last but definitely not least, I am thankful to my friends and family that stick it our with me through thick and thin. I am surrounded by all the love and support I could best hope for! Where would I be without you guys? I just can't imagine a life in this world without the fabulous people that I have met. Spending time with them allows me to appreciate them as well as their intellectual and emotional contributions. Thank you everyone!

I have been hoarding these pictures greedily for the past month. This seemed like the perfect time to post them! Meet Pedro and Pierre, two cool cats that I really appreciate! Pedro and I have been friends for a little over 6 years now, we met through the industrial music scene of Puerto Rico. He is a loyal friend and a wonderful, enigmatic intellectual! As for Pierre, I met him through Pedro. Pierre is a French bohemian poet; he delights in traveling and pouring his musings into diaries. He is the sweetest!


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