Hello Magicians,
It's here at last! I want to talk about what this year has meant to me. This year was the year for adjustment  to changes. It was about time that I got in tune with the environment that I'm in, even though I can't lose grasp of where my goals are taking me. This year I learned to dwell in the present. I learned the importance of enjoying my surroundings while cultivating my higher consciousness. In doing so, I tapped into the secrets of the universe and learned a little bit of what my essence is made up of. In the future, I hope to share much — if not all — of what I have learned with you!

All of these pictures are credited to Koonelli [Elli Graham]

+ Roadtrip to San Sebastián
+ Work work work work work
+ Visits from J
+ Met Alvin for the very first time on the 27th.
+ Bought two love birds on the 29th, called Sun and Moon.

+ I started working at HUE: House of Design.
+ I went to Los Angeles, California to visit Niki.
+ Met Marcella Kroll
+ Strangelove (February 5th)
+ Romantic dinner (February 25th)
+ Dayglow Concert (February 26th)

+ Ice cream date with Alvin.
+ Enjoying J!

+ Circo (April 7th)
+ Dates with J
+ Visited Alvin at work
+ J's birthday celebration (Weekend of the 16th)
+ "I like you." "Me too."

+ Alvin's 25th birthday celebration (May 03rd)
+ Roadtrip to Dorado with J
+ The Office for the first time! Mmm — Raspberry beer!
+ Red Shield party (May 21st)
+ 30 Seconds to Mars concert (May 22nd)
+ Orlando, Florida trip
++ George and Sarita! (May 31st)
+ Started working as an online psychic

+ Learning about psychic predation
+ Saw Anjanette after 2+ years!
+ Weekend at J's house (June 16th)

+ Ponce roadtrip to J's empire
+ Backstage — party party party!
+ Reunion with Gian
+ My first spiritual trance (July 10th)

+ J's return to the metro area (August 15th)
+ Took J to The Office
+ Started an exclusive project!

+ Business meetings
+ Enjoying having J in town again
+ Finished reading the Sailor Moon manga!

+ Business meetings + work work work!
+ 23rd birthday celebration
+ Halloween weekend @ J's
+ Samhain Moon 1st anniversary

+ 11:11 ritual
+ Psychic Bazaar affiliation
+ Business meetings
+ Thanksgiving
+ 1st anniversary with J
+ Surprised Mom with 2 Michael Kors

+ In house freelance for Radagroup
+ Featured in 2011 Perspectives
+ Intense spiritual retreat
- Grandma passed away
Photo credit compliments of Koonelli [Eli Graham]

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