It's finally here! After days of a very seemingly endless wait, Le Jeu du Destin Antique has finally arrived! I felt strangely as if I was fretting a long lost old friend. Maybe I had been searching without finding the right companion until this point in time? The packaging appeals to me in color and illustration style, although it is irritatingly small. These cards are tiny, sized as traditional playing cards were. The illustrations are beautiful; I wish they were bigger so I could get lost in them!

As I look through the cards, I realize that Le Jeu du Destin Antique is not a standard Lenormand. Instead, it is a regular cartomancy deck. The cards have astrological references in them as will as some smaller illustrations featuring different types of mythological creatures or animals. I elf them in my hands for so long that I just want to break into them to better understand the system! Even if it isn't a Lenormand, I know that I can learn a lot from this form of cartomancy. Who says they can't go together?

I attempted a Lenormand style spread between lovers and found it to be very blunt. However, as honest as the reading was, I felt that the definitions of the book were definitely outdated. They weren't broad enough to make sense of! Le Jeu du Destin Antique speaks about marriage, marriage, marriage; nowadays, it's really more like relationships, relationships, relationships. Back then, people got married without knowing one another as the norm. Nowadays, while I am sure that still happens, people at least take more precaution in getting to know their significant others before they commit to a marriage — at least that's what I hope. I contemplated the notion further, then decided to put the book away and to pursue answers intuitively — after all, I'm a professional tarot reader!

The deck mostly concerns matters of money and romance amongst people. Thrilled with my new discovery, I jumped right back into the game and tried out a new spread. Shuffling around a few times, I was very pleased with the results, and at times even spooked! For such a small deck, witnessing its wise fortune telling was very impressive. I feel as if I have been igniting my passion for exploration once more! With the coming journeys in lenormand and oracles, I am going to be a very busy bee at the start of 2012! Envisioning a combination of all the types of cards is promising! I can feel the divine waters of inspiration flowing freely now, just wait until you see what's coming up!

Fast and direct results. If you want to know about your relationships with others and where they stand, this is definitely an appropriate deck. You don't need to bother with otherworldly or otherwise introspective situations.

The cards are way too small! You could barely appreciate the illustration's symbolic nature. Since there aren't very many of them, this makes the deck nearly impossible to shuffle unless you mix them up face down over the table. Not an  advocate of cardstravaganza myself!

Packaging. The box is so pretty that it makes my day to see it on my workspace. The plus side to it being so small is that I don't feel the clutter. The bad side is that I really can't appreciate the details, which I am always so fond of! It's the little things that count.

The definitions are outdated. The cards speak of marriage, marriage, marriage as if it's the law. They don't call this deck antique for nothing! Granted, you are going to give your own intuitive spin to it; however, I like it when I feel that I am interviewing a deck. It is a process of discovery with each  card, getting acquainted with the personality and tone of the deck. This is so important, too!

It's an unexplored field. Even if it doesn't fit into the tarot or lenormand category, this deck is still an oracle for divination. I appreciate is as such.

Ever since I started blogging for the Psychic Bazaar, I realized just how much I enjoy collecting decks and sharing my opinion about them. I have compiled a wish list that I plan to cross out item by item. You can expect some lengthy introspection about elements of a deck that make it and break it for me! If you're curious to check out the decks that may be popping up soon, you may check the wish list.

When I evaluate a deck I focus not just on what the artwork is saying, but also the manner in which it says it. Everyone's got their own rules of criteria for what a divination deck should and shouldn't do. It would be really rockin' to hear what you guys have got to say about certain decks as well! Discussion, as always, is greatly encouraged!

I consider myself lucky to receive messages daily inquiring about metaphysics and deck recommendations. Although I don't like to admit it, over the year I have become the preferred oracle of many. That is both an honor and an issue! Thank you so much for reading. You are appreciated!


  1. I have Le Jeu du Destin Antique 32 cards. Yesterday, I have an interview with it. I spread 9 cards as the image below. I don't know to read it. Please help me understanding the meaning of this spread. Thanks.
    Position 1: 8 of spades; 2: 9 of Clubs reverse; 3: The Jack of Hearts reverse; 4: 7 of Hearts; 5: The Queens of spade reverse; 6: Ace of Hearts; 7: 8 of Clubs reverse; 8: 10 of Diamons; 9: The Queen of Clubs.

    1. You didn't even try to decode the spread yourself, though. Why don't you actually post your impressions of the spread, and then we can work from there?

      If you want help, you will need to show me you made an attempt at interpreting it yourself. That is how you learn!

      If you need a reading, please book one with me. I will be happy to read for you myself.