I was pleasantly surprised to receive this question on my Facebook.
Good morning Mrs. Monica, aside the wonderful interview that you posted, something else came to mind. I read a few blogs and stuff based on how to read tarot, its all based on the four elements which all have different representations and you use numerology also at least that's what little I understood. Now my question is, how do you follow the message behind the cards? Is it just something that you put into your own words based on what the cards show you or does every card have like there own specific biography? I have been thinking about that lately and have been quite curious on that subject. Like how did you learn to read? How long did it take you to perform a perfect reading even though I know not everything comes out true.

Fire: Suit of Wands. Passion, work, conflict with others in the area of work and in a physical level. It is the energy that inspires us to take on new projects and to defend our ideals in those projects.

Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Time of Day: Noon
Time Span: Days

Air: Suit of Swords. The mind, intellect, and reasoning. This suit is the most aggressive in appearance. Usually it can denote problems in clashing with someone else's personality, distance from each other, break ups or accidents. It is the suit that can stand for "No" depending on the meaning of the card, and will weigh upon the reader the most. It stands for blocked energy, events slowing to a stop, and serious [legal] problems with others. It can also denote strategical thinking.

Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Time of Day: Sunrise
Time Span: Months

Water: Suit of Cups. Stands for love, flowing emotions, intensity of feelings at its best. In the shadow side it can show alcoholism, drunkenness, drug abuse, and delusional reality. Feelings can blind people when it comes to making important decisions, but they can also propel people to achieve amazing things. This suit reminds about the importance of reconnecting to the higher self to understand where feelings come from, and what they can do if suppressed.

Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Time of Day: Sunset
Time Span: Weeks

Earth: Suit of Coins / Pentacles. Denotes material gain, economy, finances, money, companies, power, food, luxury, and poverty,

Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Time of Day: Midnight
Time Span: Years

The best way to do this is intuitively, but knowing the general context of the suits helps. The correspondences that can be traced amongst the different suits will denote unions or clashes. First you need to understand the dialogue of the particular deck you are reading with. Whether you already know the standard meanings or you have just pulled the set out of its shrink wrap, you should have picked a style that appeals to you. The pictures will be narrating events, and if you understand the cultural context behind the illustration, you will find that you can pull string stories together with ease. If you don't love the illustrations on your tarot deck, you are less likely to want to read with it, no matter how accurate it is.

As your tarot collections grows, you will notice that the meanings shift a little according to the vision of the artist. Usually the general symbols are present, with a few added ones from the theme of the tarot. This is something to be aware of as you purchase and get to know new tarot decks. You might be reading for yourself and recognize your pet in a card, or a symbol that reminds you of somebody else. Be intuitive!

By stringing the meanings of the cards in a sequence, you will be amazed at how easily the story unfolds before you and the person you are reading for.

Trial and error, as with everything else. I learned through feverish study. I love the tarot and I talk about it all the time. Sometimes I fear that my friends will complain their ears are bleeding, but they haven't thus far! The best way for me to understand the dialogue of the tarot was to pick one deck to stick with, and that deck ended up being the Vertigo Tarot by Dave McKean. I struggled with what the cards were trying to say until I familiarized myself with the intention the artist had for the deck. Once I understood the overall tone that my cards were conveying to me, I had a much better time reading with the deck. It took me a long time to understand that this deck whispers rather than scream.

When I really got it is when I started to read professionally. I didn't know anything about the other person, which forced me to use my intuition whenever I needed clues. My tarot deck was telling me everything I needed to know, I just needed to look carefully! I still compare and contrast the manner in which my cards convey their messages, and find little nuggets of information that I had previously missed. Learning the tarot is always a work in progress.


Generally it will take anywhere from a couple of months to a few years. If you are familiar with reading pictures without words already, it will be a much easier task. I find that Art Historians could be wonderful tarot readers because they have a master understanding of symbolism in paintings and architecture, which proves to be an effective way to read tarot. There are hundreds of books on how selected individuals read the tarot, but in the end the most important impression is your own. You won't have the skilled Barbara Moore agreeing over your shoulder or suggesting other meanings for a card that turns up in a reading. You can buy her books and gain a very thorough understanding of how she views the world of tarot, but if you block out your own intuition, your readings won't make much sense to you. Barbara Moore has a thorough understanding of the tarot through years of practice. She boils years of study into simple guidelines for your readings, and can be a really rockin' teacher if you are open to her writing.

It took me a few years to put down the books and focus solely on what I got from the cards. At first I didn't understand why Swords had to be the suit of air. I didn't get why the Major Arcana held such importance in a reading. After years of study, I am comfortable with the correspondences behind the suits and the Major Arcana. I find that it enhances readings and that it makes my experience with the tarot much more wholesome.

I love the tarot!


I first met Marcella Kroll a year ago in February. I was exploring Venice, California and happened upon the Mystic Journey book store. It felt serendipitous!

Many would call this a chance meeting because of all the days of my two weeks in California, I could have met with any of the other intuitives that Mystic Journey offers guidance from. To me it was more of a gift than a coincidence, and definitely meant to happen. I found a gifted reader — and friend — that has helped me many times in finding my path or unloading the weight that others put on me. Her quality insight has dispersed many clouds of doubt from my mind.

is a fine artist and empathic medium who divides her time between Los Angeles and San Francisco. She has been professionally practicing her gifts as an intuitive medium and Tarot specialist for more than fifteen years. While able to answer your questions regarding Love, Money, and Career, It is her special ability to identify current & past life patterns you are working with. By connecting to your Guides, Angels, and Animal Helpers, Marcella will get to the heart of your concerns, and help move you forward on your most rewarding path. As a champion of self-empowerment, she believes that everyone has a gift to share with the world, and the ability to manifest it.

In addition to her work with Tarot, Marcella has trained in Shamanic Studies in the Lakota Medicine Tradition with renowned Medicine Woman Irene Skau. This work has involved connecting with guides and Animal Helpers, who help to give Marcella vision and direction. She is also certified as a Consulting Hypnotist & Member of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists).

Marcella has appeared in print and media, both for her intuitive as well as her artistic achievements. The most recent of which can be seen here. She is also an Adept Initiate in the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.

How did you find your way into the secret world of the tarot?
At a young age I remember being exposed to Tarot, by my Mother’s friend. She would do readings constantly at our house. Then around 16 a relative gave me a deck of Egyptian Tarot as a Christmas gift. I never really used them. A couple of years later I was gifted a Thoth deck and that was it, I could barely put them down, I was hooked.

Can you narrate one of your moments of breakthrough in your own journey with the tarot?
I had a light bulb moment when I decided to stop being afraid of saying the wrong thing, and decided to stop relying on a book to give me the answers. I was able to let my intuition guide me, allowing trust to take over I could reach out further in my psyche. It was a huge breakthrough for me in finding my rhythm and own special way of connecting to the cards, and how I read for others today.

Do you ever read tarot for yourself?
Yes.. but I try not to. I’m not very biased with myself, so I would prefer to have a reading from someone I trust.

Do you read your tarot using the ill-dignified or reverse?
I never personally use the reverse, but I feel that is an individual preference that one should decide before starting a reading, not during or after.

What made you choose your main tarot deck, the Golden Tarot? How long have you used it?
I have used many decks over the years and gone through them as I have grown & changed as a person. I am an artist, and have a strong attraction to paintings from Medieval to Religious to Surrealism. The imagery in the Golden Tarot immediately captivated my attention, and I felt strongly drawn to the energy of the time period a lot of the original images were created in.

What is the overall tone of the Golden Tarot for you?
The Golden Tarot appeals to many facets of my nature, my artistic side, romantic side, and darker side. Its very diverse in mood, which I like.

How do the symbols and animals interact with one another, and with you?

The symbols and animals always provide a theme, an undercurrent to the whole mood of the reading, and the direction it may be going in. I’m very drawn to symbols, patterns, animals, color, and numbers; especially when giving a reading. A lot of times I read those images first before actually looking at the cards. This allows me to gather the tone of the message for my client.

(1) Pull 1 card for how your tarot deck see you?
10 of Wands. My deck sees me as taking on too much and carrying a lot of burden. Which I think is very accurate. So I find myself needing to ask, How do I lift that? And I pulled 9 of Wands which tells me that I need to do some reflection, and see how far I have come on my journey, when I acknowledge that, this burden will lift. Funny..

(2) Pull 1 card what your tarot feels about itself.
Page of Wands. My deck sees itself as a messenger, an energetic & hardworking one at that. It’s true, it is. Also Funny…

And finally, please share a few tips for those who are also in the world of tarot:
Have fun, be kind to your cards (they are a tool), keep them sacred and they will love you back.

Also try to leave your clients feeling better not worse when they see you. While the news may not always be bright, remember to look for the lesson in what you are experiencing, and utilize the tarot by asking it how to move forward. This can be very rewarding, and a beautiful connection to have with your cards.

If you would like to schedule a reading with Marcella Kroll, you can visit her web site or like her Facebook page. As stated above, she moves to and from San Francisco — and sometimes makes it all the way to Providence, Rhode Island — to Los Angeles, California. If you are in the area, you should definitely have your fortune read over a cup of coffee. You could even schedule a tarot party for you and your friends!

Wild Heathen photoshoot compliments of Geenie Sanchez.


Hello Magicians, its been a while since I have had the luxury to sit down and breathe. I suppose that it didn't last very long, but here I am regardless! Today I want to share with you what I have been up to lately. These are just some of my highlights from the past few weeks, but there have been many details and gestures also worth noting. I am starting the post off with a drawing that was made back in February by J. It is very accurate in portraying how we have both felt as we ride through long, winding obstacles and surprises together. I distinctly enjoy the subtle Alice in Wonderland mixed with Beetlejuice undertones to it. The smirk on his face keeps me reassured that he knows where he's going at least!


These beauties were a gift from my boyfriend. He got one for me(Libra), Mom(Capricorn), his Mom(Aries), and also one for himself(Aries). These have been fun to get acquainted with, particularly when I make my first cup of tea of the day. I distinctly love when gifts have been carefully and affectionately packaged! (Which reminds me I need to post some of the beauties that have come my way from the wonderful Vanille! They are reminiscent of my ventures in Japan.)


I was very surprised when my day planner got so much positive press at the Livejournal community I post it in, so I wanted to share it. Here is a recent look into my life as an attempt to record my social activity. The point of the planner is to balance out the work and the fun without losing perspective of my goals. It is a very different approach, but until now it is working. I have a tendency of keeping most of my design affairs separate unless I absolutely need to remind myself about them. This isn't always the case, but it happens. All of the design thoughts and deadlines go on my sketchbooks or in a separate brainstorming notebook. It's funny how me compartmentalize things to keep them in order!

The community Organizers is really great for meeting other people that love to share their strategies for getting their life, well… organized!

I have a really exciting interview with Marcella Kroll coming up! Stay tuned!


I want to share with you a rare treat that recently made its way into my life. It is not an ordinary tarot deck and it certainly doesn't work like an oracle; rather, it taps into the layers of the banks of memory to extract information and messages that could help us better understand ourselves. It is known as the Symbolon Deck, and is often referred to as the Symbolon Tarot. It was first published in 1993 by A.G. Müller, and although it is out of print, it is still accessible through the internet. If you're lucky, you might even find a pristine box waiting for you at a New Age store.

The little white booklet defines it as the following:
"Symbolon is a game of remembrance. It allows us to remember things hidden deep inside which have been prevented from surfacing over years and decades. For those who prefer a psychological approach, you might say the power inherent in the images helps raise the unconscious into the higher levels of consciousness."
The illustrations of the Symbolon Deck are quite beautiful. I find myself admiring them for a longer span of time than it takes to shuffle them, lay them out, and gather my messages. I really like the fact that every time I look into a card, I focus on a different aspect or element. Since the deck is still very new to me, I still spot cards that I hadn't noticed before, and I still see elements in each card that had previously gone unnoticed. The illustrations open portal to different time periods, portrating worlds immersed in magic and metaphysics. The real-life aspects are also blending harmoniously with the fictional. If you were to eliminate the fictional characters from the cards, you would be left with a credible portrait or scenic still life.

To read the Symbolon Deck, you don't need to invest extra time studying the symbols or the dialogue. The illustrations are depicted in such a way that they are narrative and easy to understand for people with all levels of expertise. Unlike other oracle decks, you can begin reading with the Symbolon Deck straight out of the box. The most experience required to read with it is to understand how to string cards together into dialogue or stories. Knowledge in tarot is very helpful because many of its archetypes are present in this deck. If you already know something about them, it will help you pull more information from each card. Even if you don't know how to get the conversation going, the little white booklet is written in such a way that will tell you what each card means if it is at the beginning (or alone), if it is in the sequence of the spread, or if it is the outcome. I was impressed at how much the intended meaning means for each card depending on where it is placed, but stand by the opinion that anyone can read with them without the little white booklet. It is worth noting that the cards don't have names to identify them and that the booklet does not show the illustrations at the same place as the card meanings. Rather, the cards are illustrated in the back pages with the corresponding page number underneath. This might make it a little time-consuming to gather the intended meanings, but can also be seen as an incentive for you to read intuitively.


Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
The Mediator – The mediator personifies Hermes, the messenger of the gods. He brings with himself a message, but this time it is for me. The message is that he will be working with me, helping me unite the conscious with the unconscious. In this card, he indicates that I will be able to observe from a neutral position. When related to the tarot, this card is telling me that it will help me develop my clairvoyance further, since the archetype this card describes is the High Priestess. The High Priestess is the card of secrets and intuition, and portrays a woman that has lots of secrets that she will only share when the time calls for it. She is enigmatic as well, and if you're not really looking for her, you're not likely to find her.

What are your strengths as a deck?
Separation – With the stork in flight, the woman lifts her arms to the air and takes in the sweet gift of being free. She doesn't care about what is going on in the world below her because she has ascended to new heights. Down below, somebody calls for her to come down before she gets hurt, but she is so elevated that she probably doesn't even hear him. The sun is setting and the moon rises to the sky, as a shift from mundane consciousness to a higher level of understanding. The Symbolon states that it will help me disperse the gloomy thoughts and find that peace that I seek. It will also teach me to let go of those terrestrial vices and problems that often lead to feeling stuck. Lastly, I feel it is a deck that will warn against falling into old patterns of behavior.

What are your limits as a deck?
The Ailing King – Using it too much, too often can get wearisome. The window to the outside world is small, so it states that going outside will be necessary too. There is only so much that readings can do for someone who is often isolated, but since it is raining outside anyway, it is best to stay in for now. The card itself means that it is exhausting to ask the same questions over and over. The deck itself could get tired of telling me the uncomfortable truths if I choose not to listen to it. It is best to be patient and endure what is asked to do.

What are you here to teach me?
The Ice Queen – The Ice Queen looks like she's got a sea of turbulent emotions under that rough exterior. She is probably tired of living in her beautiful castle, so far away from the rest of humanity. She is disconnected and outcast, and by the looks of it, she hasn't talked to anybody else in a long time. She is probably asking herself what good it is to live in such a beautiful place and have so much, since no one will ever even notice. It’s okay not to be content with everything. It’s okay to feel frustrated and vent it out as long as you get those things out. It can get lonely feeling like a shut in in such a beautiful place, but that’s where you belong at the moment. Even if it hardens you up, it will be good for you when you go to face the outside world again. Stop blaming your surroundings and start dealing with your emotions, the inner part of you is what matters most.

How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
Articulation – Discussing feelings, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, making contact with feelings. Stop avoiding your feelings, deal with them. Stop trying to avoid perceiving or manifesting them. This card says that the deck will be helping me work with not being afraid of my own feelings or needs. It will provide guidance when sought and even comfort me if I need it. The eclipse in the back feels like a block of emotions that will come to pass, as the cycles of the moon. It relates to the cycles that we experience in our lives.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Garden of Spirits – This card states that I will find the magic in the day-to-day tasks that I take. Something simple can actually be very meaningful, even if it is plain to my eyes. Once stripped of negativity, we are brought back to a basic sense of being, a much more simple sense of living out lives. It is a disregard for the material world. The ouctome of this relationship between the Symbolon and I will be a journey that takes me further into the life that I seek. In the end, the pictures will be metaphors through which I understand my life. It brings clarity and most importantly, understanding.

I am very satisfied with the answers that I received from the Symbolon Deck. It feels like a self-help book that I didn't know that I need, but now that I have it, I don't know what I would do without it. To me, the dialogue of the cards is impressively clear and informative. I could read with them for emergencies, fun, boredom, curiosity, need, and still get some very interesting answers. I love it when a set of cards sends me into a state of introspection, because that is a difficult thing to achieve with so many distractions. I really do recommend this deck for anyone that needs to gain clarity on murky areas of their own lives. I wouldn't use it for tarot readings or divination, but I will be using it for introspection and putting together the meaning of my existence.


Our lives are so busy that it becomes increasingly common for us to lose track. With our goals and our social responsibilities,our own personal nurturing becomes the least of our priorities. Sometimes the week is concluding and we find ourselves asking, "where have my days gone?" Then this becomes a repetitive complaint, it will indicate a time for some relaxation and stress release. I don't imply a trip to the spa or a lavish stay at a pricey hotel; I mean for personal retreats and recreation. These do not include technology or alcohol, rather the lack thereof. We have become trapped in the world of glowing screens and substances that alter our reality because of the society that we live in now, but it doesn't mean that we should assimilate everything that it offers. While those things are recreational in terms of entertainment, making it an everyday occurrence will become pretty draining. As much as we need the time to socialize and network, it is also necessary to rest and nurture our minds.

I tend to ask myself why I feel so anxious whenever my weeks are so busy that I find myself constantly slipping in and out of crowds. I dislike to wate time, but I also dislike feeling saturated when I find that I have multiple engagements in a day. When I spend most of my day stressing, I drive more aggressively, worry about time (and feverishly check on my clock,) and my plans are postponed or fall out of order. Most importantly, I have a tendency of going very quiet while my mind rallies to rearrange the plan.

On a day with no previous plans, I find time to do all the things that I want, and I find it okay to add. If I have surprise visits or invitations, I am much more open to receive them. My attitude is very different as well —  people can tell. On days like these, I am excited to answer the phone or receive e-mails and text messages. Often when I am in a rush, I forge to respond to any of those messages. In fact, I tend to overlook voicemail as if it didn't exist! In my mind, I am simply unavailable to the world on days like these.

So what do you get out of reading this? — And by the way, I'm so thankful that you do! — I'm going to list several signs of being worn out and how to deal with it. You don't need a luxury vacation to Japan or Hawaii to feel better!


☆ Prolonged insomnia
☆ Trouble waking up
☆ Aggressive/fast driving
☆ Constant complaints on social media
☆ Skipping means at a routinely basis
☆ Ignoring phone calls and voicemail
☆ Waiting to get out of work to party
☆ Crying for no reason
☆ Feeling blue when unaccompanied
☆ Tendency to sleep past 12 A.M.
☆ Refusal to go out to social events
☆ Disregarding hobbies and set goals

Let's turn to the tarot to figure out some alternatives to dealing with the common issue. I closed my eyes while I shuffled my deck and concentrated on the question. "What are three possible ways to deal with that mental/physical exhaustion?"

The High Priestess. Be still. Sometimes it's okay to just be present and watch. You don't need to voice all of your opinions and you don't need to always make a point as long as you are present. This holds to be true for those people that are constantly on the go, hustling their everyday lives and keeping busy. It's okay to chill out sometimes!

King of Cups. This king is a dreamer, someone with a deep inner life. Can be calm on the outside even if he or she is concealing difficult emotions. This card stands for being in control of your emotions even if you have a lake of sorrow welling on the inside. Sometimes our dreams conflict with the pressures and responsibilities of real life, but it's up to us to make peace with those conflicts. Take it easy!

Seven of Swords. Making an effort to see things clearly in your mind, even when you're not sure how things are going to go. It presents a need to define yourself and your position. This card manifests the importance of having a clear mind with your day-to-day routine. Lack of sleep will cut back on productivity, which in term cuts back on your income. Staying clear of gossip and social networking junk will help you stay more focused on the things you have to do.

To watch out for: Eight of Pentacles. There's no need to constantly remain occupied. It is a clear indication that the body and the mind need time to rest.

Since the problem is staying away from the issue, I've included some of my own remedies for situations like these. Sometimes, you just need to breathe!
♡ Turn off your phone for one hour once a week. Build it up to 2-3 hours, and then possibly to 5. It'll feel good!
♡ Eat healthy. Meals that you take a little extra time to prepare will definitely reward you with better health!
♡ Sleep. Go to bed at 10P.M. for 5 times a month. It'll help you be more alert in the mornings.
♡ Go for a walk a few times a week. Even if it isn't your routine.
♡ Think of ways to simplify your life and actually stick to the plan.
♡ Dress up every day, so that when you step out of the house, you feel like a million bucks!
♡ Don't settle for mediocre things — do something about it and walk away from toxic situations and people.
♡ Clean out your closet. Rearrange your space. It'll do wonders!
♡ Make playlists for different occasions and activities.
♡ As Moleska says, love the body that you're in!

Pictures compliments of Anna Rusakova.