I want to review my first ever activity as a tarot reader. It has been a roughly a year since I first started reading tarot as Leelahel, even though I have read for others much longer than that. I love it! I love those moments in which all the cards have been shuffled and laid out, and I am turning them over to reveal a fragment of the full picture. It fills the need to connect with other people and establish a dialogue with a deeper meaning. This is the kind of activity I prefer above talking about.

Once I was set up, I was surprised by how quickly my clients started lining up. Everyone was really wonderful, especially the birthday girl Alma. The Cyanide Nation threw a really hot show, the girls did great! It didn't take very long for people to manifest interest The vast majority of them were males, which really came to surprise me. At first they weren’t taking me very seriously, and they were just holding back to see if what I was talking to them about remained parallel to their lives. I found it curious that most of them would stick around to listen to what they had to say. They took a liking to the Hanged Man card, making up their own meaning for it. I was amused to find that they thought that those with the Hanged Man in their spreads projected a dark future with suffering and misunderstanding. [You see? You don’t need to know anything about the tarot to read it!] Although their futures were not dark, they were a little stagnant, and I explained the difference to them as the time limit allowed. I delighted in explaining a bit about the meanings behind the court cards when one of my clients figured out they most likely stand for different people. He asked me to tell him about a Queen I hadn’t talked to him about just yet. After I was done reading for the whole group, they introduced themselves and they told me a little more about them. I had a nice time watching the stories I had just read about coming to life before me. I have grown into relationships with clients already, and in trying my services out in a different setting, I was reminded about the freshness about getting to know new clients. Especially after breaking the ice through tarot readings.

I had three tarot decks with me as well as a quartz crystal, a “Lady of Our Sins” stamp and my floral gypsy cloth to do spreads on. My selection consisted of the Vertigo Tarot by Dave McKean, Golden Tarot by Kat Black and Bohemian Gothic Tarot by Magic Realist Press. I was surprised to find that the majority of my clients preferred the Golden & Bohemian Gothic Tarot, although the deck that showed the most wear was the Vertigo Tarot. I was delighted to find the pull that the tarot has in public places. Sometimes I think that since I have been reading tarot for so long, I have lost that burning curiosity that I used to have when I first started learning the tarot. I realized that the primary motive to purchase so many tarot decks has been to refresh the world of tarot for myself. I am so comfortable with my main tarot deck that the study of others helps keep that world fresh for me. It’s nice to know that even after learning all I need to know about a particular deck, there is still more material to immerse myself in and learn from after all this time. I feel that I’ll always be studying different tarot decks just to keep that fresh feeling, and I love it!

The activity itself was a lot of fun. I got comfortable reading for people that I had not previously met, and J was by my side the whole time. There were interviews, body painting, yummy drinks, jello shots, and rugged, raunchy bands. The night took a wild turn when Draco knelt down before Alma and proposed. The whole bar erupted in cheers. Congratulations, love birds! I wish you both well!

Photos compliments of Wilfredo Miranda, founder of the Cyanide Nation.

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