There is something about Baba Studio's Bohemian Gothic Tarot that I find compelling. I attribute a lot of its allure to the melancholic blue tones that set the mood for this deck. I love the paper stock and the gilt edges... perhaps I will review this deck soon.

Monday. 2 of Swords. The girl is blindfolded with her arms crossed over her chest. Even with her eyes closed, she can sense what is going on in her surroundings. Things are static, there isn’t much going on for her with her arms crossed over her chest in an X. She can’t do much this way, so she is waiting for the next day to get things running again. I don’t think I’ll get much done on Jean’s birthday.

Tuesday. Ace of Swords. A day of action, a day to talk about things. The sword is solitary, waiting for someone to pick it up and spring into action. The sky is pink, suggesting that the new day comes with new possibilities. I love the subtle suggestions of these cards. This is a day to work on everything that I left suspended on Monday.

Wednesday. King of Wands. A visit from an important person, or to an important person. Everything is a stage around him, and others are at his service. His presence is notable, notice his posture as he goes. Edit: I had an unexpected encounter with Jean on the day of the Kokeshi meeting. He was feeling particularly social and giddy.

Thursday. Queen of Wands. She’s dramatic, she’s fiery and she also likes to be the center of attention. Judging by the colors she wears, she’s also outspoken. She fans herself with a bored look on her face, walking off the picture.

Friday. Death. Change is never comfortable or easy to handle. This is a sign that Friday is a day in which an ongoing cycle ends. The changes it brings will transform an aspect of my life forever, as big or as simple as that change may be.

Saturday. Hanged Man. Saturday can be a day of contemplation. I feel that this person is meditating under the moon, finding clarity in the previous changes that have happened. It is an acceptance of change, or rather, of the fact you can’t do anything about it.

Sunday. Justice. The judge in the card doesn’t look friendly at all. The book he holds makes it apparent that he acts according to his established ideals. He has people waiting for him while he goes to deliberate. I feel that he is taking a break to reconsider his sentence or to clarify in his mind what he will be saying next. Someone is expecting an answer.

What to Avoid. Nine of Swords. Avoid the uncomfortable situations that can turn into nightmares. Avoid anyone that is manifesting these qualities or burdening you with extra weight that you don’t need. In the end, it’s up to you whether you are willing to face it or not.

What to strive for. Ten of Swords. It’s okay to grieve losses, judging by the losses on Friday that stretch throughout the weekend. This card sets a very grave feeling for the weekend. It suggests solitude after Friday, and the need to make decisions.

This is a scary reading for me because of the Death card. I feel that I will be receiving some very bad news on Friday that put a damper on my weekend. I will try my best to hold a positive attitude, and to find the light in the situation.

Do you prefer the darker spread cloth or this bone white cloth?

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