The tarot proves its accuracy to me word by word. Last week started out pretty difficult in terms of personal problems, but soon slowed into a more pleasant weekend. Sometimes you learn as you go, and that is the point of this weekly dynamic anyway.

This week has the four suits once more, with preference for emotions and social struggles once more. This time I'm prepared to deal with the obstacles coming my way better. It is heavy on Swords, a good reminder to stay on feet and ready to handle whatever comes my way. The Swords in this deck are very aggressive, and make me feel like there could be some serious pain in store this week. This is the first time that I have been told to avoid a person rather than a situation, which is an interesting break from the usual advice. The one Pentacle that is present is quite strong! This week's reading is loaded with messages that require special attention.

To spice my reading up, I pulled three cards from the Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle published by Rose Hall. The backs of these cards are really beautiful to me, more so than the heavy framed illustrations. The gilded edges always grace cards with a magical feeling, too. I don't think I have ever used these cards on my blog before, which I will need to remedy from now on. I used these cards for daily draws last year and found that they were really good for meditation.

Monday. Knight of Wands. Moving swiftly through scenarios without stopping too long to loiter. Today is a busy day and it shows with this card. The Knight of Wands is passionate about what he does in the time that he is there, but once he moves on it's difficult to get him to come back again. I should try to make enough time to smooth over the details that I could overlook if I move too fast.

Tuesday. Ten of Swords. The cross that Jesus is bearing in this card looks like a big weight on his shoulders. To top it off, there are swords pointed at him in all directions. He looks worn down by all the opposition and sharp words being thrown at him, but still he continues with his burden towards his destination. I feel a martyr setting coming on this day, perhaps a difficult situation that I would rather overlook.

Wednesday. Five of Swords. Problems, problems and more problems. There is a man lying naked on the floor while others raise their weapons to strike him. He has been mugged and he has lost his possessions, so he remains where he is without moving too much. A loss is at hand, and a difficult one to swallow at it.

Thursday. Six of Cups. Meeting up with people you care about that you haven't seen in a while. It could be a visit or an encounter with a familiar face. After the rough start of the week, I would really like to wash off that stress in being around people I haven't seen in a while. Good timing! I will look forward to it.

Friday. Ace of Pentacles. A wonderful surprise or opportunity. This is the day of J's graduation, and although I would have preferred to find a Three of Cups in its place, the Ace of Pentacles looks like a very good sign for that day.

Saturday. King of Cups. I find the Three of Cups would have been the best for a celebration, but what follows is just as interesting. Maybe the party is broken up into two parties, because the King lies on Saturday and the Queen on Sunday, with no third cup court to make the trio. The King raises his cup high in a toast, but with his sword stabbing into the ground, he may need it to keep his stability. I feel this card points out to J's father.

Sunday. Queen of Cups. This Queen has been showing up in some personal readings, but here she is today. With her little cross I can see that she is a woman of faith. Her feelings are her luxury, because she appears quite humbly dressed. This feels like a peace offer when looked at as an event. As a person, it is likely to be J's mom.

Perhaps this means the weekend will revolve around celebrating J's graduation. Lucky J!

What to avoid. Two of Swords. Stay away from uncomfortable situations that you have no say in. It's not about a winning side, but rather about staying neutral in any conflict that comes up. At the end of the day you know that it has nothing to do with you, so don't interfere.

What to strive for. Eight of Wands. Speed, diligence and good communication. Sometimes we're not allowed the luxury to think clearly about what we're doing. This could also be e-mails in abundance, or communication through digital means. I could expect to hear back from some people, but their communication requires swift action. On your feet!

☆ Climb the Spiral Ladder One Step at a Time. Seeking answers in divinity. I have been trying to learn too many methods all at once; tea reading, pendulum, oracle decks, playing cards, and the Thoth tradition. It takes time and devotion to each one to build my way up, but I am so excited about them all that I tend to overload my brain with information.

Regeneration: Death and Rebirth. This points out the cycles ending and the others that begin. This past year has been made to revolve around death and rebirth in many ways, and I feel that this card is telling me that it still manifests. The woman in the card looks pale and otherworldly, but I feel she brings a message with her. This could be part of my dreams lately, which have been very loaded with symbols.

Be Courageous, Truth Conquers All. I love it when this card pops up, and it does quite often. The rider goes with the cross on his chest for all to see. He doesn't hide who he is, what he does or what he believes in. The pride with which he rides is contagious, and I feel he asks me to do the same. I will try once more to learn from this wise steed.

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