Last weekend was excellent in terms of work and getting things done. I love how Sunday's Two of Cups points out new business partnerships, new clients and the toasting that came after the activity. We dined to celebrate the successful conclusion of an otherwise very difficult week. There was a lot of pressure out of not being able to work all week thanks to the Mercury retrograde. I received useful messages from the King of Swords (my Dad) and managed to find all the options that the beginning of the week presented.

This week is looking pretty good as far as work is concerned, and from the looks of it there will be a lot of messages coming around again. I recognize the Knight of Swords from last week's What to strive for position as Sunday this week. The missing element is that of Water, which stands for emotions. There is a heavy prevalence of the suit of Coins, and also a lot of divine activity going on with the Major Arcana cards of the Hierophant and Judgment, which seems a bit paradoxical to me.

Monday. The Devil. The week starts off pretty intense with this controversial figure making an appearance. He looks so blown up compared to the Fool as he cowers. This is a man of imposing presence, evoking the chains of vices. He won't let you slip away without first being subjected to his test. You'd better be prepared, he will tempt you with what you most want.

Tuesday. Ten of Coins. This is an excellent card. It looks like funds are amassed and looms with the sense of wealth. The tulips always stand out to me because of what they mean in a particular culture. They're elusive and used to be quite pricey. Here they lay over a box full of savings with a gleaming promise for the future. It's a wonderful sign of feeling luxury as a gift.

Wednesday. Seven of Coins. The three has grown over this woman who reaps the benefits. She stares up at her options and wait for them to ripen so that she can pluck them. This is the fruit of her labor that she is waiting to choose from. It presents itself as many options flying overhead, and waiting for the right time to take the opportunity. It also symbolizes considering one's own shortcomings and what needs to be done to get the job done. The sun looks to be setting, but she's content with the earnings she's got plans for.

Thursday. The Magician. Bringing an idea to life with little effort. When I see the Magician, I think of a studious person that makes interesting things happen with his life craft. He knows a lot about the world from his ventures and experiments, but I feel his mind is still imaginative enough to stay youthful in some respects. It could mean finally materializing an idea or getting to work on a creative project from divine inspiration.

Friday. Ten of Wands. This card is a clear representation of what happens when we load ourselves with a burdensome task. We grow tired fast because it's more weight than we can actually carry and grow burnt out in the process. This is a sign of needing rest after overloading yourself with more than you can handle. It's good to be productive, but too much of a good thing can end in exhaustion. It looks like an arduous task to carry out!

Saturday. Knight of Coins. The horses stand on their hind legs and announce the coming of something or someone. This card feels like a call to action or work that is fast and presents itself as a fleeting opportunity. It's a good day to say yes and see where life takes me

Sunday. Knight of Swords. I see this knight as one with impulsive words and actions. He doesn't usually think things over, he just goes for it. The birds circling make me feel like there are aggressive predators in the air, or aggressive messages exchanged. It's a good day to lay low after all the adtion.

Two knights side by side amass to fast action. Notice the horses colliding in the Knight of Coins and the birds circling under the Knight of Swords. They seem aware of each other's presence but they're still not crossing.

What to avoid. Ace of Coins. Avoid getting caught up in the idea of work without actually managing to make something come of it. The energy is definitely present but it won't be manifesting, there are a series of other events happening simultaneously that won't allow for a normal work schedule this week.

Bottom of the deck. Hierophant. I don't usually pull a card from the bottom of the card, but I wanted clarity on the purpose of my work shortage. When I pulled the last card out, the message I got from The Hierophant is to have faith in what I am doing. I am going through a deep spiritual transformation that has gained momentum since 2011. It affects my deeply rooted system of beliefs and stands through all the tests that are being presented.

What to strive for. Judgment. An interesting pair to The Hierophant. It feels like a big turning point in my life in which the main purpose seems to be enlightenment. The awakening of our conscience is a long task to undertake and presents with itself many tests. I do feel that I am being subjected to many tests and lessons that are shaking my core in preparation for what comes next. Have I passed all of the tests? Definitely not. I have a very long way to go before I can say that my soul is cleansed and liberated from its terrestrial constraints.

An interesting week lies ahead. Hopefully the skies are trouble-free from now on!


  1. A question about your weekly spread. I noticed that there are 10 cards, 7 for each day of the week and what are the extra 3 cards for?

    1. Hey Paul, thanks for stopping by!
      I must have overlooked that part of the post by accident. The last three are What to avoid, the middle card is the card from the bottom of the deck and the last one is What to strive for.

      I should probably update that for clarity. Good eye, Sniper!

      How have you been holding up?


  2. I'm doing well, Monica, thanks for asking and thanks for updating this post. I am here to learn what I can from you about the tarot as I have a lot of respect for your thirst for knowledge as well as your many talents. So expect many more questions from me as long as you keep answering them! :)

    1. I am very happy to hear, and hope you will continue to come here in search of answers!