Last week was pretty intense. A lot of things had to get done and we were on alert for a hurricane that barely grazed us. We're so glad it did! Puerto Rico isn't ready for that kind of temporal activity. We would have been knocked back at least a few more weeks as far as productivity is concerned. I managed to find my way back to stable health and now I'm ready to make up for lost work.

There are so many greens in today's spread! While the tendency is of medium cold colors, the scenes get a really vibrant "outdoor" feel. There aren't really that many natural elements present, but this spread is very scenic. The spaces are cleared and ample, which makes me feel like there is finally room to breathe properly. Having the Ace of Swords at the center really anchors this reading for me as far as the context goes.

A lot of Cups present to make it a week of prevalent celebration and of emotional context. It rings close to social activity. Having just recovered from a bothersome surgery, I've been really electric. Getting things back on track has been my top priority, but I haven't managed to get everything sorted as I want it to just yet. I am looking forward to the ides of September, after which I will be able to relax before the conclusion of the year begins in October. It's going to be a busy end of year!

Monday. Four of Cups. The general atmosphere of this card is a nice one, and it allows for him to have a moment to rest his eyes. As he dozes, another person offers him a cup to drink from. This is a day of active day dreams, a slow day with not much going on. Since his eyes are closed, he rests as he waits to hear back from somebody. Often this feels like waiting on a phone call or an important date to be confirmed. That is the prevalent mood that will linger throughout the day.

Tuesday. Justice. Compared to the lull of the card the day before, this day looks quite active mentally. The eyes are wide awake and there is attention being placed on a matter of importance. It could be the day to make an important decision or to be brought as an intermediary between people. I get the psychic message of "Truth conquers all" as I look at this card.

Wednesday. Ace of Swords. After the decision comes the challenge of being able to carry it out. Expressing yourself with clear precision is important when you're working with others. So is being able to communicate your needs without misunderstandings or uncomfortable situations. This card says to me that we shouldn't be afraid to voice our opinions no matter how controversial. As long as we play fair and we don't turn into obnoxious loud mouths, everything should be just fine.

Thursday. King of Cups. Keroppi looks so content as he sits on his throne with his cup and his scepter. The card radiates an emotional fulfillment from having a keen understanding of one's emotions. It has a prevalent comfortable mood, the waters of emotion and inspiration are churning evenly and nicely. This card doesn't bring anyone to mind, just the stillness of the picture as it relates to the look on the King's face.

Friday. Page of Coins. I have a visitor coming from overseas that I am looking forward to spending time with. Notice the bird spiraling in with a message for the Querent. Coins are the suit of the Earth with elements you can touch, taste or feel. It could be a package coming in the mail, a gift, or in today's case... a visitor.

Saturday. Three of Cups. A day to go out and celebrate in a social setting. Everyone is having a good time at what looks to be a fair or an outdoor activity. There are drinks and food everywhere, which sounds like a wonderful model to emulate today.

Sunday. Temperance. This is a day of patience. I feel like I have to be in two places at once with meetings and responsibilities. Throughout the course of the day, my mind is likely to be stuck in a million places. This card is saying to step back from the craze for a moment to adjust to changes gradually. Bring together disparate elements, shape them and balance them. There is only so much one can do in a day.

What to avoid. Eight of Swords. I think this was present in a reading not too long ago. Avoid getting stuck in situations that make it hard to move around. If it looks problematic or time consuming, it's probably under the category of things to avoid this week. With such an organic setup of Cups and Swords, this really isn't the week to get tangled up in problems.

What to strive for. King of Wands. The hottest card of the spread! I recognize it to be the signifier for J, it fits the zodiac, physique and attitude just right. Strive for control over creative projects and social events. This card says to project charisma unto others to show security. It is a very social court card, and as such may manifest throughout the rest of the week as a direct influence.

I am looking forward to wind today down with some strawberry wine and quiet reading time.

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