Hello! Its been a while, hasn't it? Did you have a good weekend? Hopefully you spent it dressed up with some friends! I just got back from a wonderful trip to Tokyo, Japan. It was an absolute dream and the reminder that hard work does pay off. All the time and effort that was invested into making my dream a reality was absolutely worth it. Celebrating my birthday in the most magical city of the world was a gratifying experience. Pictures and reviews coming soon. Cheers!


Monday. Three of Skulls. The wheel starts to turn once more, it's time to get ready to work. There are zigs and zags when you're dealing with different elements and people. It isn't always easy to keep things running, especially when you're trying to smooth things out. Now that things are going back in motion, it's time to really focus on responsibilities as the year starts to come to a close.

Tuesday. Four of Grails. The tragic tale of two lovers under moonlight. Notice the incense trailing out of the only Cup present. They delight in an intimate moment, but one that is safer for him than it is for her. Traditionally this card is that of day dreams and being bored with your romantic life. This card says instead that it's good to give in, and that sometimes a sacrifice must be made to nurture the person you love. Intense!

Wednesday. Three of Grails. This is quite a celebration... I feel like I should focus on the more traditional aspect of it rather than the sensual mood set. A partnership starts on Wednesday. There is a man with his back turned to the viewer and two beautiful women entertaining him. It's hard to pick one over the other because they are very similar in appearance. What sets them apart is their personality, because they're really from the same source. Good day for meetings.

Thursday. The Emperor. So handsome! This embodiment of Aries and Mars is very alluring to me. He is surrounded by red, the color of virility, sensuality and charisma to accentuate his personality. This is my favorite card of the deck, and the one I look for first when I browse through tarot decks. It stands for many things in my life: my Dad, my boyfriend, my personality and my life path number. I admire and painstakingly apply to myself the discipline and strict code of ethics that I believe an Emperor should have. Sometimes it makes me come off as intimidating... but just remember that there are feelings behind that strong guise.

It is usually a signifier for my boyfriend, but this time around I feel it is a reminder that I can't always act so rigidly.

Friday. Seven of Skulls. The relation that I have pulled from this card is of. Clinging to the present, not being prepared to deal with everything that is going on. It feels like a need for rest or curiosity for what you can do when you're strung out but still hanging on.

Saturday. Four of Scepters. The ring of protection surrounds her, it feels like the safe haven protecting her from the outside world. Sometimes we need some personal space to rest up from all the noise of the world that surrounds us. Our responsibilities, social tangles and fears lie outside the safety of the ring.

Sunday. Queen of Skulls. Enjoying the product of hard work with a friend. Comfort comes after hard work for some, so just be thankful and toast to it. This is my Mom's signifier. Nothing much else come to mind.

What to avoid. Two of Knives. The knives are crossed. Don't get caught up in a moment of indecision or in a situation that you're not sure you can fix. It's not easy to face a problem when you're not ready to handle it, either. It feels bothersome not to know which step to take first.

What to strive for. Five of Scepters. Protection from harm, from drama and from problems. It's good to be clear and to stand your ground when you're not sure about something. The panther is defensive, but it appears that it won't go near the burning cross. Have an element of defense ready.


I am out of the country until the 31st. Be back soon!


People have become so jaded in general. It's suddenly okay to assume things to be true without proper research or a contextual background. We live in the Google era, a time in which excessive amounts of information are readily available within seconds — is it legitimate? That's a good question. Regardless, when the need truly calls for it,it isn't impossible to find a novice or expert's opinion on the Internet. That's why I still don't understand the negative response to the word 'witch' It is a title what I have been familiar with since I was little, but even I show aversion to associate myself with this title. [Note: it's the title of my blog.] I don’t want to be associated with the word ‘witch’, even though it is a word so commonly thrown around nowadays. I get a little quiet when I realize what the connotation of the word is in modern day culture.

If you try to look a little deeper, you may come to find that yes, there is magic. It's everywhere.

I resent the fact you Google the word 'witch' and come up with green crones with warts on their faces, crooked smiles and gray hairs. Most of them are mounted on broomsticks. I look in the mirror and I don't see warts or pointed hats, I don't even see any skulls or deadly potion bottles around me. I see a normal 23 year-old that believes there is magic and brilliance in everyday life. I can't transform into a bat — even though I would absolutely love to, — nor can I teleport. I can feel energy types and moods in a room. I can get a sense of where someone's life is going after peering into my cards or standing close to them. I don't try harmful activities or associate myself with cults of satanism or other such groups. The fact that I am comfortable talking about occultism and magic does not make me a bad person.

Let's try to be a little more tolerant of the people around us if we expect to be tolerated as well. It goes both ways; people have a tendency to attack what they don't understand. It doesn't mean they should have the power to destroy it. We deserve a little more respect than that.

On the 23rd, I was checking out the Halloween goods at Party City. I heard a father tell his son, “look, a witch!” Out of curiosity, I looked as well. He was pointing at an old woman with warts on her face and green skin as she rode a broomstick. It was a ceiling decoration that placed me and the people standing next to me worlds apart. The irony of what was going on was electric. There they were marveling at a decoration when they had the real thing standing right next to them. There was beauty in that moment in which I smiled and walked away knowing that I had a secret they were absolutely oblivious to. The idea of magic is a fairy tale to them; something they will see in the Harry Potter movie series. To me, magic is every day I wake up and everything I do. I find magic in the art of breathing, the every day cycles I witness as they open and come to a close, waiting for the mail man, dreams, illusions, talking to friends across the world, and reading tarot for my clients. People forget to find magic in their day to day lives, but they could find it if only they looked a little more closely.

Nowadays everybody thinks they can purchase a set of tarot cards, read a book and automatically turn into a witch. I’m sorry to say it takes much more than that. The gift is something you’re born with, not something you can purchase at the local new age store. Being fascinated with this world doesn’t mean you’re a direct part of it. You can read the tarot like a pro and still not realize that doesn’t necessarily make you a psychic. It makes you a well-learned subject.

With respect, I take my boyfriend J as an example. He supports what I do and he’s fascinated by metaphysics. Along the time we have spent together, he has picked up enough understanding of tarot to string it along in conversation. It doesn't mean he's going around dressed in a cape and claiming to be a new witch. He's still just J — fond of magic, but not self-proclaimed something that he knows he's not. It makes a world of a difference when he is asked for a reading or for his opinion on the subject.

If people were more honest about their limits with others, I don't think the misconception would be so extreme. Novices should stick to the title until they feel comfortable enough to move on to the next level. They should sign up for apprenticeships or courses of study. That's the correct thing to do, rather than dramatize on Facebook that they can do all these new things. The epiphany that they're psychic, can speak to the dead and are now going to join a coven or cult seems to others like an alarming red flag. We know you're excited, but take it easy. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither were your super amazing psychic skills of pure darkness.

Photos of decks with back showing inspired from Marcella Kroll's Instagram.


Last week was so busy that I couldn't even make the time to write a blog post for Friday. In fact, I had to put most of my work before my weekly rituals. It was a little hard to swallow at first, but well worth it in the end. Last week was very productive and interesting. Now I am getting the gears in place for the next adventure coming up. Hopefully I'll be able to stay on track with this blog in the next coming weeks!

For such a brightly colored deck, it sure packs a mean bite. The images compiled herein are of intense social critique and even insulting. It denotes clearly that no one is safe from these creatures that smile, because they’ve got tricks up their sleeve that leave you humiliated or in pain. It says a lot about people and their hidden agendas or shows for attention. With the only Major Arcana card present, the Magician gives this spread a theatrical feel. Nothing is what it really seems to be like, but it’s up to you to believe the illusions or to be aware of the game as you play. He presents us with the entertaining aspect of being involved in situations like these, because we can [maybe] see them for what they are and laugh about them. The tarot deck used is the Fantastic Menagerie by Baba Studio.

With so many Swords present, there could be some stress to handle before the trip next week. There is an uneasy feeling lingering in the cards that tells me the week is not the safest atmosphere to be in. Everyone has a hidden agenda or manifests desires that are not our own, and it is up to us to decide whether or not we want to stay in that type of environment. We should be true to ourselves, what our limits are and also what our needs have always been. We can go with the flow sometimes, but if we end up forfeiting our needs to place someone else’s above us, we’re going to end up in the wrong place, with the wrong people.

Monday. Knight of Coins. That is one fat turkey! He has the task of going around and collecting money where it is due. He is careful about how he goes around doing it, too. He likes his stability and his comfort, and he won’t do anything to compromise it. He’s so big! He would do well to accompany me to my belly dance class today ;]

Tuesday. Ten of Swords. What a naughty fellow. He looks to the turkey as he sharpens his teeth on the side. The intentions are no good, it feels like he’s getting ready to take a big bite out of the turkey and his wealth. He already left behind a victim that is down and out of it. Since the crocodile stands before the person, you can’t really see the defeat. The person looks like a pile of stuff that someone forgot to pick up and clean. A keyword that comes to mind is greed.

Wednesday. Queen of Wands. Not my favorite character to see this year, admittedly. I have begun to see the Queen of Wands as manipulative and conceited, although in the upright position, she can be quite the opposite. I see her as a charismatic persona, one that charms many with just a look. Her presence is enough to be noted, with a little helper at her side to get things running.

Thursday. The Magician. The Magician looks back at all those unwanted folk and makes them disappear. He’s making fun of them, turning them into a fresh show spectacle for all the gentlemen and ladies coming to watch the show with curiosity. If this were a still in a movie or a scene from a book, the Magician would be saying, “behold! They are a treacherous trio, a lot you’d never want to mix and mingle with!” Tricky fellow. Sometimes we can bring a little magic into our lives by laughing at the things that don’t work out as we would like them to, and seeing the positive highlights of being on the opposing side.

Friday. Six of Swords. I like this guy! He turned his back on everything that is going on and said, “nope. I’m getting out of here!” As the birds fly off to a warmer place, so he looks for another place to go for a while. He’s not feeling connected with his surroundings and he’s ready for a break. I feel like that with my vacation coming up. A mental disconnect from everything going on, and the purposeful look to next week for a bit of fun in a faraway place.

Saturday. Five of Swords. The chicken and the moth are gabbing over something going on in the other room. It looks like gossip or open humiliation of a third person not pictured in the card. The portrait above them denotes their intentions, which are nowhere near good. They will tear people up to pieces verbally if they have the whole afternoon to each other. I wouldn’t like to be the subject of their beheading, but if I am so, at least I am out of the picture, so I don’t find out.

It’s not right to badmouth others unless they absolutely deserve it because of their behavior. Even then, I need to remind myself that it’s not okay to fall into this behavior as a habit. That would make it pretty toxic.

Sunday. Nine of Swords. That little chick is freaking out in front of everyone else. It fell out of its next and it’s anxious because no one can come down to save him in time, and a fearsome predator stalks his way over in search of prey. He’s in a bothersome predicament and he will have to rely on himself to get out of the situation. This is the need for rest, the lack of sleep, and the worries that keep people up at night. A sign that when situations are blown out of proportion, you need to cut them out before they get really nightmarish for you.

What to avoid. Seven of Cups. The dog looks up dreamily at all the things he wants to be when he grows up. An astronaut, an elephant racer, an artist, a window cleaner, a performer, an adventurer. When you look at his reality, he’s far from being those things. He’s an aristocrat with responsibilities and a job that already carries him elsewhere. When it comes down to make a decision with what he wants to be, he only has so many options to deal with. It is a sign for me to not allow there to be so many things to fix, options to go over, and dreams to carry myself away with. I need to ground myself in reality with the options that are really present at the time.

What to strive for. Two of Coins. The balance between the two points. If I am that bug on the tightrope, I will have to learn to juggle personal life with professional life a little better. The crowd feels like there are people watching. It could be admiration for how the cricket balances itself in difficult times, or for a secret wish to see him stumble and fall. For a performer, the most important thing is to look graceful as you go. They cover up their mistakes with dances and smiles, and that’s what is expected.

I think the stork has the right idea in taking flight away from more uncomfortable situations, and instead going in search of things that really matter. With dreams and aspirations on the line, I don’t think it’s the best idea to get tangled up in problems of the outside world when I have my own to think about.


Last week was excellent. It wasn't nearly as loaded in obstacles as I thought it would be. I spent a great deal of time musing at Starbucks with a pumpkin spice latte and some new tunes to delight in. I saw J a few times during the week, and a couple more during the weekend. The week was centered around my romantic relationship and all the things we are facing together. It was a week of social activity and mutual plans. On the weekend, we delighted in burgers on Friday and an outing at an arcade bar on Saturday. The full moon in Aries brought on a straightforward/confrontational vibe on Saturday are foreseen by the Five of Swords, which lingered throughout the rest of the night. Good times were had, though.

This week revolves around romance and relationships once more. I see two Major Arcana cards pointing out conflicts or resolutions to conflicts. The spread is missing the suit of Coins, which means to me that a little extra effort should be invested in balancing the week out in this way. The rest seems to be a heavy incline for the romantic/emotional area of my life, things I am still working on perfecting.

The Joie de Vivre Tarot is a wonderful deck to use. I can't believe I had it in the back of my collection where I could no longer even see it. This tarot deck reads intuitively, the figures present aren't the only part of the illustration with a narrative. The elements in the environment make more sense to me, and so do the extras and the animals that are present. I have taken some risks in the style of reading to experiment and have found some wonderful results. I strongly recommend it for dreamers with a quirky perspective of life. Don't be fooled by all the hearts and swirls — this deck means business! I have noticed myself clicking with dark decks less and less, and whimsical/colorful decks more and more.

Monday. Ace of Cups. The cup is overflowing with new emotions, journeying from the original source to join with a larger body of water. It feels like a transition from the subconscious to waking life, adding a new layer of meaning to what is already there. There are swirling plants growing all around, which makes me think of romantic entanglement and possessive weeds that grow in relationships everywhere. It's okay to give love to the world as long as personal space is provided. Just because we care for someone does not mean they should have control over us. Take note!

Tuesday. Three of Cups. The cups are still flowing, and this adds more people to the mix. I get the sense of sharing one's emotional wealth with others that need it. Care for those in times of need, show compassion and understanding. The keywords I pick up are 'need' and 'joy'.

Wednesday. The Chariot. The seahorses are crossed in an X. The charioteer can't move forward until those tangled thoughts/feelings are unwinded. This is the theme from the Ace of Cups brought to attention. I have never been a fan of the entangled messes people make with their relationships, and make it a point to stray from that kind of situation. We can lose our sense of direction when we let others put their invisible bonds on us. It's time to take control and break those bonds to clear the way!

Thursday. Seven of Cups. Once more, when too many people start talking and giving their opinion, it's easy to lose grasp of one's own understanding of how things are. We can get confused when we listen to what others say too much. We get tainted if we're not true to ourselves, even though we have the answer within us from the start. I see this card also as seeking advice from natural sources, going to meditate in nature. Sometimes we just need to get away from all the noise to find our answers.

Friday. King of Wands. My handsome King, J. He carries with him determination to brighten up my day, or that of anyone else that surrounds him. He is a creative dreamer battling the hardships of daily life to accomplish his goals. It looks like I will receive a visit from him in a particularly spicy/celebratory mood on Friday. Let the weekend begin!

Saturday. Three of Wands. Being unaware of what comes next through a patient wait. The fish floating around her head make me feel she's not thinking about anything in particular. She's excited for what the day brings, but she can't make up her mind on what she wants to do. The wind blows and she stands there, expectant of what comes next. Stillness comes to mind.

Sunday. Page of Swords. It won't be a challenge to stand up for yourself, but it will be tricky to defend your ideals if they are not being taken seriously. I get a sense of mischief from the card, the suggestion of a petty argument or a swift statement that cuts deep. It's important to understand where it comes from, and that it isn't always important to listen to silly things.

What to avoid. Eight of Cups. Stop! Where are you going? Come back! This is a temporary leave from responsibilities or routines to go play for a while. It is the search of a new adventure or of a break from responsibilities to drink, enjoy and dream. It is a contradiction to the next card.

What to strive for. The Devil. Have fun, drink, be merry! The devil that stands over a closed chest won't allow you to see what's inside until he's gone. He demands a good time, a dance, or some indulgences that are neglected for our responsibilities. In the chest I feel is the way out of idleness, responsibilities and duties that I usually can't ignore. This tricky character locks everything up to force me to play a little... and with what I enjoy the most. My 'vices'.