Hello! Its been a while, hasn't it? Did you have a good weekend? Hopefully you spent it dressed up with some friends! I just got back from a wonderful trip to Tokyo, Japan. It was an absolute dream and the reminder that hard work does pay off. All the time and effort that was invested into making my dream a reality was absolutely worth it. Celebrating my birthday in the most magical city of the world was a gratifying experience. Pictures and reviews coming soon. Cheers!


Monday. Three of Skulls. The wheel starts to turn once more, it's time to get ready to work. There are zigs and zags when you're dealing with different elements and people. It isn't always easy to keep things running, especially when you're trying to smooth things out. Now that things are going back in motion, it's time to really focus on responsibilities as the year starts to come to a close.

Tuesday. Four of Grails. The tragic tale of two lovers under moonlight. Notice the incense trailing out of the only Cup present. They delight in an intimate moment, but one that is safer for him than it is for her. Traditionally this card is that of day dreams and being bored with your romantic life. This card says instead that it's good to give in, and that sometimes a sacrifice must be made to nurture the person you love. Intense!

Wednesday. Three of Grails. This is quite a celebration... I feel like I should focus on the more traditional aspect of it rather than the sensual mood set. A partnership starts on Wednesday. There is a man with his back turned to the viewer and two beautiful women entertaining him. It's hard to pick one over the other because they are very similar in appearance. What sets them apart is their personality, because they're really from the same source. Good day for meetings.

Thursday. The Emperor. So handsome! This embodiment of Aries and Mars is very alluring to me. He is surrounded by red, the color of virility, sensuality and charisma to accentuate his personality. This is my favorite card of the deck, and the one I look for first when I browse through tarot decks. It stands for many things in my life: my Dad, my boyfriend, my personality and my life path number. I admire and painstakingly apply to myself the discipline and strict code of ethics that I believe an Emperor should have. Sometimes it makes me come off as intimidating... but just remember that there are feelings behind that strong guise.

It is usually a signifier for my boyfriend, but this time around I feel it is a reminder that I can't always act so rigidly.

Friday. Seven of Skulls. The relation that I have pulled from this card is of. Clinging to the present, not being prepared to deal with everything that is going on. It feels like a need for rest or curiosity for what you can do when you're strung out but still hanging on.

Saturday. Four of Scepters. The ring of protection surrounds her, it feels like the safe haven protecting her from the outside world. Sometimes we need some personal space to rest up from all the noise of the world that surrounds us. Our responsibilities, social tangles and fears lie outside the safety of the ring.

Sunday. Queen of Skulls. Enjoying the product of hard work with a friend. Comfort comes after hard work for some, so just be thankful and toast to it. This is my Mom's signifier. Nothing much else come to mind.

What to avoid. Two of Knives. The knives are crossed. Don't get caught up in a moment of indecision or in a situation that you're not sure you can fix. It's not easy to face a problem when you're not ready to handle it, either. It feels bothersome not to know which step to take first.

What to strive for. Five of Scepters. Protection from harm, from drama and from problems. It's good to be clear and to stand your ground when you're not sure about something. The panther is defensive, but it appears that it won't go near the burning cross. Have an element of defense ready.