People have become so jaded in general. It's suddenly okay to assume things to be true without proper research or a contextual background. We live in the Google era, a time in which excessive amounts of information are readily available within seconds — is it legitimate? That's a good question. Regardless, when the need truly calls for it,it isn't impossible to find a novice or expert's opinion on the Internet. That's why I still don't understand the negative response to the word 'witch' It is a title what I have been familiar with since I was little, but even I show aversion to associate myself with this title. [Note: it's the title of my blog.] I don’t want to be associated with the word ‘witch’, even though it is a word so commonly thrown around nowadays. I get a little quiet when I realize what the connotation of the word is in modern day culture.

If you try to look a little deeper, you may come to find that yes, there is magic. It's everywhere.

I resent the fact you Google the word 'witch' and come up with green crones with warts on their faces, crooked smiles and gray hairs. Most of them are mounted on broomsticks. I look in the mirror and I don't see warts or pointed hats, I don't even see any skulls or deadly potion bottles around me. I see a normal 23 year-old that believes there is magic and brilliance in everyday life. I can't transform into a bat — even though I would absolutely love to, — nor can I teleport. I can feel energy types and moods in a room. I can get a sense of where someone's life is going after peering into my cards or standing close to them. I don't try harmful activities or associate myself with cults of satanism or other such groups. The fact that I am comfortable talking about occultism and magic does not make me a bad person.

Let's try to be a little more tolerant of the people around us if we expect to be tolerated as well. It goes both ways; people have a tendency to attack what they don't understand. It doesn't mean they should have the power to destroy it. We deserve a little more respect than that.

On the 23rd, I was checking out the Halloween goods at Party City. I heard a father tell his son, “look, a witch!” Out of curiosity, I looked as well. He was pointing at an old woman with warts on her face and green skin as she rode a broomstick. It was a ceiling decoration that placed me and the people standing next to me worlds apart. The irony of what was going on was electric. There they were marveling at a decoration when they had the real thing standing right next to them. There was beauty in that moment in which I smiled and walked away knowing that I had a secret they were absolutely oblivious to. The idea of magic is a fairy tale to them; something they will see in the Harry Potter movie series. To me, magic is every day I wake up and everything I do. I find magic in the art of breathing, the every day cycles I witness as they open and come to a close, waiting for the mail man, dreams, illusions, talking to friends across the world, and reading tarot for my clients. People forget to find magic in their day to day lives, but they could find it if only they looked a little more closely.

Nowadays everybody thinks they can purchase a set of tarot cards, read a book and automatically turn into a witch. I’m sorry to say it takes much more than that. The gift is something you’re born with, not something you can purchase at the local new age store. Being fascinated with this world doesn’t mean you’re a direct part of it. You can read the tarot like a pro and still not realize that doesn’t necessarily make you a psychic. It makes you a well-learned subject.

With respect, I take my boyfriend J as an example. He supports what I do and he’s fascinated by metaphysics. Along the time we have spent together, he has picked up enough understanding of tarot to string it along in conversation. It doesn't mean he's going around dressed in a cape and claiming to be a new witch. He's still just J — fond of magic, but not self-proclaimed something that he knows he's not. It makes a world of a difference when he is asked for a reading or for his opinion on the subject.

If people were more honest about their limits with others, I don't think the misconception would be so extreme. Novices should stick to the title until they feel comfortable enough to move on to the next level. They should sign up for apprenticeships or courses of study. That's the correct thing to do, rather than dramatize on Facebook that they can do all these new things. The epiphany that they're psychic, can speak to the dead and are now going to join a coven or cult seems to others like an alarming red flag. We know you're excited, but take it easy. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither were your super amazing psychic skills of pure darkness.

Photos of decks with back showing inspired from Marcella Kroll's Instagram.

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