I embraced my Mons†er side this past week. J and I delighted in Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball twice. By the end of the week, my mind was swirling with clawed nails, goat masks, horns, spikes, pvc outfits, freakishly embellished boots and dark lipstick. I am enamored by the passion she treats her Little Monsters with and remembering why it's nice to be so different from the rest. Somewhere along 2012, I had forgotten to love myself for it.

This week is the debut for Alexander Daniloff's 78 card tarot deck. It arrived shortly after I got back from Japan and dazzled me with its stylistic approach to tradition. This tarot deck has a strong Marseilles feel to it, which slowly helps me sedge way into that ancient world of playing card oracles. I will be publishing a review sometime this week, as well as a review of the Born This Way Ball from my experience.

There are three controversial Major Arcana cards present in this spread. The Moon, Wheel of Fortune and Judgment cards persistently speak of wild changes and realizations, which I am a little intimidated by. Every time a combo of Majors comes up with so many lessons, we can expect to be shaken to our core. There is a little break before the storm hits with the Cups progressing from Ace to Two. I will pay attention to detail to report back with how this combo can manifest in our lives.

Monday. Six of Swords. I am getting on a boat to explore new horizons and leaving troubles behind on a forgotten shore. The swords lying in the sand are previous notions of thought, beliefs, thoughts that I held to be true that are now of little worth to me. I have realized that hanging onto these thoughts has held me back from moving forward with my journey. With reverence I have held onto these relics for a very long time, but I am increasingly realizing that it's time to move on. The waters I navigate are a little turbulent, they hold emotions that I deal with as I embark on my journey.

Tuesday. Four of Swords. It's nice to find a haven or a resting space to forget about the rest of the world. It looks like the swords I try to leave behind follow me everywhere I go, even in my dreams... or nightmares. Ever since I got back from Japan I have a tendency to fall asleep at any time from 6P.M. — 10P.M., and in the most extreme cases I have slept until the next day. Annoying! Looks like it will happen again. I need the rest anyway.

Wednesday. Six of Wands. Hopefully this card presents the victory of conquering the sleeping schedule at long last. The victor brings with him good news about a battle fought and prizes earned. The prizes are presented in gratitude and in a demonstration of what teamwork can do.

Thursday. Ace of Cups. A graceful token of emotions, love, gratitude for things falling back into place. It can be a coffee date or a cup of wine to celebrate news from the previous day. The Ace of Cups presents a goblet ready to be filled with something pure, the celebration of a new emotional element added to life. Fill the glass, raise it and enjoy!

Friday. Two of Cups. Two lovers coming together. I find it curious that they aren't joined, rather, they gaze lovingly at one another as they come from different pools. They embrace the differences from their sources and their familiar background to enjoy one another. This is pretty special considering how different the two of them are.

Saturday. Wheen of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune spins and we don't have control of where it's going. To resist it's spin would be to suffer, and to let go would be to dive into a roller coaster of emotions and circumstances changing. The divine pivot of changes can be an overwhelming one when so many different elements come into play. It spins hitherto and further away from, and what is for certain is that you land on a different circumstance every time.

Sunday. The Moon. There is so much beauty in this card! I pulled it last week as I read about the Lady Gaga concert and it was very meaningful with its message. This time around it shows the moon glowing eerily as it projects its resplendence upon the crab. Crabs cast off their shells to grow ones, and this is where the cycles ending and beginning apply. When the crab crawls into our consciousness we're reminded of the cyclical nature in our lives and what protection we may need for the path on which we embark.

Crabs don't walk forward. Instead, they need to move sideways until they can find their way where they want to go. It takes them a lot of time to reach their desired destination if they are not paying attention to where they are going, and I can identify with that. Sometimes we can get lost in the illusions and madness of our dreams, and somehow we can forget where it is we want to go if we're not ready. I can identify with the crab.

What to avoid. Judgment. I seem to get stuck whenever I have a deep epiphany because I get rooted in the very source of my inspiration. Sometimes it isn't very pleasant because I feel the weight of the responsibility for past actions and dire circumstances. The epiphanies that come with this card can be brutal, sometimes I'll lock in my room for days and refuse to talk to people while I conemplate. They can be euphoric and they can really hurt at the same time — how do I explain this to my friends? I can't really expect them to understand what I go through. I am constantly facing the challenge of a new realization as well as the responsibility to blend in with society as just another working ant. It's not easy to deal with this.

What to strive for. Page of Wands. This Page stands for something I have been working on steadily for the past week: self-love. I lose it all the time, I get caught up in the negativity of the circumstances rather than the beauty presented in every day miracles. This Page is rather sly, he's defiantly placing his flag on the ground and declaring, "I will enjoy today regardless of what anybody else says, this is my decree. So it may be." He cares little for the pleasures or expectations of others, he's still very young and aware of the fact.

Hope you enjoy the start of November, let's get ready to wing down 2012!
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