The life of an oracle is one of intrigue and connection. A daily connection to the world, to others, to the self, and to a higher self is what sets the oracle apart from the rest of the world. Sometimes it feels as if we are dragging our feet — or ourselves — on the slow move forward, into our future. Sometimes we feel more like zombies drawn to a general direction than empowered people aware of their circumstances and their choices. I have felt like that before, but strive to make every day different so that I don't fall into that routinely rut of conformism.

I woke up today from a dream that I was somebody else living a normal life. I looked the same, but my mannerisms and general dialogue were very different from reality. The setting was very plain, present only in whites and beige hues on the walls and the carpets. It was a very dull dream, and that same dull feeling lingered for a little while after I woke up. Now the circumstances are falling back into place and I am feeling less numb from the dream. A new week is starting and we are going to look at how it starts with the help of the Daniloff Tarot.


Monday. The Devil. Limitations that are self-imposed and keep us feeling trapped even though we could set ourselves free if we really wanted to. This is a very menacing card, more than usual for the merry message of "eat, drink, have fun — go wild!" that you can usually pick up from its suggestion. Maybe it's telling me to do the same, although the many tongues coming out from such a sharp set of teeth makes me think otherwise. If there is something that you are no longer finding joy in doing on a weekly basis, perhaps then it is time that you let it go. Set it free and you will be setting yourself free.

Tuesday. Ten of Coins. This is a very abstract interpretation of such a friendly card. I do not see family, rather, I see the riches that he juggles or holds in motion with his thoughts. This is a feeling of contentment at home, but there is nothing more. Nothing really pushes him to step out into the outside world because he feels very comfortable with the rich bubble that he has created for himself. This is a good card for finances, but given the card before, it is also the news that it's time to get out of the rut.

Wednesday. Queen of Wands. A woman of many talents and passions. In this tarot she stares at us seriously, as if we have done something wrong. There is a fire burning under her shield that combined with her menacing stare makes her feel as if she's not the one to mess with. Further reinforcing this, we have what appears to be a ram's head with eyes closed. No panther. She will act impulsively if she is passionate about something, and she's not the woman to mess with when she is angry. Holding onto a rod as her scepter, I see her as a creative and alluring person. Regal for such a temperament.

Thursday. Five of Coins. It does not surprise me to see this card this week after the massive investments I am about to make on my car. Payments due are hovering over my head in reminder bubbles, they flicker and they sometimes whistle. With the events that came post-Japan trip, I have had to accept that this isn't the best time for my pocket, but at least I am making do with what I have. I can venture to say it is a luxury even if I am left feeling like the people in this card.

On a side note, this card to me means having our back turned on what helps us, or feeling shut out from the world. As if life turned its back on us.

Friday. Three of Swords. Yikes! Three swords are piercing one heart. Under it, you can see a scroll with the prophet in anguish. Sadness. Overhead, the clouds are brewing a storm. There are trial times ahead, so be open to the news and plan for a make-up situation after they come. This heart it set on a plate like a hunter's prize, but our hearts aren't made of metal. We have expectations and dark desires that sometimes we don't communicate. Be open about your needs but don't expect much — Friday looks to be a bit of a problem.

Saturday. The World. Usually, with a high rise can come a very low drop. This time it's the inverse. Doors are opening up, plans are being made. The World card is a very positive card of forward action and movement. This feels like a divine green light to go for something that I may want to do. It's a contained image that portrays what I want to do next. When a portal opens, it could spit out a few surprises.

Sunday. Knight of Wands. He looks like a thief! The Knight of Wands stands by his shield which denotes his true nature; he is impulsive. He is the starter of fires, a man of haste and direct vision. Once he finds something that he wants to do, there are no more questions asked. He makes a very deep dive for his goal.

What to avoid. Justice. Fairness, balance, careful contemplation. A week to not act on what I  think. Her expression is completely neutral but she has two angels overhead dictating whether to use compassion or steel in her next decision. She weights the facts of the circumstances to decide the fates of those that are bowed to her will. Stop controlling, stop passing judgment on others and let them make their own choices instead.

What to strive for. Three of Wands. Wait it out. Don't fall into swift action if you're not yet sure of what's coming your way. You have the tools to see far away, but keep them strapped away and use your intuition instead as you stare out at the horizon. There will be messages coming through from the other side, but for now the most that you draw is a blank.

This week presents both a gift and a challenge. There are three Major Arcana cards to take into account for what is going on. Eyes peeled, as usual, and I'll let you know how it goes when I come out the other end of this week.

I hope you are making plans for Thanksgiving! I will be practicing making cream anglaise and baking pastries to gift to loved ones.

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