How was last week? Mine was pretty interesting and even controversial in some respects. Mercury Retrograde brought back some surprises, or rather, some skeletons long buries in the closet. The week itself was pretty calm, but everything took a hike when Friday came along. The card projections for last week were right on the money. Notice the face of the prophet under the heart struck by three swords? It wasn't me the cards were talking about, but I still managed to find truth in the manifestation of the day. I felt somebody else's pain, and couldn't say much when he tried to manifest it. I found the value of silence in situations that aren't worth defending or placing defense mechanism to work. It was best just to let it slide.
I have been waiting on the arrival of some final additions to my collection both for reviews and weekly draws, but nothing yet. Today I am pulling out the Thoth and taking it for a spin. I can't say that I understand this system well enough, but I will try my best to interpret the cards intuitively.

Look at all those court cards! Kings, Queens and Knights. I don't think that Hello Witches has ever had such a crowded spread before. I will most likely have to refer to this spread later with some more information on what they could mean. Stay tuned!


Monday. Nine of Wands. There are several things in process during the course of the week, and we start it off with a pretty heavy load to begin with. The swiftness of the previous card is no longer in effect, so we're starting to slow down a little. Things in general are winding down as 2012 comes to a close. We've just got to make the extra push or effort into concluding our tasks, but we're getting a little tired of the same dragging circumstances. Each day is a new cycle with new opportunities, but what we are doing is that we are using our cycles to finish up old business.

 Tuesday. King of Wands. Well look who it is! In the Thoth, the Knights are the Kings of the suit. Here we see a man with his rod ablaze. He's caught mid-impulse into a charge. He is the embodiment of the suit of Fire, taming the horse while using his wit and his charisma. In the face of opposition, it's a great advantage to keep a smile and high spirits. In the reverse, he can be consumed by the fire of his anger. If he were to take a wrong turn, this court card could consume itself in flames.

 Wednesday. Queen of Coins. Staring over the vast terrain before her, it all looks somewhat the same. She has everything planned and under control because she seldom misses any calculations. This embodies my Mother, who is without the most reliable person I have met to date. She is a wonderful, responsible role model with no room for mistakes. She is also a Capricorn, notice the goat perched on a coin just beside the Queen of Coins.

Thursday. Two of Wands. The keyword 'dominion' tells me that everything will be under control on Thanksgiving. With all the details planned prior, everything will run smoothly. The two Wands are crossed, but they are also melded together with translucence. The energy around them compresses, expands and resonates. The signs of Mars and Aries are present. Sometimes it takes force and determination to keep things together, but it doesn't mean it can't be done.

Friday. The Emperor. Focus on stability and balance. This man is all red. He has a shield beside him and a familiar symbol in my culture: the sheep with the flag. A sign of surrender and of yielding to a greater power that commands with as much assurance as it does with justice. The Emperor commands and the kingdom follows. No buts, ifs, how about. There is a certain rigidity to this Emperor that I really like; he portrays an air of discipline that is pretty crucial in my book.

Saturday. King of Cups. This King brings us the exact opposite of Friday. He believes in dreams and the madness of chasing them persistently. There is nothing that will stop him from charging to his destiny as it radiates over the waters of the subconscious. They churn and spit out the goblet that he will be able to catch his lucky crab with.

Sunday. Knight of Wands. The week concludes swiftly. Again there is a burst of energy incoming and a surprise making its way over. He's stuck in the present and he's not going to waste time with saying what he has to say. That lion under him looks crazed, watch out!

What to avoid. Three of Coins. Don't get caught up in the triangle of distractions pulling you away from your responsibilities. Structure and order are needed if you want your final cumulative to reflect the effort you put into your work. Work away, little hermit. Work those hands off!

What to strive for. Six of Swords. Proceed with logic. There is always a diplomatic way around the obstacles you're facing even if you can't see it immediately. There is a set order that the world is ruled by, and it's up to you to identify it. You have a code, a severe guideline telling you how to act. Follow it. Trust it, it hasn't failed you yet.

I hope you enjoy your week! Today the mail man finally graced me with his attention. I had missed him!

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