Last week brought with it a whole new outlook on life and for 2013. We rang in the new year with style, and the whole week had a whole buzz of new with it. We have been hit in full by celebration mode and spendthrift, which will hopefully balance back out soon. (Fingers and toes crossed, people!) Lastly, the socialite in us has been coming out for an exclusive appearance, but will soon be crawling back into the hermit crab shell. There is work to be done!

This week is pretty loaded with court cards. These courts are based in the present rather than looking towards the future or back into the past. Can this be a crowded week, or rather, a week of handling people. The court cards presented are all very different, and their presence — or lack thereof — will be noted along with what they brought to the table.

This is the last week for the $45 seasonal special for an hour tarot reading. All appointments will be accepted until Sunday. After that date, the offer will no longer be valid for booking. If you wish to grab a gift card for a rainy day, you can request it through e-mail after sending in the payment. I'm really thankful to all of you that booked an appointment with me!


♡ Monday.
King of Cups. Watch this loving man with his cup and the perfect alchemy of his emotions. His headdress is golden and full of life, but most importantly, it protects his head. This character loves fully with his heart, it's on his sleeve. It's for display and it's what he wears with pride. This was J's signifier today as we went on an impromptu Starbucks date. My, do I miss Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

♡ Tuesday. Queen of Swords. The sharp signifier for a Libra woman. I do take pride in being disciplined and in keeping my edges sharp, but sometimes I have trouble in putting my sword down and connecting to my more compassionate self. I have turned into an excessively disciplined individual who finds it really hard to let go of a code of ethics and an established system of morals. They don't define me, but they do make me into a bit of a strange bird.

Traditionally, the Queen of Swords is known as the widow or the separated/divorced woman. What is she divorced from, a relationship or the world around her? It's hard to tell with someone that can come on so strong. Is it necessary to be this way? Must the sword always be brandished and must our edge scare others away? I can't say this is the friendliest front to have, but it's what works and what I am most comfortable being sometimes. I like being the Queen of Swords.

♡ Wednesday. Nine of Wands. I have seen this as many things before. It's that point where we're almost where we want to be. We have just one final effort, one final push to get where we want to go. We're tired, we have a bunch of limitations and aches coming up, but somehow we just want to break through those limitations to get home.

In the past I have seen this also as breaking out of the box or as finding our inner strength at a time the roof is about to cave. If I were to minimize this all into a pair of keywords, it would be: self-defense, persistence and near burnout.

♡ Thursday. Knight of Wands. Hello, Knight. We meet again. This is the signifier for a person that I'd rather run away from. The impulsive, passionate and often times foolish signifier is a warning to me more so than the welcoming of passion. This one is quite loveable with his kooky grin and his mismatching outfit. He bears his ignited wand as a paint brush that paints the sky orange. He bounds over hills and mountains alike in a lively sprint. What focus!

♡ Friday. Nine of Cups. That's a ring of love and support surrounding the character in the card. It is for many the sign of a raging party with drinks, but for me it is a more quiet and intimate scenario. It is to feel loved by a circle of friends and angels. It is to feel safe and healed in an aura of compassion and understanding. Here, the flowers grow and there are swirls in the sky. It's so happy and warm without being overbearing. I love this card!

♡ Saturday. Two of Cups. Aww! I love this card too. Those love birds are crossed and cuddled. Their eyes are only on each other, there's no space here for anybody else. Their cups are flowing freely and you can almost hear them going, "roorRoo." They're so content, holding up garlands and making flirty eyes at each other. It's a honeymoon stage all over again.

♡ Sunday. Six of Coins. After all the socializing and the loving, it's going to be hard to get grounded back in reality. As responsibilities press upon us, we remember that we need to give a little to receive a little. The best form of work is that of teamwork and collaboration. More so when you are working with people, you need to remember that you can't go it alone.

♡ What to avoid. Queen of Coins. You've had your comfort and you're at a place of comfort, but it's not time to embrace it and dismiss the rest. I feel this is like resting on your laurels or getting in a capsule that limits your world to your comforts. You can't do that!

♡ What to strive for. High Priestess. Tap into your higher self, your inner intuition. Try to forget about mundane circumstances and cycles that lead you nowhere. Open your eyes to your intuitive self and look at the world through the fresh eyes of a priestess. It's not a title I would ever consider adding to my list, but it is a mindset that I strive to keep often. It's so important to constantly refresh your third eye so that it doesn't dull out. It is, after all, our most important sense.
I want to take this opportunity to say that I'm working as hard as ever, but that I'm also looking forward to wishing you a blessed 2013 for the last time. I hope that you're all in for a wonderful adventure full of fun and lots of love.

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