Lately I have been thinking about college sweethearts and what tore us apart. It's amazing how time can open your eyes to consciously see what you could not back then. It is the gift of experience that sobers us up as well as the reminder that time changes everything. It heals and it divides, such as the principle that is echoed in solve et coagula. Destiny brings us together and fate tears us apart. We are supposed to cherish people while they remain, not once they are gone. There is beauty in simplifying a universal truth into a day-to-day concept. I am by no means an expert in Thelema, but I wanted to add the ways in which I feel I resonate with these principles. I don't know how to make common metals into gold yet.

Last week was busy! I spent most of it in the holiday after-party spirit, and the rest was working or going on dates. We had a great time. I learned not to doubt the court cards in a reading even if I didn't feel like all of them manifested fully. Maybe I needed to take a closer look at everything to really understand how it is that the courts can take place in our lives when they are not manifesting as people.

Did you notice a pattern? I certainly did. The week is centered around Coins and Wands. There is not a single other element here, which leads me to believe I will be dealing with work situations and obstacles. I don't feel it is about me, rather about the people around me working themselves to waste. There needs to be a balance between work and play, but there is often no slack when responsibility plays a hand in the situation. I think that this week it will be good to extend support to those who need it most, because that's exactly what I am here for.


Monday. Death. My least-favorite card and least-favorite thing to think about. If only I could tell you about how many hours have been spent reflecting over the fact we expire after certain amount of time. It's always a cycle, a transition and a moment of grief over something lost. There are transitions underway at the moment, and while they may not all be easy to face, they are a reminder that we need to make our time on Earth worth the while.

Tuesday. Three of Coins. This is a sign of being hard at work on plans. Sometimes the work gets to be in teams, sometimes it's our responsibility to shoulder all the weight. As we run over details and tidbits, we can notice flaws in our annotations or come up with ideas that work better. The point is to always seek to do better and to outdo ourselves. When we surpass our expectations, we can get really proud with our own work.

Wednesday. Two of Wands. It's not the most eventful day in the mix. We see a page coming out of a tower with a seal and an orb. He holds up the wands with an unwritten scroll floating between them. He has to reach a decision, but he is not inclined for either or and remains watchful instead of what is coming through the horizon. When we are under siege of what the future holds, unsure about which step to take, the best thing to do is sit tight and let things unfold naturally. As they should.

Thursday. Four of Coins. This man either restricts his kingdom from growing or guards it jealously. It is his pride and joy, the labor that he worked so hard to construct. It's plateaued. There really is no progress coming along so it's time to change, but he doesn't have the means that he needs to extend it. Now he waits for the next possible solution to come and save his kingdom, but it won't be him saving it. He hangs on so tightly that you'd think he'd do a better job at saving it.

Friday. Seven of Coins. I sympathize with this man, he looks so tired after a full week of work. He has harvested some wonderful gifts from the land but he doesn't even care. He's bored and tired and he doesn't feel like all of this is worth the strain. He's getting so tired that he wonders if he should just give up. Is the prize worth so much stress and trouble?

Saturday. Ten of Wands. That looks like absolute exhaustion. While the project concludes and the task at hand is set to rest, that man looks absolutely drained. You can see the sunken hollows of his eyes contrasted to his ghostly features. He needs rest because he is absolutely burnt out. That's what happens when we take on more responsibilities than we can possibly handle; we crash and burn out.

Sunday. King of Wands. Look how he emerges after his weekly torment, all galant and handsome. Now he dons his best threads and the reminder of why he is King. He can tame any beast and overcome any obstacle because he is passionate and he has all of his assets well placed. I'm proud of you, handsome King! You look your dashing best.

What to avoid. Ace of Coins. My professional work won't be my main focus, rather to seek to aid those who are having a hard time with theirs. The start of this weekly ventured is centered around others, and will remain so until the end. Offering a helping hand and support is not often what they seek but what they need. The hand points downwards, into the land. Stay grounded through it all.

What to strive for. Seven of Wands. Yikes. The theme is very uniform in this spread, I can find the zodiac teachings throughout. Defend those in need of it, even it it happens that I am the only one standing up for them.

This week's spread is a bit of an eye-opener considering all of the things that are happening. On Sunday I'm off to my next adventure, which means that I may not be able to come up with a substantial post for next Friday. We'll see. Bon voyage!

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