Hello world! This week I will be in California celebrating Niki's birthday. It has been a long time since we have had a chance to have one of our adventures far from Puerto Rico. I'm excited to break out of the box for a little while and seek instead some adventure. You can count on updates as usual, but it is likely that this post will remain without any complimenting photos until I return. I promise I will add them for all you intuitives!

Monday. The World. The opening of the portal and the start of an adventure. This card shows opportunities springing to life and a new adventure that is in the works. After a break from being out and about, we are once more catapulted into new surroundings. This is the ultimate opening of portals and opportunities to get where we want to go if we can appreciate what is being presented to us. It's time to open our eyes to the world once more and to enjoy what it has to offer. That is, after all, the point of this wild new venture.

Tuesday. King of Wands. Oh, the King of Wands... What's not to love about him? Perhaps when he acts all stubborn. He's hasty and charming, and my — he really knows how to get our attention! This King has a fireplace ablaze behind him to denote his volatile nature. Whatever he approaches will catch fire in passion or in fury, and it is up to us to decide how we will react. He already knows, because look at how his hand is placed over his heart!

Wednesday. Justice. This card always feels to me like a disconnect from our surroundings. We reach a point in which we need to resort to either compassion or self-protection, so which situation merits which? There is no haste here — as opposed to the King of Wands, — there is mostly common sense and fairness detached from emotion. It's important to be fair with not just ourselves, but the people around us to achieve a balance.

Thursday. King of Swords. This is my favorite of the courts. I love how regal and serious they look, and also how hard it is to relate to them if you're not like them. This man embodies all that is intellect and strong will. In a way you could say he is a hero, even though he can be hard to connect to.

I feel that this King can put some tall walls up. If you can climb over them or knock them down, that will be splendid. If you can't, don't expect him to go spelling out the solution to you because he won't. He expects you to do it instead.

Friday. Nine of Coins. In spirit of everything that is going on, it's nice to find a day to relax and to be in our own element. The lady in the card enjoys her own garden, she isn't concerned with what goes on outside of it at the moment. I get from her a sense of fulfillment and of finding what she came to this beautiful land to look for. After all her prizes have been collected, she remains in a reverie of wealth and balance to enjoy. That feels good, especially the fact that she doesn't need anybody else to feel good about herself. This signifies a healthy self-esteem and a good time.

Saturday. Queen of Cups. The Queen of Cups is my least favorite of the court cards because she is the one I understand the least. I feel these are highly romantic and dreamy individuals. Their feelings are vivid and can sometimes overpower logic, but they also have a really beautiful heart. They are compassionate but also fail to see the world through the eyes of logic. When you deal with an emotional court card, you know that their biggest strength is their heart.

What are we going to learn from the Queen of Cups this week? Will it be a total and irreparable submission to our feelings, or perhaps having control and understanding of them? She clings to her diary and the feather that she uses to write in it. Her secrets are not for you if you haven't earned them. Right under her hand is a scorpion creeping out from behind a basket with doves in it. I get the sense that this lavish monarch protects her feelings no matter what it takes. : )

Sunday. The Devil. Decadently good or trouble in the making, I'm not quite sure how to feel about it. There is always a dual situation going on with this card. The things we can enjoy the most could trap us in a place we won't want to be in later. It always starts out great until responsibility falls over us and we can't quite get away, that's when the trouble starts. Since this is a day of travel, it seems rather worrisome. We can't move on with our lives without facing the situations that torment us.

What to avoid. Death. Resistance is useless. Even if we fear change, it is something we must go through. I am being followed around by this card in a way that makes me uneasy. It reminds me of Strength stalking us last year. Perhaps that is the lesson to learn, perhaps it's a warning of a loss coming up. I just want it to stop showing up in my readings!

What to strive for. The Emperor. The very opposite of letting go is order. Some say the Emperor is tied or nailed to his throne. The way I see it, he is only just exercising patience in order to accomplish his goals. He can be the perfect gentleman or tyrant depending on what others shoot for. This man stares towards the future and he has a plan. (I like the rendition of the Emperor because most are in the present or in the past. As this one faces towards the right, he welcomes things from the future to grace his life.)

The flight to LA was long and boring, but I met a colorful character of a skunk upon arrival and am enjoying catching up with my college partner in crime. I was glad to stretch my legs after what seemed like an eternity of flying, and even happier to see my partner in crime from college, Niki!

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