Last week was lovely, I spent it enjoying the day-to-day and working pretty hard. I got in touch with several of my friends abroad and (almost) reached a new milestone on my blog. With 50K clicks fast approaching, I am very thankful to all of you who take a peek into my published musings and snapshots of my life. I feel humbled by all the support I receive through comments and e-mails, they remind me that my effort does not go without purpose. Thank you everybody!

This week the energies are all scattered. Every suit is present to some degree except the suit of Swords for logic. There is a court card present and three Major Arcana cards to keep an eye out for. In just seven days, those three Majors are a lot to deal with. People often say these are circumstances that we don't have control over. With the absence of the suit of logic in the spread, it looks like it's going to be more of a go with the flow kind of week. There is a certain roundness in the images. Notice the wheel in the Moon and in the Wheel of Fortune as well as in the crown of the King and the Ace of Coins. It is even echoed in the Four of Cups, which speaks to me of the continuity of cycles. Let's keep pushing forward with our best face and intentions.


Monday. Seven of Wands. A slow start to the week it seems. This card gives me the feeling of obstacles that come at the worst of times. Sometimes we're getting ready to take flight only to be interrupted by something else that changes our plans. I definitely get a sense of self-defence. The wans in the card are placed as a headdress or crown on the person with a flame alight at the top. The general feeling that is evoked is one of general discomfort and conflict. The area over one eye and most of the head is darkened, giving the perception of a clouded mind or clouded judgment when facing a difficult task.

Tuesday. The Lovers. Much better. Here we have two lovers entwined with their biggest connection being that of their thoughts. Their minds open up to one another's worlds and they see clearly, without bias. What I like the most about this card is the feeling that they are so devoted to one another that they don't notice what is going on in the scene around them. Nothing in the world matters as long as they have one another, which is a great symbol of solidarity and companionship.

Wenesday. Wheel of Fortune. And once more we spin with the wheel. The spin is wild, it starts with great momentum and then comes to a stop in a new circumstance of life. Did we land on top or on the bottom this time? What about a gray area that will be awkward to work through at first? There is a logical reason for everything even if we don't have direct control over the circumstances. It is best to let go and to join the rhythm that we are being drawn to, it'll save us trouble and stress. Once we come out the other side of the spin, we can focus on rectifying whatever we want to change about our new circumstances.

Thursday. Four of Cups. This card seems out of place with the rest, but in truth there is a sort of disjointed harmony stretching through the series of cards we have pulled today. Let's call it chaotic order. Sometimes in process of getting what we want, we start to day dream about how much easier it could have been or how much we wish we got to our goal already. We shouldn't dismiss the progress in order to skip to the end result, because the end results come from the effort we invest in the progress. It is important to be present in everything we do, no matter how small or daunting the task seems. I believe in working through mental and emotional funks to get the results we desire.

Friday. Ace of Coins. Friday will mark the end of my current work cycle and the start of a new one. I am always looking forward to new beginnings, so this presents itself as a surprise and a sure indicative that there is work to be done. The energy of an ace is always reassuring when there are things that you want to bring into motion. Let's make some plans... full speed ahead!

Saturday. King of Coins. As a signifier, this is not the warmest of court carts. I tend to see Coins courts as family or co-workers, people that you are around in a day-to-day basis. This monarch wears a crown that curls with ridges of time. It stands for the element of earth and its grounding qualities.

It is a card of domestic settlement and an achievement for working plans. Everything is in place because we have worked for it to get to this stage. It is the very opposite of the Ace of Coins; complete understanding of the trade and how to keep it relevant. With steady and reliable competence, we find success. Alternatively, we can find ourselves in a new role of leadership.

Sunday. The Moon. After such a grounded week, suddenly we find ourselves with the Moon, which happens to be the total opposite. This can be a period of dreaming after something big comes up. Adversely, it could be a dream pushed into being after a week of toiling and pulling different elements together. This is my favorite Moon card, it was the first signifier I ever picked for myself and the card that I resonated with the most when I was learning how to read the Vertigo Tarot. Every time I pulled it up, I envisioned it as the "you are here" dot on a map. Somehow it always put things into perspective for me, since I am first and foremost a dreamer. It is to me a sign of comfort, because every time I draw it, I feel I am coming back to my element. Oddly enough, for such a spacey card it has a grounding effect.

What to avoid. Two of Wands. To me this card signifies not getting caught up in limbo. I think about not leaving for tomorrow what can be done today, and accepting it with resilience. I consider myself a very proactive person, definitely diligent, but there are times when we're faced with difficult decisions. It's either this or that, (decaf) coffee or tea, leave or stay. Whatever the polar opposites are, we need to remember that first and foremost important is finding our center. When we have a good idea of what we want, we also have a clear idea of what we need to do to get there. It's a time to strike down indecision or hesitance. Instead, let's say "yes!" to the opportunities that come our way. 

What to strive for. Two of Cups. It is the week for love, but this goes somewhat beyond that. This is a card that echoes the action in the Major Arcana of the Lovers, which denotes a connection to our higher self or to the world around us. Can you see it also in the Two of Wands? It also encompasses our connections to other people and how honest we are when we open up to them. Accept the different energies as they grace our life. Everything is complimentary, opposites attracting or repulsing one another.
With two twos entering the themes for the week, it feels like a big decision being made between two polar opposites. The decision has already been made, though. Say "yes" no matter what comes your way for some positive changes, and to break apart the lingering hesitance of the twos. What will you be saying yes to this week?

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