Sometimes a girl just needs a break. A thorough disconnection from responsibility and a breather is good to get things running again. Whenever I feel that things are starting to lean heavily on mundane responsibility, I find that I need some time to get yourself organized again. By the end of a couple of days, you feel like taking the world on again. I feel good! I'm balanced out and happy.

This week, the spread presents no pattern or repeating form of conduct. Rather, it sets the stage for variety and intellectual stimulus. That's the whole point of this blog post, though: a first look at how the week can go. I love those a-ha moments when I find the card of the day manifest in an activity. Sometimes it comes right after I wake up, sometimes it manifests when the day is in decline. It all depends on the circumstances. This is a very lucrative practice, and one that I recommend for those that are comfortable with the tarot and already have a sizable understanding of how the cards work.

Vertigo gets minimum exposure on here because of the tarot reviews still in progress. It is still my favorite tarot deck and the one that I find myself returning to whenever I need familiarity. I don't need to think when I lay the cards out because I understand the manner in which they speak; they have rightfully earned #1 in my heart. It is hard to focus on one deck also with so many additions to my collection. I really enjoy peering into new releases and sharing my impressions with my readers. Once I run out of tarot decks to review, I am likely to go into further depth with card spreads and getting acquainted with these wonderful tools. It would be fun to do some video demos to give a little something extra, but for now you can enjoy these daily musings and random articles.


Monday. Four of Pentacles. The sense of being stuck or perhaps in a state of sloth. This is a slow start and one that is contained mostly within the constraints of time and responsibility. Time feels short, resources are reserved for responsibility and there really isn't much room for excitement. It's Monday, the start of the week... and Monday is usually quite slow.

Tuesday. King of Cups. But look at how fast things things picked up! Where Monday starts with some slow energy, Tuesday kicks off with a more characteristic surge of emotions. This is control over triggering encounters or advances and the uncanny ability to stay calm in trying circumstances. I admire this monarch because he is the staple of a person that feels with intensity and can channel those feelings for a productive cause. Just watch as they burst from his head, it's emotion over logic here.

Wednesday. Death. Lately I have seen many allusions to death. I had a dream with a black scorpion that stung me in the palm of my hand last week. I also read about the story behind the child with the rose as portrayed in this card. It points to the story of a man that could see death in every guise that it visited him. He thwarted it many times, but he did not see it come to him on his very on birthday. A child presented him with a rose, and upon smelling it, he fell to his slumber. Change reaches all of us whether we are ready or not, but we need to be elegant as we meet it when our time comes.

Thursday. The Moon. So much illusion after a confusing card. These two days are a Russian roulette and should be taken as what they are: a warning. Illusions are rampant and so are dreams. The further up we go, the more we might forget to keep our feet on the ground. Let's learn from what we preach and try to keep a stable ground. After all, we owe it to ourselves to be able to cut past the mist to see what is really there. Dream wildly when you want, but don't forget to have something that brings you right back to reality.

Friday. Nine of Cups. Well this is nice. These spinning cups tell me it's beautiful to dream and that there is pleasure in doing so. It's a good day to socialize with people you love. Entertain a party, have a few drinks and share some important experiences. At the end of the day, there will be new memories to share at a later date and gratitude for the way things go. Sometimes dreams and wishes do come true, so it's okay to dream big as long as we are willing to accept responsibility for our words and actions.

Saturday. Ace of Coins. Fancy that, things start rolling again for finances. We don't see any grounding since Monday, so it's good to get back to business. I feel at my best when I am being productive, and I am quite sure that I am not alone at that. This can be the start of a new work cycle or project.  Let's appreciate opportunities for what they are or hold out for the mail man's package coming in.

Sunday. Five of Swords. Last week it was Five of Cups, this week it is the Five of Swords. Okay, Sundays are supposed to prove a challenge, but last Sunday was actually quite harmonious. It's a day to watch for unwanted arguments. If something outrageous happens, bite your tongue. We don't always win, and sometimes the lesson remains in learning how to lose. We don't always need to win.

What to avoid. Page of Swords. In spirit of the last card, this card speaks to me about keeping a logical balance in our body. We don't always need to stand up for ourselves and speak our minds. Sometimes it's a lost cause to do so, and if it's not worth it then we simply shouldn't bother. Sometimes it's better to hold our dignity than to get the saucy pleasure of telling someone off for invading our territory.

What to strive for. Eight of Wands. A repeat this week. Things are gaining momentum and starting to move fast so we should stay on our feet and ready for action. Keeping eyes wide open will keep us aware, even if we stumble or fall. This card feels like it's important in keeping balance as we shift from one side to another. Still, it's important not to forget where we are from as we look into where we are going. Let's make an effort to keep things in place as we move forward.

Once you are refreshed, you see the world from another perspective. Enjoy the week!

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