Hello world, I am happy to write to you again today. The past week has been quite pleasant although otherwise uneventful. I have gone to my dance classes and drank a few bottles of wine. Last week was full of feverish musings and dreams, but I didn't see the full manifestation of many cards. The Five of Swords left me waiting, I didn't really see anything to do with that or find myself in that position. I could, however, see how rigidity in behaviors of finance were necessary. It was nice to refer back to the Vertigo Tarot for a weekly spread, since it is and always will be my #1 favorite tarot card deck. Having the Moon card around was pretty comforting to me, since it tells me that being in our element is first and foremost important.

Look at all those Major Arcana cards this week! Okay, for sure now this is a spread over which the Querent (in this case me,) won't have control over the circumstances. The only element here is the passionate suit of Wands and Coins flanked by six Major Arcana cards. Turning our attention to plans would be quite nice, just because that's the one point in my life I will be working on improving this year, particularly in the summer. With all the changes manifesting, I have so many questions about whether or not my plans will go where I want them to go. I don't think it's all up to me and I can admit it. Circumstances aren't always under our control. We can't always change things to our liking, but then...


Monday. Ace of Coins. I'm expecting a package today, which makes sense to me. I'm just waiting on a call from FedEx and then I'm all set to meet some super special additions to my collection. I know that anything after this point is a luxury because I don't need it. I don't even need the collection I already have, but I enjoy it. It gives me something else to look forward to as I toil away with the daily grind.

This illustration is quite sweet. The girl holds these flowers in her dress to show them off. She looks content and she is showing off what she worked so hard to gather. There is a heightened sense of luxury here that is exactly the way I feel given the circumstances. I feel like a princess lately.

Tuesday. The Empress. The wealth continues. The scene is quite tender and loving, and shows with it a day basking in sunlight and enjoying the comforts of pleasure. It is very positive in spirit and kicks the week off in just this right vibe. I like the feeling of bliss that goes over them in waves. This scene feels like peaceful life in the house. There are wings and symbols of blessings in the doves. It's time to set down our tools of work to appreciate the sweetness of what life has to offer.

Wednesday. The Devil. Things are getting darker! I see indulgence, drinking, delights for adults. The light has dimmed here, now we are faced with a friend that invites us to go dancing and to enjoy life. I can almost hear temptation singing in demand for us all to kick off our work boots and focus instead on being present in the moment. This isn't fearful at all, it's fun and even sweet. The problem is in not being able to focus, that's where we can become enslaved.

Thursday. Knight of Wands. Where I usually find a man lit with passion racing towards his goal, I find a man with a horse (symbol of masculine force and vigor) and a woman with... I'm sorry, is her crotch on fire? I know the flowers are for wealth, and this is me reading too much into it, but look at those roses as well. For such a sweet photo, what it depicts can be seen as what we're thinking, no questions asked. It's a wonderful day to stroke the sensibility of creativity and to see projects springing into life. It's a great moment for creativity.

Friday. Ten of Wands. After all that energy expulsion, its no wonder we look exhausted by the time Friday rolls around. That's the sight of burnout from hard work if I ever saw it. She's got the weight on her back, a cradle and she has come a long way. So does the lady that isn't too far behind, and they both look possibly unhappy about it. Our responsibilities should not be our burden, they should be our key to new opportunities and experience. Instead, the people are worn down by the stress and the responsibility that they face on a day to day basis. Where is the rest? Where is the leeway?

Saturday. The Fool. With the end of the week comes the end of being serious, I suppose. This is possibly silly and carefree, and can be seen as making a spectacle in public. I also see it as a public manifestation of how strange one can be without being afraid to say so. Onlookers are possibly ashamed for the guy in costume with his little partner. I can hear bells and satyrical storytelling, followed by a trick or two and a few jumps. We don't always need to step off the pedestal after making a show. We can instead try to be serious, but sometimes the occasion doesn't call for it.

Sunday. The Chariot. As the week once more approaches, we're getting our gears back in place. Life has us moving forward all the time without really enough time to pause and think. Instead, we can find ourselves faced with ruthless determination to get where we are going.  If we can find our focus, we'll get there fast. Those running the chariot show their teeth, they don't seem to be at all scared of what they're facing and they won't let anything distract them from their route. Let's go forth and get things done in unison.

What to avoid. The Hierophant. This is a lesson that is learned the hard way, but it's not the easiest to handle when you're supposed to avoid a tough lesson. How do you run from something you need to know? Is it right to run from responsibility and from someone you know is a big teacher? Maybe it's someone under the astrological sign of Taurus. Whatever the cause, be weary of whatever lesson comes our way without much leeway.

What to strive for. The Magician. Once you visualize something, you may be overcome with electric and divine inspiration to get it done. This is very obviously an alchemist in his study, with all the tools at his disposal and the divine knowledge that is available through his tools. He is the master, the one that imagines things and causes them to spring into being from whim. It takes mastery over skill and tools alike, and once you're at that point, you can help anybody, even yourself.


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