Last week was excellent! I slept very little and found myself presented with some lovely gifts during the weekend: the joy of living. I'll be honest, I barely slept at all and it is surely showing today. Getting around to do the usual welcoming of the week is pretty tough today because I'm exhausted, but I do have a smile on my face. Persistence is key, and the lavish week we shared is true proof that we're doing something right.

I really like the projection for this week because it's so different from what I usually get. Here we have two eights, a court card and two Major Arcana cards that serve as pivot points for directions of where the week is going. Seeing the Lovers is always a happy sign, and Temperance is the reminder to keep the balance harmonious. This is a spread of elements coming together to sing in unison. The spread looks like several pages contained in a storybook. It reads very much like a narrative, which is a refreshing take on the tarot.

This is set up to be a bit of an absent week because I am trying to make the pieces fit for my plans of the future. I came to the realization that I have planned my life up to the age of 25, and now I have to go from there. What do you do when you reach the point you have been waiting for all your life? I'm almost there now, and the question that circles around in my mind is "what next?" That's a tough one to answer because I haven't sat down to think about it yet. For sure I will have a better idea as October approaches... but for now I live day-to-day, immersed in the lovely and whimsical present.


Monday. Eight of Swords. The week has jut started and I'm already tired, which isn't very common for me, but is a situation I am faced with today. It feels like my mind is absent and I'm running on auto, which is the indicative that today is not the right day to make important decisions. I couldn't get anything done today because I was helping Mom out with some computer trouble and touring through all the shops to find the right alternatives for her. It felt like a straggling rush of Mercury Retrograde as it goes direct. Thanks, you won't be missed!

Tuesday. Seven of Wands. Persist! That's the motivational pull for the week. We won't be able to go where we want to if we're not prepared to make the jump and push forward. This time around things are building up and we don't always have the energy we need to face things in the moment. I have been pretty tired, but not getting my schedule up to date after today would not be acceptable. It's time to jump off the fence and persist!

Wednesday. The Lovers. This is the card responsible for my love of the Paulina Tarot. I first saw it when I was in my third year of college back in the fall of 2008. It was the year before I met my current boyfriend and I was in my room mate's room showing her how to use her brand new tarot cards. She pulled out a whimsical deck I had not seen before and had me pull a card. It was The Lovers, and the illustration really captivated me. They're so immersed in one another's love that they find patience, time and compassion devoted to one another. They are patient and understanding, but above all tolerant.

Thursday. Eight of Cups. "I give up. I'm moving onto something else now." This card is what happens when we feel it's time to move on. As we cross the bridge, we could end up burning it so that we don't go back to where we were before. We may not even know what lies ahead in our new emotional journey, but we don't care. Out with the old, in with the new. I feel this way about projects I am finishing and about my tarot collection. The need for new acquisitions is no longer present or evident. Instead, I am finding that I wish to make more room. It isn't that my love for tarot is over, but I am seeking new experiences and life lessons.

Friday. King of Wands. My boyfriend has Friday off, so it would be a good idea to spend he day with him. He is a fire sign and this is his signifier. To me, he is the charmer and the sweet-talking heartthrob. I have always seen him as an impulsive individual that doesn't think twice before chasing his passion. He's full of creativity and vitality, and he is also the actor. The man who makes you laugh and who will put on a show for you if you ask him to.

Saturday. Two of Swords. Need a break, need some time to think. Her eyes are blindfolded, she doesn't want to see what she has to decide between. I get a sense of putting something important off for another day or choosing not to think until it's absolutely necessary. This is a card of slow to no action, things are kept in a compromised position. It isn't time to act or really think. Perhaps it's time not to see at all.

Sunday. Temperance. Let's make a blend together of all the elements. We start with the chaotic ones and work our way to the best ones. Let's throw in some ripe fruit and throw out the fruit that doesn't work. We can work the alchemy of our circumstances to find balance if we do so minding the time, place and temperature of our divine concoction. Life is our own making, so let's stir away at our work brought to life and hope that it ends up in harmony.

What to avoid. Six of Coins. Avoid getting too sucked into the needs of others presented. It's not uncommon for us to set aside our own important tasks for the day in order to please somebody else that we care about. Things happen, our loved ones need favors. Sometimes we need favors. Let's keep the balance equal if we can, although that can take a bit of work. I feel like life isn't always meant to lean on the 50/50% scale, and this spread is a sheer manifestation of that notion.

What to strive for. Five of Swords. This is a scary card for me. It suggests to face fears even if we find ourselves threatened by it. I know exactly what it's talking about and it's true. My mind goes so fast sometimes that I fit things into place and notice things that I wouldn't have if I wasn't thinking about it. Last weekend I had a vivid vision that sent me jumping out of bed. I think that my scream woke the whole neighborhood up, and if it didn't... my neighbors are heavy, heavy sleepers! I wrote to my friend the Dream Detective as she calls herself and she gave me some good pointers on facing it next time it happens. For now I will keep a glass of water beside my bed and I will continue to smudge my room. Watch out folks, because next time I'm screaming louder!

Last week was intense, but now we have a new one to tango with.

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