Last week was very interesting for me. I had some a-ha moments when I realized a card was manifesting. Mondays are usually long and drawn-out, Wednesdays usually leave me dazed and Fridays can leave me pretty exhausted. By the time the weekend comes around, time flies and we prepare to start all over again. The slowest days of the week are always Monday, Wednesday and Sunday for me. I enjoyed myself a lot, but I secretly wish that tomorrow was Sunday rather than Tuesday.

This week we have it all. Courts, Majors and an abundance of Coins and Swords. I am particularly interested in all the court cards that are manifesting their message because it isn't usual for me to see so many. I quite like their appearance because I feel there is a reason for it with a message behind it. Their intent is presented in the elements around them and in their behavioral tendencies, which I hope to write more about in the future. We have a disparate pairing of suits accompanied by a Major Arcana card that I see as restraint more often than an outward expression. Does it take courage with clients, or restraint? That's a good question considering all the coins I am seeing.

I get the sense that the main focus of the week is work oriented, which isn't a surprise considering how much I think about changing my working hours. I'd like a normal work schedule in which I don't feel the world sleeps while I work, and I sleep when the world wakes. Yes!

Monday. Ten of Wands. This is so much stuff! Just look at the load in her arms, and look at all of the dead branches growing out of her head. She's tired because she's carrying the weight over and over and over and she doesn't know how much longer she could keep it up. This is the product of being overworked and burnt out. Sometimes I feel like that when the week is starting back up because I've just gotten through a really busy weekend and then the week starts. I need a break!

Tuesday. King of Swords. Interesting. I don't know if this is somebody else in my life but it could be somebody I talk to this day. This card shows a person whose intentions you don't really know but from the look in his eyes, you can tell there is an agenda somewhere in there. He's properly dressed and he has a little bird perched on his shoulder. Just say something wrong and it'll be made knowledge. He's got his sword firmly planted on the floor, used as an utility rather than a weapon. He's comfortable and regal with his nice and shiny clothes, he has his eye on you but he's not about to tell you why he's here.

Maybe it's me? It could be.

Wednesday. Knight of Cups. Oh, look! How dreamy. Another court card, yet this one is clearly interacting with us. He flies on a strange fish and comes straight to deliver an offer of love. There is a bird with a drawing kept by its beak, it offers a little message or a drawing to brighten up our day. His crown flourishes nicely, moderately and with more dreamy tones. The background makes me think of dreams as well. He needs to come back to reality, but when it is seen as an intention, it can actually be a beautiful sign of a gesture on an ordinary day. Looking more closely, I think he is blushing. What will he deliver?

Thursday. Strength. The week winds down with either self-control or burning passion. The Lion embodies fire and vanity, a proud manifestation of character that can be quite regal, but can also be bothersome. She seems completely content as she pets him, reminding him to be patient in order to attain the things he wants. He seems content with that for now and listens.

Friday. Page of Swords. He's sharp! Look at him, he brandishes his sword with a mischievous smile. He's ready to defend his ideals, even if they aren't fully formed. From the whimsy of his clothes we can infer that he is quite a character. He feels a little crazy to me because he's on guard for something we can't see in the card. He knows how to play with words, and sometimes that is quite nice.

Saturday. Two of Coins. Juggling tends to be a good way to think of Saturdays. It is my favorite day of the week, but this one seems a little inconsistent. He stands over a snake on one foot while he juggles two coins, but one eye is closed. He's not stable, he doesn't have a clear picture of what he's doing and he's relying on his intuition and reflexes to be able to juggle the coins. Sometimes we don't have the full picture but we play anyway. Maybe it's people we are juggling, and that is often hit or miss. Keep on juggling!

Sunday. King of Coins. There is a sated feeling conveyed in this card. The King of Coins stands before his empire with a gift. Staff in hand, he's ready to invite you someplace fancy where there will be a ceremony. There is a heart engraved on the ground telling me his projects have been a labor of love. He is the spitting image of my Grandfather, so it may be a good day to stop by and visit. He may enjoy having us over as we used to.

What to avoid. Emperor. Again! I recall this card showing up in this position not too long ago. We see a mirror image to the King of Coins the day before. This is saying things aren't absolute. There is not always a need to be draconian about order, and that is something that I am slowly coming to terms with to learn. There are two dragons at his feet waiting for his command, but I feel it's all a game to him. I feel like he's going to throw the orb and expect the dragons to go get it. We can't control the people around us and we need to listen to their needs.

What to strive for. Page of Coins. Look for a sign of luck or for a package in the mail this week. I am waiting for some packages, so that makes sense. He offers the coin he has as a gift, which is actually quite humbling. I love the fact he has a bunch of tentacles for feet, because it tells me he's well-versed in any skill. I get the feeling he likes what he does, just as I do. I guess the weeks will come to feel the same, but there is always something we can do to make it different. All the people present feel like the people I see face to face week after week, and it's nice to have them around to smile at and talk to.

Quirky week, but I guess I did use a quirky tarot. I have been using this in the past couple of years since it came out and I really do love it!

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