I did it! I've been celebrating the end of the long searches and excessive splurging. I no longer feel the need to scout Ebay for hours in search of that one tarot deck that I need. It is my decree that I no longer need new tarot decks to feel like my collection is worthwhile. I do not need to keep looking for the one-deck wonder that we all seem to be on the lookout for. I have 97 tarot decks that work wonders for me. The truth of the matter is that there is no 100% perfect tarot deck out there. There will always be as long as we have different perspectives and needs on given matters or subjects. What we need today is not likely to be what we need tomorrow. The days go by and our goals change or come to be replaced once we finish them — then where does that leave us? Are we to welcome the sign with confusion or with acceptance? Time changes everything whether we are ready to face it or not. We won't always have an open mind to the changes when they come, but we can do our best to adapt.

Once we get going, we’re not really going to stop getting new cards. Many tarot decks are published each year, and once we justify a purchase saying it’ll be the last, we keep perpetuating our addiction, or should I say collection. It’s dangerous to talk about because something always pops up to catch our attention.

It all started with the need to branch out from my favorite deck so that I would be able to learn how to read intuitively with just about anything. The goal was to be able to read with just about anything straight out of the box and based off its illustration style. Along the way I realized subtle nuances and connections that could be traced wherever an artistic liberty had been taken. I learned a lot about tarot just by looking through my tarot decks. I started out with three, and within a year my collection had doubled and tripled. By the next year, the same thing happened. Three years down the line, I now have close to 100 tarot decks, and I realized that it’s time to stop. I have everything I need and everything I want. Anything that comes after will be nice, but not necessary. I could use all of my decks for months and not use them all by the time I die. I am sure there would be many still in mint condition and waiting to be loved. It sounds pretty morbid for what I usually write, but it’s entirely true. I intend to use them all before my time is up, even the backups.

There is no point in having a collection if you can’t enjoy it. I just can’t justify spending so much money on objects that you love and then not wanting to use them to preserve their worth. Are you kidding? I bought them to enjoy them, not to preserve them like jewels in time. When I pass away, they will probably be sold or disposed of, and I’m not going to be able to take them with me on my next step, so I do intend on enjoying them while I’m here.

I still have a couple of decks on my list, some of which are already for sale and some that will be published this year. I will be much more careful in the future when I purchase a tarot deck because I want something that I will use. I don't want to keep a tarot deck around to take up space if it's just going to gather dust. This is quite an epiphany for me, knowing how many impulse purchases I made when I found a tarot deck I really loved for a reasonable price.

Visconti-Sforza Tarot
Tyldwick Tarot
Alice Tarot
Tarot Illuminati
Russian Thoth Tarot

I have decided to sell the extras and the undesired decks. I have a few that I know I am never going to feel connected to, so I'm selling them on Ebay. I need to make room for other things in my life both physically and symbollically. No better time to start than now, right? Besides, a little extra room will help if a new deck is published that I really enjoy.

♡ How do I really feel about my collection?
Knight of Cups. It's a dream come true! Emotionally proud and sated.

What can I do now that my dream collection is finished?
Ace of Coins. Focus on working with it and enjoying it.

Will I be tempted to get more?
Queen of Swords. Being logical about cutting out the rest.

How can I use my collection effectively?
Two of Coins. Juggling circumstances and tarot decks. Alternating.

♡ Will my backups find a special use?
Carte Blanche / Nine of Coins. Yes! Very special indeed.

Are you ready to give up an old habit to replace it with new ones?

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