Last week was interesting. The cards manifested beautifully, showing Two of Swords as a brief moment’s hesitance when purchasing a new computer. The Devil was about a situation I had no say in, but still had to deal with. Knight of Swords was an impending operation again that did not happen because we toughed it out. All in all, I am quite pleased with how the week turned out.

The fives bring an element of unbalance to a week that otherwise seems pretty healthy. They sit side to side like the terrible twos, projecting for two troublesome days. It doesn’t help that they magnify by the Moon card next to them. The Moon is in turn affected by the High Priestess, who looks to the Wheel of Fortune. With so many Major Arcana cards this week, there is a lot to look out for. I think that with so much magic implied in these cards, it’ll be a good period to cleanse cards and break open the grimoire.

Nothing is as it seems this week. Things believed to be true may turn out to be false, and whose fault is that? Should we punish ourselves for being gullible? It isn’t a notion too complicated to understand; when we are dazzled, we let our guards down and end up getting taken for granted or used. The important part is to get back up, wipe the trails of tears from our faces, straighten up our threads, and keep walking. There is power in acceptance and there is maturity in being able to face it. Yes, it was lovely while it lasted, but what makes us think that dreams last forever? No, come back to Earth. Dreams are fleeting unless you document them. If you don’t take care to preserve a memory, it is gone before you can even realize it.

These musings are inspired by the narrative quality of the spread. It will be lovely to return a week from now and assess just how skewed or on point it may be.

Monday. Six of Wands. The start of the week gets off on the right foot. The soldiers return from war with their colors held high, their pride in the right place and with evident smiles in their faces. The worst is over and now it’s time to celebrate. Spirits are high when a big obstacle is overcome, and on that note it seems that will be the last of the trouble for a little while. Now it’s time to move forward with plans and with ideas for what comes next. We did it!

Tuesday. Five of Wands. Or did we? Strife breaks out once more when there are agendas at play. Don’t play versus someone else’s agenda, you’ll find yourself confronting not just them, but the people that back them up. After such a celebratory note, falling back into the roller coaster of uncertainty would be a bit much. There is always a winner and a loser in a confrontation, but pick the battles that are worth fighting. Ignore the rest, and don’t be an instigator.

Wednesday. Five of Coins. Look at that dark environment. It is the same as that of the hospital; stained glass windows, dim light, a feeling of sterility and sickness wafts through the air. There is a hint of putrefaction, of decay and of bleach everywhere you go. It feels like the place you come to for comfort only to leave feeling downtrodden. It’s a tough place to be in, and one you tire of. Watch those expenses, the hospital sucks them up. Focus on work even if you’re tired and see this day through.

Thursday. The Moon. With such beauty, she shines. I love this Moon card. It embodies the perfect psychic sense of intuition that you don’t need to tap into — you harness it, you embody it and you go with it. You grow with it. You relish the feeling, the gift and the understanding that comes from it. That’s how you grow. That’s how you learn This is a soothing presence in my spread because it embodies something familiar: psychic sense of intuition, illusion, dreams, night time, stars, astrology, love, soul mates. It is everything that I like and everything I enjoy put together in one card. Madness ensues.

Friday. High Priestess. See, she sits on her throne with her book. It contains all her secrets that she knows you want to know, but is not yet willing to reveal to you. Her expression is that of someone who knows, possibly without having had the experience. She just knows how it goes. It is a sign that even when we are aware of something, we should keep quiet. There is no need to disrupt the rhythm life is flowing in, and there is an advantage to knowing. Yes, I know your secret. No, I won’t tell you that I do.

Saturday. Wheel of Fortune. Things change, they do so outside of our comfort zone and then we find ourselves in the vortex. Where do we get pulled off to next? As one cycle comes to a close, which one starts? It’s a balance, one end for a new beginning. A sacrifice for a chance. A tear for a smile. It spins, we get pulled along. Sometimes we come out on top, other times we find ourselves scraping our shame from the floor. Will we drag over it or will we rise? That is for time to reveal.

Sunday. Knight of Coins. He looks like he comes from a far place. In his travels, he has met with interesting people. He has had wine with the finest, drank ale with the dirtiest. As he returns, he bears a gift, a token to remember him by. He is never quite the same whenever you meet with him next, but he still keeps something that remains essentially the same. As a messenger, his gift is the message that he carries for you. What did he bring this time? Enjoy.

What to avoid. The Magician. As above, so below. Don’t fall for illusions, don’t fall for tricks. The sweet talker is lying. Protection comes from an unlikely place. Illusions are wonderful while they last, but once they conclude, you will find you are missing something you once had. If you got pulled into someone’s magical world, be prepared to make your way back out alone. It was never real to begin with. We learn the hard way how to tell lies from truth. It’s okay, you fell for it. How are you going to get back out, though?

What to strive for. The Hanged Man. He hangs with disinterest in the world around him. He can’t enjoy nature’s beauty when he is up-side-down and the blood is rushing to his head. He isn’t dressed appropriately but he doesn’t care, look at the position he is in. He turns his face from the viewer to show he’s not interested in paying attention. How does the world look from his view? What is he sacrificing in order to gain a new understanding of his surroundings?

The secret recipe to get through the week seems to be to remain idle. Don’t take the initiative; don’t start something you’re not even sure that you can finish. Take it as it comes, but rest first so that you will be in the right mentality when it does. Even though the guy in the cards is not in the most comfortable position, he remains calm and he can think about a quick way out of the tight spot he’s in. It’s all about how we work with the circumstances we’re in; this week I am to be dormant.

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