Last week was wonderful, but it did start out the other way. We were scared, at a certain point in time we were once more shut out in the dark. It isn't easy when all odds are against you. When everything feels as if it's going wrong, it's easy to lose hope. It's easy to want to give up. However, there is satisfaction in knowing that you made it through, even if it required a sacrifice. Give yourself a pat in the back and get ready to celebrate!

Once things started to run, everything felt smooth and in place. I felt a great deal of relief, it is as if you are given your life back. Thankfully it was only taken away for a little while. In knowing this is a transient stage, I feel much more at peace and so do those around me.

This week is ruled by four Major Arcana cards, one court card and opposing scenarios. The energy is erratic, as if it is pulled out of its usual container, shuffled around and then placed back inside, but in a different order. The predominant colors are muted; grey prevails over green, red falls into an accent color. It suits the current weather in Puerto Rico. The mood, however, is not as uniform. It is highly contrasted, light vs. dark in an alternate matter.


Monday. The Tower. This card is erratic. I feel from it that we get shaken up from [un]natural circumstances. There is a person falling that seems to have jumped from the window, but honestly also seems to have been dropped from the angel. The people outside seem offended and even in anguish from what they see happening up above. This isn’t by any means a happy scene, it points to a riveting reality that can be haunting and difficult to deal with. Whatever stability or foundation we have could be shaken up today, so be open and ready to deal with the shift when it starts. Even the strongest foundation can fall to the ground, and it will have an impact no matter how prepared or not we are for it.

Tuesday. The Hermit. Seeking guidance outside of that world being shaken up. Time passes and we may not have a notion that it is passing. We are immersed in our world, cut off and away from our usual routine. However, we are so present in our current reality that we don’t care. What we are doing in that moment is more important and will lead to finding answers. There will be encounters along the way and will help us find more details to what we are missing. Seek the light and don’t give up until you come out the other way. It’s okay if you don’t keep in touch with those close to you as you used to. Go your own way.

Wednesday. Three of Cups. Rejoice! We’re getting back together in a merry note. This is very clearly reconciliation with the outside world. Getting back in touch with the senses, with routine and with social circles that have previously been ignored or not as in touch as you’re used to. Come back together.

Alternatively, this poses an interesting situation. We see two men passing by three women in celebration. They are onlookers and possibly future suitors. There are more than enough girls to go around, but somehow, this seems like the setup of a love triangle. It can get messy if we’re not careful. Although now that I think about it, this could be one crazy party.

Thursday. Four of Swords. Temporary rest. Are we all partied out now? It looks like sickness, reminds me of the hospital or of the need to rest before things pick back up again. We see three swords on the wall and one conveniently placed near the one at rest. The window is to the outside world, but is ignored for now. This person is not yet ready to return to daily life.

Friday. Knight of Swords. Going too fast and problems that arise when we do. This isn’t a good sign, rather, a warning not to move too impulsively. If we are in need of rest, why do we go against our instructions? Why do we grow defiant even though we are not in optimal shape? No. That’s not okay.

In this case it’s definitely my Mom trying to be Wonder Woman. She will take this on as a challenge rather than listen to what her Doctor said. She has been advised many times, but she still has her own opinion about the situation. Well… how can anyone convince her otherwise? Her mind is set on getting better fast. It just doesn’t work that way.

Saturday. Temperance. Learning to take things slow. This card is of divine alchemy; learning how to mix up different elements to make something rare without necessarily having a chemical or physical reaction in the process. The chemical/physical reactions will come as a product. Perhaps it is medicine or patience in combination to bring us into a peaceful state of mind, or a peaceful circumstance. This angel stands by a stream of irises and gentle green hills. You can spot a mallard duck peacefully swimming. A peaceful environment can be of immense help if we are in the right mindset for it.

Sunday. Seven of Wands. This man has courage to stand above the problems as they are all speared towards him. He isn’t standing on the most stable ground, but at least he has the leverage he needs over the trouble. He is resolute to come out of this the victor, and lucky for him, he’s the one on top. The sky is clear and so the space feels free enough to move around as we need. However, we shouldn’t go too far, because the obstacles will follow us there as well. If we take care of daunting tasks now, we won’t have to deal with them later when we are occupied.

What to avoid. Four of Cups. Solace comes when we least expect it, but sometimes it doesn’t come at all. We should not sit to wallow on our feelings, our losses or things that we lack. And we should also not expect for there always to be a proposal in our advantage. Let’s face it, we’re not always #1. We’re not always winners. We are not the center of the universe, even if each person is a microcosm. If we want things to happen, we have to do something about it. Let’s not sit and day dream about how things could be. We could be out there instead doing something about it and making it happen.

What to strive for. The Lovers. Seek company, seek a connection and understanding. Be open to relationships and support that comes in finding companionship in somebody else. The two lovers stand face to face with an angel hovering over them. The angel gives them his blessing, reminding them that there are divine influences that matter more than the mundane situations they may be facing. There is a great deal of work to be done, but it’s so much better when you have support. Watch out for third people trying to find their way in. This presents temptation and could disrupt that balance of the two that are joined together under divine eyes.

With so much back and forth, this week shows little to no personal time! Let's welcome the week with a happy smile and the disposition to do as we must.

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