In making space for my collection, I found a jewel in peaceful slumber. The past has been unearthed and I hold in my hands the testimony of a fast rise. This is the deck of cards that was the right hand of a Holy Trinity, my first three decks: Faeries Oracle, Voyager Tarot and Vertigo Tarot. Wow! I ran my fingers through the feathered edges in delight. This first edition out of print deck is a legend!
Just look at all these Major Arcana cards... There is little I can control and Wheel of Fortune agrees. I am not going to resist. I am going to throw caution to the wind and get immersed in a world of beauty, of wishes and of the reassurance that I can do whatever it is that I need to do on time. Yes!

Cycles are present throughout the spread in the face of the Sun, the Moon and the Wheel of Fortune. Situations rearrange and accommodated to better suit the transient feeling of the seasonal changes. There are changes going on all round, but most importantly, there are changes going on within. There are hopes, dreams and wishes to see through.

Last week's reading had a very different energy to it. It wasn't as synchronized as this one, and felt at odd times as if the manifestations were jutting out. Crooked. It was a funky week to experience, and as we bid it farewell, we thank it for its lessons. A whole new week is starting up, though, so let's get ready to do it over!


 Monday. Hermit. This one was my most frequent card back in the day and I'm not surprised it is the first one that comes up. I started using this deck at a time in which I felt very disconnected from other people. I even had social anxiety that took four years to cure! Going out every day posed a problem because it meant I would have to face people to do things; that's just how the campus is at Ringling College. Everything is done face to face with a few things done online. At least that's the way it was my freshman year of college. This card is where the not-so internal joke that I am a hermit crab surfaced from. Funny!

The Hermit shuts out worldly distractions and noise to seek the answers within. It is also the quest to nurture the higher self in order to be able to heal others, which is very appropriate for the time. Seeking answers, seeking new truths in order to become a stronger person. The not so glamorous side of it is that the Hermit feels estranged from others. In feeling like an outcast, we can retreat into ourselves. That's not exactly healthy, but it is the way that things used to be. I still uphold the essence of this card today.

Tuesday. Sun. You are allowed your day in the Sun, you are allowed to be happy. This is light that brings with it joy and desire to do something. When things go the way you would like for them to, you soar. Nothing feels impossible, you feel you can do anything. All the goodness in the world is offered to you, as well as lavish amenities to make up for anything you could have lacked before. Things are good, and in your contagious spirit, you may inspire others to feel the same. Rejoice! Come together. There is no better time than now.

Wednesday. Moon. Hello, signifier. Hello, comfort! This room is absolutely romantic. It depicts soulmates, romance, illusions and the madness that comes with night time adventure. The world of the night is colder and more quiet than that of the day, but to me it is also so, so much more interesting. It's lovely. Don't you just love diving into a dream, taking flight and soaring once more, this time through all of the things you would like? Oh, yes. Absolutely divine!

The Moon symbolizes the law of cycles. The changes are gentle and conservative, but evolutionary and create inherent new beginnings. Delusions of romance can strike and so can emotional attachments that never go anywhere, so you will have to feel out the truth. Awaken the awareness of your subconscious motivations and drives. Look into past lives and how they affect you now. You need to be careful because you could be led into emotional instability. Your feelings may seem out of control. You could even have moments of lunacy.

Thursday. Star. Lovely. See, she floats in the void and encounters many things that are divine. This poses inspiration and beauty that is not of our world, broadens our imagination and gives us wonderful memories to go by. It's luminous, it's beautiful also. It's easy to feel like the center of everything. You are seen as a star by others in acknowledging your own star quality. Standing in the star shower, receive information from the heavens. Your head is in the stars. Follow thoughts that are lofty, imaginative, progressive, and inspiring. Draw from the waters of inspiration and believe in the beauty you create. In not seeing your beauty, your starlight is distant and cold. You would be spaced out, too far removed from your light to help yourself and others.

Friday. Wheel of Fortune. Those rings are familiar, I have seen them before in an impressive vision. Cycles are once more present here as they have been before. They eclipse one another and align in a dissonant way. You benefit from knowing how to receive the wealth of opportunities that come as if by luck. They are completely unexpected, but no less desired. Turn things around and find yourself surprised by how well things turn out when you are optimistic. Be agile, flexible and alert... but most importantly, be ready to move.

Saturday. Nine of Coins. All the wealth you have sought is provided to you. Things are in abundance, things are ready for the taking and you should not hesitate. You should feel wealthy and bountiful with all that you have offered to you. There is so, so much and it is a product of your hard work. You've got enough and you've done enough, gather it together, package it and take it to the market place. Believe in the value of what you have produced. Harvest some of these provisions for when you need them later, for inactive periods and winters of austerity.

Sunday. Eight of Coins. This is, oddly enough, the step that comes before completion and it is in a sense a backpedal. This looks like a Topsy-turvy scene out of Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland. Everything changes constantly. Adapt to a new reality, conform to the present situation. Be malleable and adapt to the changing circumstances and realities. At times life seems like a mismatching puzzle, but it's up to us to put the pieces together and make sense of where everything is supposed to go. If we're not ready to take the challenge on, we remain in stagnant comfort zones and don't really go anywhere.

What to avoid. Justice. Ouch. There is not so much room to move here. Only the right way takes us through, and doubt makes us stumble. Tests like these require elegance and grace. For every action, there is an equal reaction. Every change creates new balance-imbalance. Keep a flexible mind capable of adapting. Adapt to changes gracefully. Be both analytical and creative, mathematical and poetic, intellectual and dreamy, decisive and reflective. Look at a situation from all sides. Be fair to yourself and to others as well. Be suspended in time and space, and find therein the answers you seek.

♡ What to strive for. King of Wands.
Oh, my. This card is the staple of the opposition to Justice. He is passionate and he pushes through without second thought. He does as he likes and he makes a show of it. A spectacle for everyone to see. He is full of life and desire to make things meaningful... he's definitely not your average Joe. Your masks and costumes work differ in the situations you're in. Embody different personalities. Be spontaneous with the possibilities and surprise yourself with how much you enjoy doing things differently. Be creative and spark some passion with it.

Many of these were paraphrased using the Voyager Tarot handbook.

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