Last week was really excellent! It was just what I needed to pull out of the funk I was in. Honestly can't wait to share the news going around lately, but we'll have to wait just a bit more for that.

Monday. Six of Swords. Going away on a small trip, transport to somewhere else. Quite literally we see him pushing the effort to transport the mother to another place. There is a swan peacefully swimming in the water. The swan won't be ruffled by the travelers, the same way the travelers don't pay much attention to it if they are used to seeing it. There swords are standing in a form of protective barrier around them, keeping the problems or unwanted company out. There is a wheel far away that forces things into motion.

Tuesday. Seven of Coins. Pausing to consider how well or not things are going, and taking the time also to consider where things will go from there. This is to take a break, to ponder and to review how much is collected over the day. Do I have enough? Will I have enough? Will I have some to spare? Is all this work worth it in the end? When will I get my rest? These questions arise by themselves and help evaluate how much longer the grind will continue for. If you still have enough to give and invest, focus on the task at hand and watch instead what the product is when it is concluded.

Wednesday. Hanged Man. The man hangs, enlightened and in complete understanding of the past. This serves as a tool to use in the future when the need arises once more. See, the void he hands in is weaved into a colorful pattern. If we were to employ color psychology, the patterns could be layers of consciousness and understanding interwoven and resonating at the same time, employing the first three chakras with the one of sight. Here we find balance. Here we find the burst of ideas that come when we step outside the picture. Now we can see clearly what the next step is, and all we need to do is wait until the time is right.

Thursday. Page of Cups. He's so dreamy and floaty, conversing with the siren about his wild dreams and his hopes. He stares dreamily out at the horizon, thinking about them and visualizing how they will come to pass. He stretches out his cup to cheer, then draws it closer to his lips. He can almost taste success. Optimism is wonderful, it pushes us forward and reminds us to dream big. It just might come true. We should take caution in not building castles in the sky, though. When they come down, they hit pretty hard for being illusory.

Friday. Eight of Coins. Work, little dolls, work! This is arduous labor, the kind that demands time and responsibility. The kind that nobody likes. Hey, it pays the bills to be busy. It's nice also because it means you're being productive. This card also speaks of different people doing individual work. It's all for the bigger picture. It all works together in a bigger system somehow. They all go at their own natural rhythm, but they create rhythm all on their own.

Saturday. Justice. Justice stands over a while elephant, the symbol of knowledge and a big literary figure of symbolism. She brandishes the sword and holds onto the scales, deciding which tool to use depending on where the scales tip to. To one side, mercy and compassion. To the other side, however... punishment that is severe. She does not see through our eyes; rather, she views the world through the eyes of Justice. Her eyes are not her own, and neither are her ears or her tongue.

Sunday. Wheel of Fortune. Things change. The mood you were in last week will be very different from the one now. You face radical turning points that bring with them changes. Where will we land this time around? What have we learned? Chances are the changes just keep on coming, so have an open mind. Let go and see where the week will take you.

What to avoid. King of Wands. Passion, fire and fury. At his worst, the King of Wands can be spiteful and vengeful. He can be a real diva. He thinks the world is his stage and he is the only player. If only he were to look around, he would see that he's definitely not the only one. There are greater things in play than his magnificence.

What to strive for. Queen of Wands. She's sharp and she doesn't hold back. In light, she is charismatic and appealing. She can be quite temperamental also if aroused, but she seems busy. A statue lies at her feet, ready to take life as soon as she commands. It is a dormant weapon, but one used nonetheless in confrontation.

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